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Are you looking for a way to shelter your most valuable possessions? A metal carport from Metal Barn Central provides better protection than structures made from wood or other materials. That’s because steel is built to last. A steel carport can provide the reliable, sturdy protection that you need for your cars, motorcycles, lawn equipment, and more. And if you are looking to save a little money and you are pretty handy with tools, then you can install the carport yourself with one of our prefab metal carport kits. You can completely customize your carport, then we will have it custom designed and engineered to meet your exact specifications. Your metal building will be pre-measured, pre-cut, and come with all the components for simple installation. It’s a DIYer’s dream come true!
24x26 Vertical Roof Carport

What Comes With Your Metal Frame Carport Kits?

Gone are the days of hiring expensive contractors! Our custom metal carport kits come with everything you will need to install your carport within hours. Metal Barn Central provides all the materials and components that you’ll need to make your installation happen all on your own time. Here’s what you will get:
  • Steel framing and supports
  • Roofing panels
  • Wall panels
  • All fastening hardware
  • All of your building anchors
  • Gables, trim, and any other customizations you selected

Why a Metal Carport Kit is Right for You?

If you’re looking for the best protection for your vehicle, it doesn’t get any better than a steel structure. We offer one, two, and three-car metal carport styles, and we can even go bigger! Our custom carport kits can fit all your needs. Here’s why going with one of our prefab steel carport kits is the best choice:
  • It will cost less – We will deliver and install your carport at no additional cost, but if you choose to pick up the materials and install the building on your own, then you will get a discount.
  • You install the carport on your own time – You won’t have to mess with setting up a date based on the availability of our installation crews. Instead, you can install your carport on your own time.
  • Easy assembly – Prefab steel carport kits from Metal Barn Central come with detailed plans and components that are pre-cut at the factory, so all you’ll have to do to install by using the bolts and nuts that come with it. It’s the ultimate DIY project! And the best part? Steel structures have faster completion times than wooden construction.
  • Easy to maintain – Not only is your carport easy to install, but it is also easier to maintain. You won’t have to worry about repainting, rusting, or mold. Just a quick spray with the hose or a presser wash is all you need to clean your carport.
  • Metal carport Kits will save you time – After you get your carport installed, you’ll instantly start saving time. You won’t have to spend time cleaning bird droppings off your vehicle, there’s no more scraping ice off your windshield, and you won’t have to spend time brushing snow off before you head to work.
24x21 Vertical Roof Steel Carport24x21 Vertical Roof Carport

Metal Building Carport Kits for All Your Needs

We offer steel carports that are designed to protect up to three small vehicles, but that’s not all. Our prefab carport kits offer utility storage and can also be designed to cover your RV or boat. No matter what you need, we can customize our steel carport kits to meet your residential, agricultural, or commercial needs.
  • Regular Roof Carports – These roofs have a rounded shape and feature horizontal paneling. Regular roofs are a popular choice because they are more economical while still offering reliable protection from the weather elements.
  • A-Frame Roof Carports – A-frame roof carports, also know as boxed-eave, closely resemble a typical house roof. They have sturdy horizontal paneling.
  • Vertical Roof Carports – A vertical roof is the strongest roof design. This roof features an A-frame base, added reinforcement, and vertical paneling. If you live in an area with heavy wind and snow, this style is the best option for the ultimate protection.
  • Utility Carports – Utility carports are designed to provide shelter for your car, truck, or other type of vehicle while also providing storage. They feature an open carport with an enclosed storage building.
  • RV Carports – Whatever the specifications are for your RV, we can design your carport to fit every need. You can easily add walls and doors to the structure to provide extra protection. You can even add an RV shed to your carport for a place to keep your valuables and camping utilities in a safe place.
  • Boat Carports – Provide the best possible protection for your boat with a metal carport. Boat carports are durable, versatile, and cost-effective. The carport will keep your boat sheltered from all the elements and can be customized to fit other storage needs.
  • One Car Carports – If you’re looking for an economical option for storing and protecting your vehicle, a one car carport kit is a great option. A single-car carport is tall enough to protect small vehicles and recreational vehicles from inclement weather.
  • 2-Car Metal Carports – If you need to cover two smaller cars, we recommend our double carport kit. You can also enclose the carport and turn it into a garage and have enough space to add two garage doors.
  • 3-Car Metal Carports – Triple wide carports are a great option to cover as many as three cars or even your RV. You can choose the length to be as long as you need to make sure your vehicle is completely covered, and we can customize the height too.
18x21 Regular Steel Carport18x21 Regular Roof Carport

Metal Carport Kit Customization Options

Our do-it-yourself steel carport kits can be customized for your project. You choose the exact carport that you need, from the steel strength, to the anchors that will keep it grounded. Our steel carport kits are designed to last and are designed exactly how you want it.
    • Size – We offer carports from 12’ wide to 70’ wide that will provide protection for whatever you need. We can increase eave height to provide shelter for your RV and boat.
    • Roof Styles
    • Regular Roof
This is the most economical option for a metal carport. The roof is rounded, and the paneling runs horizontally.
    • A-Frame Horizontal Roof
This is a better option for roofing panels. This design also has horizontal paneling, but it is built a little sturdier.
    • Vertical Roof
This is the best option that offers the highest level of performance. A vertical roof features an A-Frame base, added reinforcement, and vertical paneling.
  • Anchors – Your metal carport kit will include the anchors you need to secure your building. We use mobile home, rebar, concrete, and asphalt anchors.
  • Gables – If you choose gables for your carport kit, you will get the framing, sheet metal, screws, and trim to install your gables to your new carport.
  • 12- & 14- Gauge Steel Framing – We offer 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel framing for our carport kits. 14-gauge is an industry-standard right now, but you can choose a thicker, stronger material with the 12-gauge option.
  • 26- & 29- Gauge Roofing Panels – The lesser the gauge, the better the strength of the panels. These panels can be placed vertically or horizontally on the roofs and on the sides of the carport.
  • Certifications – Our prefab metal carport kits can be certified for your area weather requirements. We can provide higher wind speed and snow load certifications based on your needs.
  • Colors – Choose the right color combination for your roof, trim, and walls. You can play with different colors by using our Color Planner Tool before you make a final decision.

How Much Does a Metal Carport Kit Cost?

How much your custom steel carport kit costs will depend on a few things like the size, any extras that you add to the carport, the manufacturer price, and several other factors. The building specialists at Metal Barn Central will work with you to design a carport kit in your budget. But if you don’t have the funds, don’t worry. That’s why we have two financing options to help you afford your carport. Our rent-to-own option doesn’t require a credit check, the approval is quick, the payment plan is flexible, and there’s no payoff penalty. We also offer financing for your metal carport kit. We partner with several financial networks throughout the United States to offer flexible, quick, and easy financing options.

What To Do Before Your Carport Kit is Delivered?

Before you pick up your building, you need to make sure that your area is ready for installation. There’s nothing worse than finally getting the carport you’ve been waiting for, only to have problems with the site, so you can’t install your structure as quickly as you would like. Here are some tips to help get you ready for installation day:
  • Site Preparation – Site preparation is key to a smooth installation. Make sure you get in touch with the city or county to see if there are any underground wires or cables that you need to avoid during installation, so they are not punctured. Next, make sure your site is level and clear of debris.
  • Building Permits – Before installing your carport, make sure whether you need a building permit or not. If you put your building up without a permit and it is required, this could lead to costly fines, or in a worst-case scenario, you may have to take the carport down.

Unique Uses for Your Metal Carport Kit

While our steel carports provide the best possible protection for your vehicle, that’s not all they are good for. Because of their durable style, our carports are very versatile. Here are some unique uses for your carport kit:
  • Picnic Shelter – Add some picnic tables under your prefab carport and use the area for birthday parties, cookouts, and fellowship gatherings.
  • Playground Area – Move the playground equipment under the metal carport, and you instantly have a shaded spot where the kids can play no matter what the weather is doing!
  • Outdoor Workspace – Use the area to provide shade and protection while working on your car or another DIY project.
  • Deck or Patio – Need shade or shelter in your backyard? Use a steel carport as a deck or patio so you’ll have a spot to enjoy the outdoors without the beaming sun or rain keeping you indoors.
  • Extra Storage – Use the extra space to store more than just vehicles. Store your lawn equipment, seasonal decorations, or anything else that needs covered protection.

The Best Metal Carport Kits from Metal Barn Central

Why should you get a metal carport kit from Metal Barn Central? Simply put, we are the BEST at what we do. When you buy a steel carport kit from Metal Barn Central, you get the BEST quality with the BEST prices and the BEST customer service. Let our expert building specialists design the metal carport kit you’ve been wanting at a price you can afford. Call Metal Barn Central today at 980-321-9898 to start designing the perfect metal carport kit for all your needs.