Metal Barn Roofs & Designs for Every Climate and Budget

When it comes to barn roofs, the decision on what type of barn roofing will work best with your custom metal barn will depend on a number of factors. While all of our roofing options are built with strong 12- or 14-gauge steel, it’s important to factor in your climate, needs, and personal preferences in order to find the right roof for your new metal building.

Types of Barn Roofs

Regular Roof Barns

Our most economical option, regular barns have corrugated ridges running end to end. This type of roof works best in climates that don’t get a lot of harsh weather, particularly heavy rains and wind, where you are simply looking to protect your property from damage from sun exposure.

Boxed Eave Barns

 Boxed eave, or A-Frame barns, have an A-frame design. The panels on these roofs run horizontally, a look that many home owners prefer because the style is more similar to the roof of a home. The roof for an A-Frame barn is less expensive than a vertical roof since hat-channel pieces are not required. If you live in a climate that has some heavy wind but not too much heavy precipitation, this is a good option for your new horse barn or agricultural building.

Vertical Roof Barns

Our vertical roof panels are designed to withstand the more intense climates—including heavy rain and snow. Because the panels run vertically, it facilitates an easy exit of precipitation off the sides of the structure. Barn Central also recommends using this roof type if your agricultural building or barn is longer than 36’.

Each of our roof styles can be certified if it is required in your area. Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service professionals to find out what roof type is best for your specific location.