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Are you ready for the ultimate DIY project? At Metal Barn Central, we offer the best line of fully enclosed buildings that are sturdy and effective for protecting your cars and vehicles. And if you’re up for a big project and looking to save some money, you can customize and install the garage yourself.   Our metal garages are made from tough steel, which means they are built stronger and more reliable than a wooden or aluminum garage. You can choose from a long list of customization options, and Metal Barn Central will have it engineered to meet your exact specifications. Your building will be pre-measured and pre-cut with all the components to make your installation simple and fast. Get started on designing your dream steel garage today with Metal Barn Central.

What Comes in Our Steel Building Garage Kits?

Every single thing you need to install your metal garage will be included in your kit. The only thing you need to provide are the tools and the time to get it installed. And to make things even easier, everything will be pre-measured and pre-cut to your exact specifications! Here’s what you’ll get when you order one of our DIY metal garage kits:
  • Steel framing members and supports – 14-gauge or 12-gauge frames
  • Roofing panels – Regular, A-Frame Horizontal, or Vertical style roofing is available
  • Your desired wall paneling – Decide between open-air, fully enclosed, or partially enclosed
  • Fastening hardware – You’ll have all the nuts and bolts you need
  • Building anchors – Concrete, rebar, asphalt, or mobile home anchors
  • Any other extra customization features you selected

Why You Need A Metal Garage?

Why should you go with one of our metal garage kits? There are plenty of reasons! For starters, our prefab garages are made from steel, and steel is made to stand the test of time. With a steel building, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe, secure, and protected from the weather elements. Here are a few more reasons why DIY steel garage kits are worth investing in:
  • Cost-Effective – Prefab steel garage kits offer all the benefits of a traditional garage at a more economical price.
  • Attractive and Versatile – Steel garages are ideal for so many uses. You can park your car in it, use it for storage, or turn it into a workshop. And they look good too!
  • Low Maintenance – After your steel garage kit is installed, it will be low maintenance to keep up with. You may want to pressure wash or hose down your building sometimes to keep it clean, but other than that, you won’t have the regular maintenance that comes with wooden structures.
  • You Will Have Exactly What You Want – Your steel garage kits will be exactly what you planned. You design it, tell us the specifications, and get it installed on your property when you want it.
  • Economical – Metal garage buildings are economical to heat and keep cool. So, you will save money by saving energy.

Custom Metal Garage Kits at Metal Barn Central

Our steel garage kits are designed and engineered to fulfill most residential, agricultural, and commercial needs you may have. Here are the types of metal garage kits that we have available:
  • Regular Roof Garages – This is the most economical type of roof. It has horizontal panels with rounded sides. These roofs work best in areas that don’t have a lot of heavy snow or rain.
  • A-Frame Roof Garages – This is the most popular style of roof because of the look. This style can best match the look of a traditional house, and it’s affordable too.
  • Vertical Roof Garages – Vertical roof garages are the premium option. They offer the best protection and are highly-recommended for those that live in areas with high winds and lots of precipitation.
  • 1-Car Metal Garage – A one-car garage is perfect for protecting your vehicle, lawn equipment, and other valuable pieces of property.
  • 2-Car Metal Garage – Our two-car metal garages are designed and built to comfortably house two vehicles. We can adjust the length and height to meet your exact needs.
  • 3-Car Metal Garage – Shelter multiple vehicles or have your own workspace with our three-car metal garages.

Get the Exact Prefab Metal Garage You Want

At Metal Barn Central, we care about our customers and their opinions. We offer a wide variety of customization options, so we can address everyone’s needs and individual tastes. Here are some of the features we have to offer:
  • Choose your width, length, and height
  • Pick between a regular roof, A-frame horizontal roof, or a vertical roof
  • Choose what types of doors you want and where you want them placed. You can put garage doors, walk-in doors, or roll-up doors on your new garage. And don’t forget about windows to add natural light!
  • Decide between rebar, mobile home, asphalt, or concrete anchors
  • Create your custom trim and add gables if you want to add a polished look
  • Choose the thickness of the steel. We offer 12- & 14- gauge steel framing. The lower the number, the thicker the steel.
  • Decide between 26- & 29- gauge roofing panels
  • We offer certification for the snow and wind conditions in your area
  • Customize your color options. Choose what colors will really make your garage stand out. You can preview them on our website before you make your final decision.
30×40 Metal Garage

How Much Do Steel Garage Kits Cost?

At Metal Barn Central, we work directly with the manufacturer to get your building cheaper! We already offer metal building at great prices, but the final price tag on your metal garage will depend on the size, any added customizations, the location of your garage, and some other factors. But, by ordering a steel garage kit and picking it up and installing it on your own, you’ll also get a discount. Our building specialists will work with you to design a steel garage in your budget, but if you need some help with the financing, we can help there too. We offer rent-to-own and financing programs to help you get monthly payments you can afford for the exact building that you want.

Finding a Metal Garage Kit That’s Right for You

Investing in a new metal garage can be a bit overwhelming, and so can the thought of installing one. If you’re having a hard time figuring out which kit to go for, here are a couple of things that may help you narrow it down and set you up for a smooth installation day.
  • Decide Your Exact Needs – Determine how many vehicles you need to store; this will help narrow down the size. From here, decide if you need any additional space. You may be getting close to running out of storage areas in your home, so an extra area would really help. Do you need extra space for anything else like a workshop? Steel garages are so versatile and have so many uses, so think about other ways your new building could be useful before you make the final decision.
  • Check to See If There Are Any Restrictions or Requirements – Does your HOA have a size restriction? Do you require a building permit? Make sure you check to see if there are any requirements, so you don’t have anything stand in the way of installing your garage.
  • Understand the Installation Needs – All metal garage kits from Metal Barn Central come with pre-measured, pre-cut pieces and holes that are already drilled for the nuts and bolts. So, your garage is ready for easy installation. But plan ahead for installation. Will your building be small enough that it only needs a few tools and maybe a little help or is it large enough to require a crew of people and a crane?

Everyday Uses for Our Metal Garages

There are so many uses for a metal garage building; you’ll wonder why you never bought one before! Sure, our metal buildings for sale are perfect for protecting your car, but there are so many other ways you can use a steel garage. With a little creativity, anything is possible with a sturdy metal building!
  • Personal Gym – Do you want to get a treadmill, but you have no place to put it? Move your gym equipment to your garage and have your own personal gym in your own yard.
  • Entertainment Space – Add a pool table, a TV, and some comfy couches in your garage to have a cool entertainment spot for people to hang out in.
  • Workshop – Maybe you need a place to work on your car? Or you need a place for the latest project you’re building. With a metal garage, you’ll have a secure place to store your tools and work on projects.
  • Guest House or Spare Room – Need extra living space? With a creative eye, you can easily transform the space into a guest house or spare room for company.
  • Business Space – Need a building for your hair salon or your office? Metal garages are energy-efficient and can easily be turned into a new modern looking place of business.
40x40 Metal Garage Building
40×40 Metal Garage

The Best Metal Garage Kits from Metal Barn Central

We care about our customers and the quality of the metal buildings we sell. Our goal is to provide a durable, affordable, long-lasting structure for your way of life. Don’t hesitate to call one of our building specialists at 980-321-9898 to get started on designing your perfect metal structure. We can help you customize the ultimate DIY project at a price you can afford. Let’s get started today!