Panel, Trim, and Anchor Options for Your Agricultural Building or Metal Horse Barn


Our high-quality, galvanized steel panels are manufactured with the custom color of your choice to resist chipping, cracking, and rust so that you have an attractive metal barn or farm building that is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Choose from a horizontal or vertical panel to get the look you want. Do you have a partially enclosed Carolina barn, Seneca barn, or other metal building? We can enclose it easily using these durable panels.

Trim and Gable Ends

These options give your metal horse barn a finished look and add an element of protection.

  • J-Trim

    The decorative trim applied to panel edges of a storage shed, metal horse barn, or other farm building to create a more polished appearance, protect the panel ends from exposure, and to provide added safety for people and animals who come into contact with the metal building (especially recommended for property owners with small children).

  • Gable Ends

    Gable Ends enhance the appearance of metal buildings by giving them a nice finish. A gable end is the triangular shaped material that is installed on the roof of the metal barn or building to enclose the top portion for added protection and a more finished look. Gables ends can also be used to hide the frame and braces on steel agricultural buildings that have open (lean-to) sides. In addition to looks, gable ends help to reinforce the structure against strong winds and intense weather.


Choosing the proper anchors for your steel farm building is an incredibly important decision since the anchors are what holds down the structure during periods of heavy winds. The anchors you select will depend on the type of foundation you will be using and the type of weather you experience in your neck of the woods. Here are the anchor options:

  • Rebar Anchors

    Good for locations with sturdy soil and low winds (not used with concrete)

  • Mobile Home (Auger) Anchors

    Ideal for soil or dirt foundations

  • Concrete Anchors

    Designed for concrete or cement foundations

  • Asphalt Anchors

    Designed to hold tight to asphalt foundations

Contact one of our customer service representatives to determine the best anchors for your location and foundation type.