Windows and Metal Barn Door Installation for Convenience and Natural Light

Customize your metal barn or other agricultural building with windows for natural lighting and doors that offer convenience and function.


Save money on expensive lighting and electricity by adding windows for natural light and additional ventilation. Metal Barn Central carries a standard 30” by 30” window size which we can install on any part of your horse barn, livestock sheds, or other agricultural buildings. We also offer other window sizes which vary by location. Contact our customer service team to see what is offered in your area.

Walk-In Doors

We offer a variety of walk-in door options to make accessing metal storage sheds or buildings a breeze. Doors can be installed on any portion of your enclosed metal building on exterior or interior walls. If you have a partially open metal barn or agricultural building that you would like to enclose later on, we can add doors at that time. All of our doors come with a white finish and are available with or without a window. Please let us know your preference at the time of your order.

Barn Doors

If you are storing large equipment, or if you have livestock, it is essential to have at least one metal barn door wide enough to provide the proper clearance. Our electric or roll-up metal barn doors are perfect for Carolina Barns and other metal horse barns as well as the other steel buildings we install.

Barn prices will vary depending on the customization options you select. Not ready to install your doors or windows yet? During our installation of barns and other structures, we can provide you with a frame out if you would like a door or window added later on. Contact one of our customer services representatives to find out all of your options.