Metal Building Insulation Options

Metal buildings can make an excellent addition to your home, business, or farming property, no matter their purpose. And while they have obvious uses, they can also be used as veterinary clinics, airplane hangars, wedding halls, homes, and much more. Regardless of what your intentions may be, it’s always a good idea to insulate your steel unit, especially if you plan to use it as a home, a shelter for your animals, or if you’re housing temperature-sensitive belongings.

So, What is The R-Value?

The R-value of insulation is a simple measurement of how well the insulated metal building can resist the transfer of heat from in and out of the unit. To put it simply, the higher the R-value, the better the performance of the insulation in terms of regulating the temperature in your steel structure. If you plan to utilize the unit as a home, business office, or other similar purpose, we recommend having enough insulation to meet the R-value recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Types of Insulation Available at Metal Barn Central

Despite your plans for the insulated steel building, it’s always a good idea to include some form of insulation in the building plans. Whether it’s a simple material to prevent moisture and condensation or a higher R-value insulation used for temperature regulation, it’s important, nonetheless. There are a few insulation types available here at Metal Barn Central, including the following three options:

  • Single Bubble Insulation – With an R-value of 4, our metal-wrapped, single bubble insulation is the most economical option available in the metal building industry. While it isn’t designed to regulate temperature, it will prevent moisture infiltration and sweating in our structure.
  • Double Bubble Insulation – A step up from single bubble insulation, our double bubble option includes a second layer of wrapped air bubbles, designed with an R-value of 8. This is a very effective vapor barrier, offering a reasonable amount of thermal protection as well.
  • Prodex (R16 Equivalent) – Prodex is an R-16 equivalent reflective insulation that is best used to eliminate both moisture and condensation problems. It is designed to prevent 97% of radiant heat transfer, being the most effective insulation offered at Metal Barn Central.

Benefits of Using the Right Metal Building Insulation

Your reasons for investing in a steel building are uniquely your own, but it’s important to remember that there are metal building insulation types made for specific purposes. For example, if you plan to utilize your unit as a home, the insulation type best suited for your structure should maintain a regular temperature. In addition to regulating temperature, other benefits include the following:

  • Prevent moisture and condensation problems.
  • Protect your property from the harmful effects of Mother Nature.
  • Stabilize the building’s interior temperature.

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