Customize Your Own Steel Riding Arena Today at Metal Barn Central

If you’re passionate about horseback riding, you’ve probably dreamt about owning your own riding arena. At Metal Barn Central, we can make that dream easily become a reality.

We provide high-quality metal buildings that can be customized exactly how you want. So, think back to all the riding arenas you’ve been in. What did you like? What was missing? What would you need to make it yours? With these questions in mind, we can help you design your very own metal riding arena!


How Big Should Your Arena Be?

At Metal Barn Central, we specialize in providing metal barns of all shapes and sizes. However, we know there are some requirements when it comes to indoor riding arenas. Experts recommend that the width of your riding arena should be at least 60’. This is going to make it a larger structure, but it’s important for horses to have room to move their legs. Horses are large animals, and a rider sitting on top of one would be close to the ceiling in normal structures. We suggest you choose a ceiling height between 16’ to 18’.

Here are some of the sizes we typically offer for indoor riding arenas and indoor riding arena kits:

  • 60’x16’x120’
  • 60’x18’x120’
  • 80’x16’x200’
  • 80’x18’x200’

Riding Arena

There are some other factors you might want to consider when thinking about the dimensions of your structure, including doors and extra costs. We suggested high ceilings because of how tall the combination of horse and rider can be. It is also a good idea to have large, high doorways. We suggest they be 13’ to 15’ in height and no less than 16’ wide.

As far as extra costs are concerned, there are things customers don’t always think about. Big riding arenas are great for your horses, but they might not be for your pockets. If you intend to have electricity, lighting a 16,000 square foot structure can be an expensive process. The same holds true for plumbing and heating, and air conditioning.


Before You Build: The Permit Process

Before you begin installing your new indoor riding arena or indoor riding arena kit, you need to have the right building permits. Not having these can cause you many headaches and can even result in your building being torn down. No one wants to go through that, right? We want to walk you through the process of obtaining all the necessary permits you need so you won’t have any problems.

Firstly, you need to get started early. Getting permits can be time consuming, because sometimes the approval process can take up to three months. You would initiate the process by contacting your local municipalities and finding out what permits are required. To give you a general idea of what to expect, here are some of the things local governments are typically concerned with:

  • Zoning
  • Location (Is your area a protected area, such as wetlands?)
  • Environmental risks
  • You should be prepared to have documents explaining how you will handle water management, and a soil test will likely be required.


The other key part of the permit process is having your building drawings approved by an engineer. We will provide you with the construction plans.

While this process can be tedious, it is worth it. We know that the safety of your horses is your top priority. Having the right permits gives you peace of mind; you can rest easy knowing that your building is completely safe for you and your horses.


What Must be Included in Your Steel Indoor Riding Arena

You know your horses, your needs, and your wants. Even with that knowledge, it can still be hard to remember everything you need when you’re designing your custom building. That’s because there can be a lot of moving parts with steel riding arenas. You need lighting, fencing, plumbing, storage, and more. It can get overwhelming, but we have made a comprehensive list of everything you need to have in your indoor riding arena:


1. Basic Features

The structural things are what you are most likely to remember. You will need:

  • horse stalls with corridors
  • mounting areas
  • grooming areas
  • easy access doors
  • a holding ring
  • a section for hosing down
  • spectator section
  • foundation footing
  • rubber flooring
  • tack room
  • wooden wall bars
  • insulation
  • competition ring (if you want it)


2. Lighting and Electrical Features

Electricity is going to be a necessity if you intend to use your riding arena in the cold or the dark, or for equestrian events. There are some things you’ll need no matter what you plan to use your arena for, while others are specifically for arenas meant to host large numbers of people.

Here’s what you’ll need no matter what:

  • overhead indoor lights
  • electric outlets (you’ll want these throughout the structure, so you have somewhere to plug up tools and appliances)
  • heating and air conditioning

Here’s what you may need in an event-style riding arena:

  • speakers
  • refrigerator
  • security system
  • stove and concession area

While electricity is important, there are other ways you can get light into your structure. We recommend installing windows and skylights. These assets will greatly reduce your electricity bill.


3. Access Features

A riding arena wouldn’t be useful if it didn’t have doors. However, you don’t want just any door. We highly recommend half-gate doors. It’s nice to be able to have the top half open to let the fresh air in. You’ll also want to have the proper gates on your corrals and stables.


4. Plumbing Features

Similar to the electrical features, the kind of plumbing features you need in your metal riding arena will depend on what you plan to use it for. You need to make sure you have a way to get water for your horses no matter what.

Here are some of the features you may need:

  • sink for the concession area
  • dishwasher
  • bathroom
  • taps and spigots


5. Storage Features

Storage is essential no matter what the purpose of your indoor riding arena is.

  • areas to store jumps and hurdles
  • equipment storage area
  • feed bins and hay storage areas
  • areas for a mucking out system


6. Choosing the Right Doors

We’ve mentioned doors previously, but they’re worth their own section. You need to have doors that are large enough for mounted riders, horses, and large equipment to easily pass through. Your doors should make sense for a horse arena. Once again, we highly recommend half-gate doors.


7. Safety and Convenience

Horseback riding can cause some bruises and cuts, but there is an easy way to keep that from happening. Rider guards keep the distance between the wall and you and your horse. They are placed in front of the walls to keep the horse’s hooves from hitting them. These can be a saving grace for your knees and ankles.


8. Insulating with Vapor Barrier

When any building is too cold or too hot, it can be a major drawback. At Metal Barn Central, we recommend investing in vapor barrier insulation. This insulation will help keep your indoor riding arena cool in the summertime and warm in the winter. It also helps prevent condensation that can encourage mold and mildew formation.


9. Extra Beautification

Wainscoting is a wonderful way to make your building’s beauty pop. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, wainscoting is paneling that goes halfway up the inner or outer walls of your building. It is a different, complementary color to the rest of the structure.


Metal Barn Central Got You Covered

Metal Barn Central is the premier provider of metal riding arenas and all things metal building-related. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that our products stand up to the test of time. Not only that, but we have some of the most competitive steel indoor riding arena prices in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a fully finished equestrian center or a DIY indoor riding arena, we’ve got you covered. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our phenomenal customer service team at (980) 365-8481!