Fasteners & Connections: Strength and Stability You Can Rely On

At Metal Barn Central, we install durable metal barns and other farm buildings that can hold up against intense weather and withstand the test of time. While the features below are standard, extra bows and trusses can be utilized for additional support.

Bows and Trusses

Do you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, strong winds, or other harsh weather? If so, consider adding extra bows and trusses for additional stability and strength. Bows and trusses are structural supports that are installed on the inside of the roof to reinforce the roof and sides of your metal barn or other agricultural building. Metal Barn Central installs bows on all of our metal storage sheds and other farm buildings less than 24’ in width and trusses on all horse barns and other agricultural buildings over 24’ wide.

All connections are secured using high-quality, corrosion resistant nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. If you live in a high wind or high snowfall area of the United States, contact us to find out what is recommended for your area.