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A-Frame Roof Metal Garages

If you need a reliable way to protect your vehicle from the weather elements, it doesn’t get any better than a steel garage. Our A-frame garages provide the durable protection you need with a stylish roof design that will complement the other structures you have on your property. A-frame steel garages, also known as boxed eave garages, are a popular choice with both homeowners and business owners across the country for their versatile design. These garages work great for covering one, two, or three vehicles, as well as RVs and boats. Whatever it is that you need; we can design a garage for it. Steel garages are the perfect storage solution for protecting your cars, boats, trucks, RVs, and other valuables. These metal structures offer unmatched durability, preventing your valuables from harsh weather conditions and fire. Whether you need a garage for vehicles, workshops, office space, commercial space, living quarters, or other applications, Metal Barn Central has got you covered. We provide a wide range of sizes and styles of metal garages to meet your needs. As per your requirements, you can customize your structure the way you want it. Our custom options include color schemes, roof styles, sizes, trims, panels, windows, doors, and more. You can have complete control over your custom metal garage building. We have a team of building experts with years of experience who will work with you to get your custom steel structure to fit your needs. We will ensure the final metal garage installed at your location by our team will be exactly how you dreamed. Call us now at (980) 321-9898 to get started.

What’s So Unique About A-Frame Roof Garages?

22x21x9 A-frame Garage
A-frame horizontal roof garages are a more durable, yet still affordable option for homeowners. Because this style still features the horizontal panels, this building works best in areas that have some heavy winds but don’t experience a lot of heavy rain or snow. Not only are you getting the best possible protection on the outside, but on the inside as well. These metal garages are enclosed to add complete protection from animals, rodents, and even burglars. The look of these A-frame metal garages is another reason these structures are popular for homeowners. They don’t have the rounded roof that comes with a regular roof garage, so they can easily match your house or other buildings on your property. And if that wasn’t enough, they also have a boxed-eave trim that can add to your curb appeal.

Uses for Boxed-Eave Metal Garages

Sure, you can use our A-frame roof steel garages to store and protect your car, but that’s not all it’s good for! There are so many uses for these durable prefab garages, from business buildings to personal gyms, the possibilities are endless. Here are some other ways you can use our A-frame metal garages.
  • Farm Equipment Storage – You choose how large you want your garage to be, and we will have it engineered to meet your needs. This will make it easy to not just store your vehicles, but larger equipment like tractors, balers, wagons, and other large equipment that’s needed on the farm.
  • Man Cave or She Shed – Need a place to watch the game or maybe work on your craft projects? Boxed-eave metal garages can easily be turned into a man cave, or she shed for a place to call your own.
  • Workshop – Turn an A-frame garage into a workshop. These garages can easily provide a safe and secure place to store your tools and work on your latest DIY project.
  • Auto Body Shop – Need a place to work on your cars, or are you trying to do a business out of your auto body skills? An A-frame garage can provide an enclosed space to work on your vehicles or even serve as an auto body shop.
  • RV Storage – RVs are more than just a toy, it’s a home away from home. So, it’s important to protect your RV when you aren’t using it. You can customize the size of your A-frame garage to make it large enough to store your RV and your camp equipment. With these garages being enclosed, your RV will be completely protected from all the weather elements year-round.

Your Metal Garage, Exactly How You Want It

You don’t need just any A-frame steel garage, you need the perfect garage. At Metal Barn Central, you can customize your A-frame garage in several ways. You’ll start designing your building from scratch to get exactly what is needed. You can choose your measurements, steel gauges, add doors and windows, pick your colors, and much more.
  • Size – How many vehicles do you need to protect? Let us know what size you’re thinking of, and we will make it work. You decide the width, length, and height of the metal garage that works best for your needs. We can design your garage to fit one, two, or even three cars, but if you need something larger, we will help you with that too!
  • Roof Styles – A-frame roofs aren’t the only option that we have at Metal Barn Central. We also offer these roof styles:
  • Regular Roof – a regular roof is the most economical roof. These steel garages also have horizontal paneling, but the biggest difference is the shape of the roof. The roof is rounded, much like the style of a traditional barn.
  • Vertical Roof – this is the premier garage option. With a vertical roof, the panels run vertical, which allows snow, rain, and other debris to easily fall off the roof and away from your building.
  • Doors & Windows – you’ll be able to completely customize your doors and windows too. Pick out the type of doors you want and let us know where you want them added. And don’t forget about windows to add natural light.
  • Anchors – choose what type of anchors you will use to keep your building securely on the ground. We offer rebar, mobile home, concrete, and asphalt anchors.
  • 12- & 14- Gauge Steel Framing – For greater structural integrity, you can upgrade your steel framing too. Consider upgrading from 14-gauge steel to 12-guage steel.
  • 26- & 29- Gauge Roofing Panels – You can also give your roofing panels an upgrade too. We offer 29-guage with a thickness of about 0.36 millimeters. We also offer a 26-gauge, which is slightly thicker at 0.48 millimeters.
  • Colors Need your garage to match your house or another building on your property? No problem! You can completely customize the colors you want for your garage. We even have a handy color planner tool that will give you an instant idea of what your garage will look like. So, you can test out different color combinations for your trim, side panels, and the roof before you make the final decision.

Certified and Non-Certified A-Frame Roof Garages

If your building needs to be certified, it’s no problem! We offer certifications on our already durable metal buildings. Our steel garages are already built strong because steel is stronger than other building materials. But, if a steel building has been certified, then that’s an extra peace of mind that guarantees your building will meet or exceed local building codes and requirements for snow loads and high winds. Some areas require your building to be certified in order to meet local building codes and regulations. But even if you don’t legally need your building to be certified, we still encourage it. These prefab buildings are just designed and constructed to be a little more rugged. So, you can sleep easy knowing your things are protected.

What to Do Before Your A-Frame Garage Installation

We are providing you with a quality building, now it’s your turn to provide us with the quality site to put it on. Site preparation is the key to a successful customized metal building installation. Before you start prepping your site, you will need to check to see if you need any building permits or if there are any building codes that may be standing in your way. This is such an important step because if you put up the building illegally then you could be hit with a huge fine, or you could be forced to take your building down. After you’ve gotten the permits that are needed, then it’s time to start doing the dirty work and getting the site prepped. Here’s a checklist to help you:
  • Groundwork preparation – Make sure the spot is clear of vegetation and trash. You’ll also have to make sure the area is completely level.
  • Choose a proper foundation – There are several different types of foundations that can be used like – concrete, asphalt, ground, gravel, etc. Make sure you’re choosing the type of foundation that will work best for your building and the weather conditions in your area.
  • Remove all barriers and barricades – Remove anything that could be blocking the way for the installation crew. If they arrive and they have to remove any barriers, they may charge you extra. Or even worse, they may leave the site and make you reschedule for another time, which will delay your installation and could also result in a return fee.

How Much Does an A-Frame Roof Garage Cost?

Now that you know what type of garage you want, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. Well, it’s a little difficult to throw out an estimation without knowing a few details. That’s because the prices will vary depending on the size you need your building to be, the customizations that you add, the manufacturer that has to be used, etc. But the starting range for a standard A-frame roof garage is $3,055. Then from there, the price will change depending on the changes you make. If your ideal metal garage is out of your financial reach, we can help. We offer two financing options – rent-to-own and financing programs. Both of these options are quick and easy to apply for. Let our building specialist know if you’re interested in one of these hassle-free financing options at Metal Barn Central.

Buy a Metal Garage Today from Metal Barn Central

Metal Barn Central offers high-quality steel buildings at affordable prices! We also have the best customer service in the industry! If you need an A-frame metal garage, we will design a custom structure that is perfect for all your needs at a price you can’t beat. We can’t wait to get started! Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898.