Florida Agriculture: The Future & Metal Buildings

The history of Florida and agriculture is a story rich with success. Citrus fruits were originally introduced to North America by Europeans in the late 15th century. By 2012, 63% of all citrus production in the United States originated in Florida.

Agriculture is now Florida’s second-largest industry, creating over 2.1 million jobs for Floridians. Its agricultural exports recently exceeded $4 billion annually, with products reaching over 150 countries around the world. From orange juice to tomato salsa to tupelo honey, the tastes of Florida are far-reaching and delicious. Metal buildings that keep this vital industry safe will play an important part in the future of Florida agriculture.


Agriculture Growth in Florida

Florida has a long history of growing food for the United States. From orange groves to strawberries to cattle ranches, Florida has over three hundred different agricultural commodities to offer.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services led by Commissioner Nikki Fried, “Innovation and technological advances in agriculture are critical to our goals of increasing productivity and reducing environmental impact. Our department is dedicated to creating partnerships with a forward-thinking approach that guarantees sustainable agriculture.”

Florida is well known for its citrus fruit. The 2017 Census of Agriculture reported over half a million acres devoted to orchards, or groves. 422,000 acres were for oranges – 70% of the nation’s total!

However, Florida has other great agricultural products to offer. It has significant floricultural industry. It led the country in sugarcane production, with almost 16 million tons, over 50% of the nation’s total.


The Modern Metal Building Accelerates Agriculture

Metal buildings can support agriculture in a variety of ways:


1. Metal buildings are designed with clear span architecture, allowing your interior to be free of pillars. This promotes maneuverability with large machinery and flexibility with evolving floorplans. When your agricultural enterprise needs a versatile space that can change with seasonal requirements, you want a metal building!


2. Steel buildings are much less expensive, per square foot, than their wood competitors. Not only is the material cheaper initially, the price of maintenance and repair is far lower. Due to the durable and pest-resistant nature of metal, you won’t be spending money in the future for termite inspections or costly shingle repair. Your metal building will save cash upfront and down the road!


3. The days of the moldering, musty barn are over. Where a wooden barn would take months to construct and require intensive labor, a pre-engineered metal barn can be erected in a matter of hours! Metal barns will save you money in labor costs and save time in construction. Once a metal building arrives on site, it only needs to be bolted, sealed, and inspected to be complete!


4. Agricultural metal buildings are rated a Type 1 building by the International Building Code, because steel is so fire-resistant. Because of the increased safety of steel being non-combustible, moisture-resistant, and pest-resistant, metal buildings are cheaper to insure. You’ll love the lower premiums!


5. Agricultural metal buildings are a great investment for your farm budget, but they are a great investment for the Earth, too! Steel is 100% recyclable, and it’s made without any toxic chemicals. You don’t have to worry about VOCs leeching into the air or ground over time, and your livestock can look forward to the superior air quality within the energy-efficient interior of your metal building.


6. Are you worried about the aesthetic? Don’t be! The agricultural metal building industry has grown considerably, and the modern metal building is a designer’s dream. With custom veneers, trim, and colors, your building can suit any style! Customize doors, windows, roofs, and more when your work with a certified dealer.


7. Agricultural buildings provide secure storage space that keeps pests at bay. When installed and sealed by professionals, you won’t have to concern yourself with termites or mold. Steel is energy-efficient, and metal buildings usually enjoy 30% lower energy costs than traditional units.


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