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Metal barns are quickly rising in popularity. They are the safest, most affordable option on the market. Plus, they can be used for so much more than your traditional barn. Their durability and weather resistance sets them apart from the rest. Plus, at Metal Barn Central, we offer fantastic metal barn kits so you can proudly say you did-it-yourself.  

What is in My Kit?

Whether you are a DIY pro or a novice, metal barn kits from Metal Barn Central are perfect for your skill level. They are easy to install and always turn out beautiful. We know that installing your own prefab barn kit may seem daunting, but it’s a stress-free process because we provide everything you need. We have got you covered from the top of the roof to the foundation. Here is what you should expect in your kit: • Instructions • Roof paneling • Anchors • Wall paneling • Support posts • Braces • Structural framing • Windows and door framing • Screws • Other customization features

What is a Metal Barn Kit Good For?

Barns have been used for lots of things in the past, and metal barns are even more versatile than that. We’ve seen our customers use our barns for dairy barns, plant nurseries, feed storage, and more.

▪ Dairy Barn

Dairy barns require some extra customization. This is especially true for modern operations that utilize machines. Steel barns are the easy way to go because they are completely customizable. You can make your building as large as you need and add walls and stalls to make it fit for your purpose.

▪ Animal Feed Storage

You need a place to store your animal feed where it will stay clean and dry. A metal barn is a perfect place. These structures are weather-resistant, so precipitation rolls right off the roof and cannot penetrate the solid steel walls. This will ensure that your animals’ food will never see mold or mildew.

▪ Plant Nursery

If you are running a plant nursery, chances are you need lots of open space for seed trays and pots. Steel barn kits are perfect for this purpose since they can be made clear span. Metal buildings can be designed to have no support posts taking up your precious space in the building’s center.

▪ Housing

These low-cost buildings can make fantastic homes. Metal barn homes are so popular they have their own name: barndominium. With so many customization options, you’ll be able to create a great place for your most trusted workers to live. After all, early farm work is easier when you live closer.

▪ Auto Repair Shop

Whether you are working on tractors or cars, metal barns are great places to run an auto repair shop out of. Steel is easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect material for a place that could experience frequent wear and tear. Plus, large garage style doors are perfect for getting vehicles in and out.

Are All Barns the Same?

Not all barns are created equal. Different barns have different purposes. We offer three barns style to serve three unique purposes. Those styles are: horse barns, raised center barns, and continuous roof barns. We have given you a quick description of each one and its possible uses.

1. Horse Barns

Our metal barns make excellent horse barns because they are so much safer than traditional wooden barns. They are pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and mold and mildew resistant. Plus, their ability to be customized makes these buildings perfect for the many needs of horses, such as stables and riding arenas.

2. Raised Center Barns

Raised center barns are exactly what you need if you have tall farm equipment that you need to store. As the name suggests, these barns have raised centers that give you the space to store tall items. The other sections of the barns could be used to store feed or to house livestock.

3. Continuous Roof Barns

Continuous roof barns give you the best of both worlds with both indoor and outdoor storage space. The center of these barns is enclosed, while the two outer sides have an open front. This makes for easy storage of farm equipment, while valuables or animal feed could be kept on the inside.

Making Your Metal Barn Your Own

Our goal is to help you bring your dream metal barn to life. That is why we give you the opportunity to customize every aspect of the building, big or small. When it comes to customization, the first things you customize are the structural parts of your new metal barn or metal barn kit. Its size is one of the most obvious customization features; our barns can be as large or as small as you need them to be. Other things that can be customized are the foundation and anchor type, the style and placement of the doors and windows, additional cosmetic features, like gables, and the gauge of the roof and wall paneling. While customizing the structural aspects of your new steel barn building kit is great, most of our customers enjoy deciding on their barn’s color the most. Metal Barn Central offers a wide variety of color options. You can easily find a color that will complement the structures already on your property or create a look that is unique to its own structure. By using our Building Color Planner tool, you can see what the colors will look like on your building before you make your purchase. That’s just another example of how we strive to make your dream barn a reality.

How Much is a Steel Barn Building Kit?

Metal Barn Central has the best prices for steel barns and steel barn kits in the industry. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a flat rate for our barns. It would be impossible since the prices vary depending on several different factors. Those factors are: the building’s size, customization features, its location, and the manufacturer we use in your area. However, we do have an option if you would like a real-time price estimate. Our 3D Building Estimator allows you to design your dream metal barn kit from the comfort of your couch. You’ll be able to see the estimated price once you’re finished. Setting a budget is important. After you’ve done that, the next step is to select your payment plan. At Metal Barn Central, we offer two fantastic options. Our Rent-to-Own program is our first option. The status of your approval will be decided in a few minutes. Plus, there is no credit check. Our Financing program is our second option. This program gives you the ability to pay off your metal barn kit at any time. There will be no penalty!

What to Do Before You Buy

Before you buy a new prefab barn kit, there are some things you need to do. The two most important steps to complete before buying your building are site preparation and acquiring the necessary building permits. These topics can sometimes be confusing, so we’ve provided some quick summaries to help explain.

▪ Site Preparation

Site preparation is a crucial step. This is when you level the location you plan to install your building. Before you get to that, though, you need to remove all vegetation and debris from the area. Once you’ve done that, you can level the area. This would also be the time that you would have your asphalt or concrete poured if you intend to use either one as your foundation.

▪ Building Permits

Acquiring building permits is highly important. Many areas require barns to meet certain standards. They may require barns to hold certain snow loads or withstand certain wind speeds. They may have requirements for placement. Environmental restrictions are also a possibility. If you live in an area with an HOA, they may have some aesthetic restrictions and requirements that need to be met.

A High-Quality Barn from a High-Quality Provider

There is no better place to buy a barn or metal barn building kit than Metal Barn Central. Just like the name suggests, we are your one-stop-shop for steel barns and agricultural buildings. Our high-quality structures will always stand the test of time. Plus, our excellent staff of building specialists are on call and ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (980) 321-0752 to see what a high-quality provider is like!