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If you’re looking for a dependable, sturdy storage solution, it doesn’t get any better than a metal building. Steel buildings provide endless possibilities, and they look great too! You can design the exact building you need for a price you can afford. Our team at Metal Barn Central can deliver and install your building at no additional cost, but you can also install the building on your own. Each piece in our steel building kits are pre-sized and pre-punched for easy installation. If you love DIY projects, or maybe you’re just looking to save a little money, then these custom designed and engineered metal building kits are the perfect solution.

What Comes in Our Custom Metal Building Kits?

Will your DIY metal building kit come with everything you need? Yes! All you will need are some tools and time to install your metal building. Our steel frame building kits at Metal Barn Central come with all the components and materials that you need to make the installation happen. And don’t worry about measuring or cutting, because it is all done for you! Once you get your building metal building kit, it is ready to install. Here’s what you will get:
  • Steel framing members and supports
  • Roofing panels
  • Wall paneling
  • All fastening hardware
  • All building anchors
  • Any extra customization features that you choose like gables and trim

Advantages of Steel Building Kits

Why should you go with one of our prefab metal building kits? There are plenty of reasons! For starters, our metal structures are built to last. You won’t find a building that’s more durable and dependable than a steel structure. But that’s not all! Here are a few more reasons why a steel building kit is worth investing in:
  • It will cost less – You will save money for picking up the materials and installing your building on your own.
  • You can install your building on your own time – If we install a building for you, it will be installed based on the availability of our installation crews. With steel frame building kits, you make your own schedule. Decide what day and time best works for you. So, get your building when you want it, and put it up whenever you are ready.
  • Show off your DIY skills – Be able to proudly say that you put up your metal building all by yourself! Our custom metal building kits will come with everything you need to make the process as painless as possible.
  • Have the best protection – Metal Barn Central has the best steel building kits for the best protection. Our materials are strong enough to withstand hard winds and heavy snow to keep your property protected.
  • Low Maintenance – Our building kits are built with steel, which is not only durable, but it’s also low maintenance. Our structures will protect against rust and corrosion on the exterior and prevent mold growth on the interior.

What Kinds of Metal Building Kits Are Available?

Whatever you need, we have a kit for it! Our metal building kits can be engineered for whatever your purpose is. Our steel frame building kits are designed to be versatile and fit a variety of needs. Here are some of the most common purposes our buildings are used for:
  • Metal Carports – Our steel carports are designed to protect your vehicles from all the weather elements. Whether you need a carport designed to fit one, two, or even three vehicles, we can customize it to fit your exact needs. Your prefab carport can be left completely open, or you can partially or fully enclose the sides for added protection.
  • Metal Garages – Our metal garages can be customized to provide protection for your vehicles or provide you with space for other uses like a personal gym or workspace.
  • Metal Barns – We pride ourselves on our metal barns. These steel structures are designed to have all the features of a traditional wooden barn, but they are better! A steel barn is easier to maintain than a wooden barn. You won’t have to worry about termites, rotting, or repainting. Metal barns are easier to maintain while providing a more modern look for your home or farm.
  • RV Covers – Provide the best possible protection for your RV when you aren’t using it for an adventure. Renting RV space can get costly. If you have the space, investing in a metal RV cover can provide a better, more convenient long-term care solution.
  • Commercial Metal Buildings – A metal building can provide space for multiple businesses. Our commercial metal buildings are also versatile and easy to expand, so they can grow as your business grows.
  • Clear Span Buildings – Make the most of your space with one of our DIY steel building kits for clear span buildings. These buildings are designed to get their support directly from the outer walls. This means you won’t have additional support columns on the inside of the building, so you can make the most of your open space.
  • Workshop Buildings – Need a space to use as a workshop? We have a metal building kit for that too! Custom design everything you need for your workshop space. These buildings are meant to be efficient, flexible, and expandable.
  • Metal Sheds – Need a space to store your gardening tools or holiday decorations? A metal shed could be the perfect solution. With our metal building kits for metal sheds, your storage needs will be met.
  • And More!

Customizing Your Metal Building Kit

The customization process is simple, quick, and painless. In fact, it’s so easy, you can design it from the comfort of your couch! Metal Barn Central has a powerful Metal Building Estimator tool you can use to build and completely customize your metal building kit. From doors, to windows, roofing, to color, you can modify your building with accessories to fit your needs. Here are the steel building options:
  • Size You choose the width, length, and height that you need your building to be.
  • Roof Styles – Choose what type of roof you want on your structure. There are three different types of roofs to choose from:
  • Regular Roof – This is the most cost-effective roof option. A regular roof has horizontal paneling that runs end-to-end with rounded edges.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof – This style, which is also called a boxed-eave, has a style that looks more like a traditional house. The roof panels are installed horizontally and run parallel to the side of the building.
  • Vertical Roof – This is the strongest roof style available. The panels run vertically, starting at the peak and ending at the sides.
  • Doors & Windows – Do you need multiple entrances? What about a walk-in door or a roll-up? You decide how many doors you want and what type. And don’t forget about natural light. Choose where you want your windows and how many you want in your building.
  • Anchors – You’ll have to select which type of anchors your building will need. This will all depend on what type of weather you get in your area and what surface you are putting your building on. Here are the anchor options:
  • Rebar anchors
  • Mobile home (auger) anchors
  • Concrete anchors
  • Asphalt anchors
  • Gables Gable ends can give your building a nice finish. A gable end is a triangular-shaped material that is added to enclose the top portion. This can add extra protection, but it also gives your building a finished look by hiding the frame and braces.
  • 12- & 14- Gauge Steel Framing – We offer both 12- and 14- gauge steel framing. 12-guage steel is stronger, thicker material that is good in higher wind and snow loads. But we also offer a 14-gauge which is an industry-standard and is more economical.
  • 26- & 29- Gauge Roofing Panels – You can choose from 26- and 29- gauge roofing panels. The 26-guage is thicker and heavier than the 29-guage. So, you can choose how thick you want your panels depending on the weather conditions in your area.
  • Certifications – We offer certification options for minimum wind and snow loads.
  • Colors – See what colors on your building will look like before you finalize. Metal Barn Central has a handy Metal Barn Color Planner tool that will give you an instant idea of what your building will look like.
30×40 Metal Building

How Much Does a Steel Building Kit Cost?

The price of our DIY metal building kits depends on several factors like the size, customizations, location of your building, and more. But we want to make sure that no matter how much your building will be, you can afford it. That’s why we offer two financing options – rent-to-own and financing programs. Both options are easy to apply for and offer flexible payment options. Let our building specialists know if you’re interested in one of our financing options.

Which Prefab Metal Building Kit Should You Choose?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your new building:
  • How much space do you need?
  • What do you plan to store in your building?
  • What will the main function of the building be?
  • Is there a particular look you want?
  • Are there any local building codes in your area?

Uses For Metal Building Kits

Metal Barn Central offers the best metal building kits for all your needs. While our steel structures are perfect for protecting your cars or motorcycle, they are made for more than just storage. The possibilities are endless for how you can use a steel building. Here are some unique uses:
  • Picnic Area – Need a covered area to host a cookout or hold a picnic? A carport or utility carport can provide shaded, covered protection for a place for people to gather.
  • Home Gym – Need a place for your gym equipment? Move it outside to the building and have your own personal gym.
  • Commercial Use – Our steel buildings are perfect for commercial uses. They also make great offices!
  • Church or Community Center – Our floor plans can be designed so that your steel building can be used as a church or community center.
  • Workshop – Need a place to work on your home projects? Need somewhere covered and secure to work on your cars? Our metal buildings for sale are great for those uses too!

The Best Metal Building Kits at Metal Barn Central

At Metal Barn Central, we don’t just offer the best steel building kits, we also offer the best customer service. Our knowledgeable building specialists will walk you through the entire process of creating your customized steel building kit. We want to help you with your DIY project. Call us today at (980) 321-0752 to get started on designing your prefab metal building kit!