Customize Your New Structure with Metal Barn Components and Accessories

There are a variety of barn components and accessories to choose from for our metal barns and metal barn kits, depending on your needs and personal preferences. Barn prices will vary depending on how you would like to customize your new farm building. Here is a basic rundown of the customization options available:

Barn Insulation

Work in comfort and protect the contents of your metal barn from extreme temperature swings and condensation buildup by having bubble insulation installed.

Doors & Windows

Metal Barn Central offers a variety of customization options for all of our metal barns and agricultural buildings, including windows, walk-in doors, and various garage door options. These can be included in the initial installation of barns or added later on.

Bows and Trusses

Reinforce your new metal barn with extra bows and trusses for added stability, especially in areas that experience harsh weather.

Trim/Steel Panels & Anchors

Choose a trim style as well as the color and orientation of your steel panels to get the look that you want from your new steel barn or farm building. All of our durable steel buildings and barn kits are secured with anchors appropriate for the climate and foundation on which they will be installed.

Steel Framing

We offer two options for steel gauge framing: 14-gauge (industry standard) and 12-gauge. While both have the same measurements, the 12-gauge steel has a higher tensile strength, making it ideal if you install one of our Carolina barns or other horse barns or agricultural buildings in an area with strong winds or heavy snowfall.

Building Foundations

We can install any of our high-quality horse barns, livestock sheds, storage sheds & buildings on a variety of barn foundations, including soil, gravel, asphalt, concrete or cement, using the appropriate anchors.