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Metal Warehouses

Metal warehouses are what the modern commercial world needs. They are easy to clean and maintain, they are inexpensive and completely customizable. These sturdy structures bring endless storage solutions that can help take your business to the next level. If you're ready to take the next step with a metal warehouse, call Metal Barn Central today at (980) 255-5249!

The Growing Need for Warehouse in the US

Steel warehouses are on the rise, and for a good reason. Modern businesses operate on national or global scales. Online shopping is increasingly the preferred shopping method for people of all ages, and maintaining that industry requires lots of storage space. Online companies require warehouses in every corner of the country stocked full of their goods in order to meet fast shipping demands. But storage isn’t all these warehouses are for! We’ve seen these durable buildings transformed into storefronts, bakeries, production facilities, gyms, churches, and more! We understand the importance of prefab warehouse buildings and offer the highest quality metal warehouses at any size you need.

Metal Warehouses & Vertical Roofs

At Metal Barn Central, all of our steel warehouses and metal warehouse kits are rugged and will stand the test of time. They are engineered to meet and exceed building codes, with the ability to withstand heavy snow loads and intense wind speeds. The vertical roofs on these buildings are what make them so strong. With vertical paneling and a steep peak, no precipitation or debris will damage your structure.

Why Vertical Roofs?

• Vertical roofs are the strongest roof option available for metal buildings

Vertical roofs are characterized by a peaked structure and vertical paneling. Both of these aspects make it the most well suited for handling Mother Nature. The peak and vertical paneling work together to effectively channel precipitation and debris off of the structure with ease. You will never have to worry about pooling water or leaves and branches causing problems.

• Vertical roofs are required for building wider than 36’

If your warehouse is wider than 36’, you will have to have a vertical roof. Vertical roofs are a crucial part of large buildings; they provide additional supports and braces. This is important because, as a rule of thumb, the larger something is, the more support it needs.

• Vertical roofs provide striking aesthetic appeal

The strong peak on our vertical roofs serves a dual purpose. It does make the roof more effective than those with sloping sides, but it also provides an added beauty that warehouses can sometimes lack. In fact, vertical roofs mimic the style of a traditional house roof. This means that these roofs will help your building seem warm instead of cold and sterile. Plus, a peaked roof is objectively more beautiful than other options.

The Most Popular Steel Warehouse Sizes

We’ve mentioned some extra-large warehouses, but don’t let that scare you away. At Metal Barn Central, we have warehouse sizes for businesses of all sizes. If you need it, we have it!

• 30x40 Warehouse

What can you do in 1200 square feet? A lot more than you think! These steel warehouse building kits may seem small, but they pack a punch. The 30x40 metal warehouse is the perfect size for start-ups and businesses that better lend themselves to smaller spaces. We have seen gyms and bakeries thrive in these structures. Not only that, but, if you are short on space, these metal buildings are the ideal solution. They give you lots of usable space without taking up all of your land.

• 40x80 Warehouse

3200 square feet of usable space is a great mid-range option. If you need a venue that can have both warehouse space and a storefront in the same building, this is the steel warehouse you need. There are lots of customization options, so, if you need doors or windows in a specific place, we can make it happen. This makes a great building for auto repair shops and pet grooming facilities.

• 100x100 Warehouse

The 100x100 metal warehouse is the beginning of our large warehouse. With 10,000 square feet of usable space, there is little you can’t do with this building. We have seen farmer’s markets and traditional warehouse companies thrive in this building. The clear span design makes it appealing no matter what your need may be.

• 200x400 Warehouse

If you need an extra-large metal warehouse building kit, you need the 200x400 steel warehouse. What can’t you do with 80,000 square feet of usable warehouse space? These buildings typically appeal to our customers that need large distribution centers and run large-scale operations. Some unusual uses for this type of warehouse that we have seen are indoor dog parks, indoor tracks and soccer fields, and megachurches.  

Customization Options for Metal Warehouses

With any metal building, customization is a key part of the process. Metal Barn Central prioritizes creating our customers’ dreams, so we offer amazing customization options. Here are some of them: Most of our customers know that they can customize the size of their new prefab warehouse building, but did you know that you can customize a lot more than that? We also give you the ability to decide the kind of doors and windows your building has, what frame-outs there are, the kind of foundation and anchors it will have, and what gauge the steel framing will be. We also offer certifications for wind and snow loads. Your metal warehouse will be exactly what you need it to be. Customization doesn’t end there! We haven’t mentioned the best part yet. You can also customize the color of your steel warehouse. Not only is this fun, it is also a great opportunity to make people aware of your business. You can design your warehouse to have the same colors as your logo and branding. We help you make sure you stand out. If you want to know what your steel warehouse will look like before you buy it, try using our Metal Building Color Visualizer! It’s so easy to use you can do it from the comfort of your couch!  

Warehouses are for More Than Storage

You know warehouses are great storage spaces, but you should know they are also great for so much more than that. Our metal buildings are versatile. Here are some of the ways our customers have used our steel warehouses:

• Gym and Yoga Studio Combo

The best gyms have lots of open space and room for people to spread out. That is exactly what you would be getting with a metal warehouse kit. Their clear span designs allow them to house lots of equipment and room for warmups and cool downs. You have enough room to add in a yoga section to make your gym even better!

• Restaurant

The best restaurants have lots of seating and lots of kitchen space. A steel warehouse gives you precisely that. You can divide the structure however you want, but we know that this building style will give you endless possibilities. Plus, metal warehouses are easy to clean. That’s really important with the heavy foot traffic restaurants’ experience.

• Dairy Barn

Everyone loves ice cream and cheese. Those things wouldn’t be possible without dairy farmers, so we have a metal building that is perfect for our dairy farmers. These largest steel warehouses can be customized to have stalls and storage areas. Not just that, but they are inexpensive, easy to clean, and able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

• Farmer’s Market

Everyone loves a good farmer’s market, but the success of farmer’s markets can be hindered by the weather. Summer is their prime time; but summer is also prime time for thunderstorms. Farmers don’t want to lose their products or their sales to bad weather, so a steel warehouse is exactly what you need. The strong structure will stand strong against even the worst weather.

• Indoor Playground

Children need time to play. What do you do if the weather is bad? Parents know how disappointed their children are when it rains and keeps them from going to the local playground. A great solution for communities with lots of children is to turn a metal warehouse building kit into an indoor playground.

• How Much Will My Warehouse Cost?

Steel warehouses are budget-friendly buildings, but you have to realize that each price is unique. The prices of our buildings are dependent on a number of factors. The larger your warehouse is, the more expensive it is likely to be. Your location is also a factor. Some locations, such as snow-heavy Michigan or earthquake-prone California, require buildings that are extra strong. Other factors that can affect the price of your new warehouse are the current price of steel and the extent of customizations you choose to have. Don’t be dismayed about the price, though. Metal Barn Central’s prices are the most competitive in the industry, and we even offer a way for you to save a little extra. If you buy a steel warehouse building kit that you install yourself, you’ll get a discount! We also have two great programs to help you pay off your structure. The first program is our Financing program. Our Rent-to-Own program is our second option.

What About a Metal Warehouse Kit?

We mentioned that choosing to buy a metal warehouse kit is a way to save money, but what is a metal building kit? It’s pretty simple. A metal building kit is a package that comes with all of the parts of a premium Metal Barn Central metal building that you build and install yourself. You still get the same quality of materials and excellent customer service; the only difference is that our team drops the kit off with you instead of installing it. So, here’s what you can expect to find in your steel warehouse kit:
  • Instructions
  • Wall panels
  • Roof panels
  • Metal framing
  • Doors and windows
  • Supports and braces
  • Screws
  • Gables and awnings
  • Foundation anchors

Don’t Wait Another Minute

If you want a brand-new metal warehouse, you want Metal Barn Central. We use the highest quality materials so our warehouses will last a lifetime. All of our buildings are manufactured by fantastic professionals here in the United States. The excellent quality of our buildings doesn’t end there, though. We have the most qualified, most highly trained staff of building specialists in the industry. If you have a question, they have the answer. So, what are you waiting for? Get the warehouse you need without wasting another minute. Call us today at (980) 255-5249 to get the process started!