3 Types of Equestrian Steel Buildings You Don’t Want to Miss

“The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity.” – Robert Duncan

When you work with horses, you care deeply about their security and comfort. A good equestrian building is much more than a shelter. It’s a haven for your horse, where they learn to trust their trainer and rest after intense exercises.

When you buy an equestrian steel building from Metal Barn Central, we know that you are searching for a building that will be reliable for decades. Our high-grade steel components are certified to withstand extreme weather, so that you have confidence that your horse is secure.


3 Types of Equestrian Steel Buildings You Need to Know

There are three main types of building with which every horse owner or horse enthusiast should be familiar. These buildings offer incredible security, comfort, and style to the modern horse.


1. Steel Stables

Whether you are an owner, a trainer, or a rider, you care deeply about the horses in your care. It’s important that the stables provided for your equine friends are built of high-quality materials and are certified to withstand extreme weather. After all, you want your horses to be safe and comfortable.

At Metal Barn Central, we provide steel structures that are expertly engineered to withstand high winds, heavy rain, and snow. Our high-grade steel is also galvanized to resist corrosion, rust, mold, and mildew. In fact, the metal used in our stables is rated a Type 1 fire-resistant material by the International Building Code. Our Stables are pest-resistant, too, making them the perfect home for your horses.


2. Steel Barns

At Metal Barn Central, we know that every horse and its owner has a unique set of needs. We can design your barn to easily customize your floor plan for a tack room, a grooming area, a water-tight feed area, or miscellaneous storage. In fact, if you need a luxury guest suite as on-site living quarters for your trainer, we can create a gorgeous “barndominium” to accommodate your guests! Our experts are happy to walk you through our incredible custom inventory and design a barn that works for your horses, your team, and you.


3. Riding Arenas

The professionally engineered “clear span” architecture of our riding arenas allows for wide venues that require no interior columns. Our high-grade steel trusses are reinforced so that your floorplan can be used for a wide array of activities, from jumping to dressage! In fact, we can customize roof panels with windows to allow natural light into your arena. You’ll find that there is plenty of space for your horses and your viewing audience.


Considerations Before Installing an Equestrian Steel Building


1. What are the site preparation requirements?

Before you purchase a building and clear a site, there are some things to bear in mind. For example, where are the utilities on the property? Are they set up to accommodate your new building? There are other factors to consider as well, such as distance from your home and other buildings. You’ll want to consider the potential wind on the property, and how it will affect your building’s roof. Our experts are happy to discuss steel reinforcements and climate considerations with you.


2. What size do you need to build?

Walk your property and stake out the area you have in mind. After all, bigger isn’t always better! How many horses will you need to accommodate? How much storage? The most common dimensions we sell are:

  • 46×21 Raised Center Aisle Barn
  • 48×51 Fully Enclosed Barn
  • 48×31 Metal Horse Shelter
  • 42×21 Metal Horse Barn
  • 44×36 Metal Barn
  • 46×51 Barn with Lean-To


3. Material

When you think of a horse barn or stable, you might immediately imagine a wooden structure. However, we encourage you to consider a more modern approach. Timber buildings are vulnerable to wood rot, termites, fire, and decomposition. Steel buildings are resistant to mildew, pests, and fire, while also lasting decades longer than their wood competitors. Metal barns require far less upkeep. If you love the traditional aesthetic, the modern metal industry has designed veneer, wainscotting, and trim to create the style you love with the security you need.


4. Foundation

The foundation of your building will have a major impact on its long-term structural integrity. You’ll need to choose between porous and impervious materials for your stable floor. Some porous materials are: sand, clay, and other kinds of soil. Examples of impervious foundations are: concrete, brick, stone, and asphalt.


5. Accessibility of necessities

As you prepare for the installation of your new metal horse building, consider the accessibility of your structure. You’ll need a good track or road leading to the building, allowing for trucks and trailers to deliver feed and other goods, and load your horses as necessary. Remember that such trailers and their guests require room to maneuver!


Custom Options for You

Metal buildings are customizable, but these add-ons can benefit you.

• Multiple entrances

Customize your barn to accommodate your horses, your trainers, and you! Extra walkouts and overhead doors can be easily added to our designs by our fantastic engineers.

• Ample ventilation

Ensure that there are vents and windows available, so that the interior of your building is comfortable for everyone.

• Ample aisle space

Keep the areas with animals and machinery comfortable for all involved by allowing extra space around stalls and training areas.

• Add enough storage

Don’t forget to add storage spaces into your floorplan!

• Account for additional items

Be sure you’ve accounted for the additional weight of kickboards and the interior clearance for indoor riding arenas (our engineers can help).


Metal Barn Central is Here for You and Your Horses!

Metal Barn Central is proud to offer the highest-quality metal buildings for horses and their caregivers. We can’t wait to assist you in creating the perfect stable, arena, or barn! Call today at (980) 365-8481 and discover all the ways that we can make your dream barn into a beautiful reality.