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Are you house hunting? If you are looking for something rustic, modern, and uniquely your own, we have the solution for you! Metal barndominiums from Metal Barn Central are the best option available for the modern homeowner. They are durable, long-lasting, and designed for you.

Why a Barndominium is Worth Considering

Metal buildings make fantastic houses, but did you know that there are different kinds of metal building houses? One of the most popular styles is the barndominium. This is exactly what it sounds like; it is a combination of a barn and a condominium. So, this is a metal barn that you transform into a modern farmhouse-style home. This is a gorgeous, open concept option that all of our customers love. Typically, you accent barndominiums with breathtaking ironwork, large windows, and cool-toned modern décor.


The biggest appeal of a metal barndominium is that it gives you everything you want in a traditional wooden home, but better. These metal building houses are energy-efficient, affordable, require little maintenance, look beautiful, and take less time and effort to install.


Barndominiums: Better Than Traditional Homes

The present day barndominium is a bit different from how it started. Most of the time, people are not living in a renovated barns with their horses, however, barndominium houses are becoming an increasingly popular option. There are lots of people who are choosing barndominiums and barndominium kits over traditional wooden homes. You might be wondering why someone would choose a metal building home over a wooden one, and we are glad you asked! Barndominiums have many advantages over traditional houses. We wanted to talk to you about a few of them.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is becoming something increasingly important on the house buyer’s checklist. We live in a world with billions of people and limited resources. We want to have enough to go around. Not only that, but most buyers are looking to save a few dollars here and there. Choosing an energy-efficient home is the best way to do that. Metal barndominiums and barndominium kits are made of high-quality steel. Steel is not a conductor of heat, and, because of that, helps lock in temperatures. If you want your house to be cool in the summer, a metal building will help prevent heat transfer. This is true in the winter as well. If you want it to stay warm inside, the steel walls of your barndominium house will ensure that it does.

Low Maintenance

Not only are barndominium homes energy efficient, they are also easier to keep up and low maintenance. Steel is a strong material that does not require a lot of upkeep. In fact, the outer walls can be cleaned with a pressure washer and you never have to worry about stripping the paint off. We fuse our fantastic colors with the steel paneling, so you will never have to repaint your home. Not only that, but steel does not absorb water. This means that you will not have to replace rotting boards or support beams.

Unique to You

We already described what many barndominium homes are like, but we want to take the time to tell you just how unique they can be. As is, they are perfect for those looking for something avant-garde to set them apart. The steel paneling and clean lines give you a stylistic edge. But barndominiums can be so much more unique than that. Metal barndominiums can be fully customized to meet your every need. Whether you need an extra-large building, skylights, or specific certifications, these metal homes are a much better option than traditional wooden houses when it comes to getting something uniquely yours.

Our Most Popular Sizes

Whether you are searching for “barndominium builders near me” or are wondering where to find barndominium plans with a cost attached, it’s clear that you’ve seen how popular barndominiums are and want one yourself. Here are the most popular sizes of barndominiums we offer here at Metal Barn Central:

1. 30×40 Barndominium

The 30×40 barndominium gives new homeowners exactly what they need. 1200 square feet of usable space is perfect for new couples and people looking to downsize as well. This barndominium will take up less space on your land, while still feeling open and spacious inside. It doesn’t get better than that.

2. 40×60 Barndominium

The 40×60 metal barndominium gives you 2400 square feet of usable space. This is a great option for those looking to run their business from their home, as well as those who want extra space for a home gym, art studio, man cave, or she-shed.

3. 40×75 Barndominium

What can you do with 3000 square feet of usable space? “What can’t you do” is the better question. The 40×75 metal barndominium is a fantastic option for those with children or those who just want extra space to spread out. Not to mention, it’s great for all the purposes we’ve mentioned previously!

4. 60×60 Barndominium

If you need a large home, the 60×60 metal barndominium is for you. This metal building gives you 3600 square feet of usable space. The 60×60 structure is perfect for growing families or for people who like living with roommates. You will love the open concept space you get with this barndominium.

5. 60×70 Barndominium

The 4200 square feet of usable space offered by our 60×70 metal barndominium is the best option for our customers with big families. It is also a fantastic option for those looking to expand their current home or business. The possibilities truly are endless with the 60×70 barndominium home!

Making it Your Own

We mentioned that you can make your metal barndominium home your own with customization. You are probably wondering what exactly you can customize. In short, the answer is everything! When we say you can make your barndominium house or barndominium kit your own, we mean it. You can customize your metal home’s size, the gauge of its framing, the gauge of the paneling, the style of the doors, the style of the windows, and the type of insulation used in it. Other features you can customize are cosmetic things, like the building’s color and the addition of features like gables and ironwork. You can also customize the certifications your barndominium will have. You can ensure that your building will stand strong in high winds, heavy participation, and more!

What About Barndominium Costs?

Now you know what a barndominium is and how you can customize it, but you are probably still wondering how much a barndominium costs. This is an important question when you buy or build a home. Firstly, you should know that metal barndominiums from Metal Barn Central are a cost-effective option. Metal buildings are less expensive than traditional wooden homes in the long run because they do not require the costly repairs that wooden homes need.

The overall cost of your new barndominium will depend on whether you are getting it fully finished or not. The metal structure by itself will be less than an fully finished barndominium. A fully finished barndominium will range from $80 to $90 per square foot. If you are looking for an estimate for the metal building itself, we suggest you try out our 3D Metal Building Estimator. This tool allows you to fully design your new metal barndominium from the comfort of your couch. Once you have fully designed the structure, you can get a real-time price estimate for your unique metal building.

Choose a Barndominium Kit You Can Install Yourself

Our barndominiums for sale at Metal Barn Central are competitively priced, but you can save even more money by choosing to buy a metal barndominium kit. Our barndominium kit prices are some of the best on the market! You are probably wondering why you could save money with a barndominium kit. You save time and money because you will be installing your barndominium yourself on your own schedule. We provide you with everything you need to install your new kit. You will get the paneling, the framing, the windows and doors, additional features, like gables, foundation anchors, and instructions to make sure you get everything installed correctly.

Get Your Barndominium Permits in Order

Before you buy your new barndominium house, you need to make sure you have all the right permits. Just like traditional wooden houses, metal barndominiums have to be up to code. Trust us, you want your metal building to meet all building permit requirements. Those requirements ensure that you will be safe in your new structure.

Now, we know that the permit process can be a little overwhelming the first time you go through it. That is why we have made this short list to help you remember everything you need to do in order to get your permit for your barndominium home.

  • Look up your local zoning and planning office’s regulations for metal building homes.
  • With those in mind, design your barndominium.
  • Get copies of the engineering drawings and blueprints.
  • Take those copies to the zoning and planning office for approval.*
  • If the plan of the metal building is not approved by the zoning and planning office, implement the suggestions they gave. Talk with your metal barndominium engineer to change those things.
  • Take the new blueprints and drawings to the zoning and planning office for approval.
  • Once approved, the zoning and planning office will issue you a permit for your new barndominium.

*The approval process can take up to three months. Plan to get this done far in advance of when you need your new barndominium house.

What Makes Barndominiums So Great?

What makes barndominiums so great? We have already told you why barndominiums are better than traditional wooden homes, but let’s talk about what makes them such a great option. There are lots of benefits of choosing a metal barndominium. These include low maintenance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, to name a few.

Low Maintenance

Metal barndominiums require little maintenance. After all, there is no peeling paint to fix or rotting boards to replace. There are no shingles that need replacing, either. Steel is an easy-to-clean material that lasts for years to come. All you have to do is keep it clean.


No building material lasts longer than steel. We use steel that stands strong against anything Mother Nature throws its way. Our metal buildings can withstand heavy rains, intense blizzards, and high winds. They can be certified to withstand every extreme. Your barndominium home will stand strong against it all.


No building on the market will be more versatile and multipurpose than a metal barndominium. These steel structures can be fully customized to meet your exact needs and preferences. This means that your barndominium could house your business and be your home. It could be a garage connected to a living space. It could even go back to its original meaning and be a barn and house combined!

Open Concept

Open concept houses are all the rage these days. Everyone loves the way the rooms flow together. The high ceilings and open rooms make you feel at peace; they make you feel free. You will never feel boxed in in a barndominium. They are always beautiful open concept homes.

Metal Barn Central is Your Best Source for Barndominiums

Now that you know a barndominium home is the best option if you’re house hunting, we want you to know that the best place to buy one from is Metal Barn Central. We are the premier provider of metal barndominiums in the nation. You can feel safe and secure in your barndominium, because we use only the highest quality steel. Not only that, but we have the best customer service around! Our team of metal building experts is friendly and knowledgeable; they are on-call, ready to answer your questions whenever you need them. Don’t wait any longer! Call Metal Barn Central today at +1 (980) 365-8481!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? That’s okay! We have compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most frequently. If you don’t see your question, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask!

1. Will a barndominium be cheaper than a traditional wooden home?

It really depends on what you have in mind for your structure. Generally, a metal barndominium is cheaper than a traditional wooden home in the long run. There is much less upkeep and maintenance. The initial price will likely be similar to a wooden home, especially if you choose high-end finishes.

2. Will I have control of what my barndominium looks like?

The buyer will have complete control over the design and style of their metal barndominium. That is what makes steel buildings so great!

3. How long will I have to wait for my barndominium to be built?

It can take as little as two to three weeks to put together your new barndominium. You may need extra time to add in the finishing touches, like furniture and countertops.

4. How long will my barndominium last?

Since steel is one of the most durable materials out there, your metal barndominium should last a lifetime.

5. What’s the resale value for my barndominium?

You can determine the resale value of your barndominium the same way you would for a traditional house. You have to take into account its size, the acreage it sits on, and the customization features and unique details it has. Rest assured, however. These metal buildings are only growing in popularity as time goes on.