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Vertical Roof Metal Garages

Looking for safe and secure protection for your vehicles, motorcycle, or RV? It doesn’t get any better than the vertical roof garages at Metal Barn Central.

Vertical roof metal garages are by far the best solution for your storage needs. What makes these garages so great are their strength, durability, and versatility. These vertical garages can be designed to fit multiple vehicles or meet any other need that you have.

What is Vertical Roof Garage?

Vertical metal garages are the premier option for garages that are offered at Metal Barn Central. Here’s why: this metal garage is the best because of its durable vertical panel design that helps snow, rain, and other debris slides off the roof with ease. And that’s not all that makes it tough. Vertical metal garages are designed to be a little more rugged. That’s because they are installed on a rugged A-frame and come with added bracing and reinforcements. So, if you live in an area with severe weather, nothing beats the reliability, durability, and flexibility that comes with a vertical style garage from Metal Barn Central.

30x41 All Vertical Garage

What Can I Use a Vertical Garage For?

Vertical style garages can be used to store one, two, three, or more vehicles. While these structures are perfect for storing your cars or trucks, that’s not all they are good for. There are several different ways you can take advantage of this secure storage space.

Here are some unique ways you can use your steel garage:

  • Protect Your Ride – Sure, vertical roof garages are great for protecting your vehicle, but that’s not all. Have a boat, RV, bus, or even farm vehicle that you need to keep protected from the elements? You can customize the length and height of your prefab garage to provide protection for any and all of your vehicles.
  • Provide Secure Protection for Anything – These durable structures can house more than just your vehicles. Need a place to store your lawn equipment, bicycles, seasonal decorations, or patio furniture during the winter season? Whatever it is that you need to provide a protective area for, we’ve got you covered.
  • Man Caves and She Sheds – Do you need a dedicated spot to work on your hobbies or finish your craft projects? What about a place to watch the game with the guys or watch a movie with the girls? A vertical garage can provide a dedicated quiet place for a Man Cave or She Shed.
  • Workshops – A vertical style garage will provide you with a protected area to work on your cars. You can use this sturdy structure in your backyard or design it to be commercial space for a service center.
  • Art or Music Studio – What about a place away from the house that is dedicated to your art or music? You can transform a vertical style garage into a place to paint, do ceramics, or use it as a photography studio. You can add some coolers and use the area to make floral arrangements. Or move in your instruments and use it as a music studio.
26x48 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

Customize Your Perfect Metal Garage

When we say our vertical roof garages are completely customizable, we mean it! From the size, color, certifications, and more, you can design the exact garage you’ve been dreaming about. Here’s a look at our customization options:

  • Size – You pick the size you need your building to be, and we will make it happen. We design your building to go as wide as 70’ and as long and tall as you need it to be.
  • Roof Styles – These garages come with sturdy vertical paneling. You’re probably wondering what is the difference between boxed-eave and vertical roof? Boxed-eaves are made of horizontal panels, and vertical roofs have vertical panels. Vertical roofs are sturdier because of added bracing and reinforcements.

We also offer a regular roof style garage, which is the most economical option. This building also has a rounded roof that resembles the roof of a traditional barn.

  • Doors & Windows – What type of doors do you want for your metal garage, and where do you want them to be placed? Pick out a walk in-door or roll-up door and let us know where you want them to go on your metal building. And don’t forget to add some windows too for natural light.
  • Anchors – Choose your anchors to keep your garage grounded. We offer mobile home anchors, rebar anchors, concrete anchors, and gravel anchors to keep your garage secure during rough weather.
  • Gauges – 14-gauge is a standard for steel gauges, but you can choose a thicker 12-gauge if you want something sturdier. We also offer different roof panel options. You can choose between a 29-gauge paneling or a sturdier 26-gauge.
  • Certifications – Live in an area that requires a certification for your building? That’s not a problem. We offer certifications that provide you with the peace of mind that your steel building is engineered to withstand the designated wind and snow loads in your area.
  • Colors – With our metal building color planner tool, you can test out the different colors for your trim, side panels, and roof. You’ll be able to select the color and preview your choices before you make the final decision.
22x41x10 Vertical Roof Garage

How Much Does a Vertical Roof Garage Cost?

You’ve got a vertical garage in mind, but you’re probably wondering how much you’re going to end up paying, right? Well, it’s a little hard to throw out an estimate without knowing the exact details for your garage. A standard garage starts in the range of $3,255, but that price will change depending on the size, customizations, and the manufacturer that you will have to use. If you get to the final price and it’s too much for you to pay at the moment, don’t worry, we can help. We have two financing options – rent-to-own and financing programs that are available at Metal Barn Central to help you afford the building of your dreams.

Preparing for Your Vertical Garage Installation

Site Preparation

You’ve ordered your garage, and that’s the easy part! Now you have to get your site ready for installation. A quality outcome starts with a quality site for your building installation.

Here’s how you can make sure your site is ready to go:

  • Remove any vegetation and debris.
  • Make sure your site is level.
  • Mark any buried utility lines on or near your site.
  • Make sure crews will have enough room to work. This will help you clear at least 3’ on all sides around your site.

Building Permits

Before your building arrives, make sure you check with your county regarding any building permits that may be needed. This is an extremely important step. No matter what the size is of your structure, you will need to check about permits, codes, and regulations. If you don’t have the proper permits or if your building doesn’t meet the proper codes, then the county has the right to remove your structure, and you’ll be forced to start over from scratch.

30x41 Vertical Roof Garage

Why Vertical Roof Garages are the Best?

The advantages of going with a vertical roof garage are endless. Not only will your things be protected by the sturdy steel vertical panels and extra reinforcements, but the garages are also easy to build and maintain. Here are some of the other benefits to owning a vertical roof garage:

  • Easy to build – Vertical roof garages don’t take long to install because, so you don’t have to worry about the long labor times that come with a traditional wooden building.
  • Cost-effective – Not only is the design for vertical metal garages quicker to put together, but the design is also more cost-effective. That’s because these metal buildings are easily designed and engineered, making them less expensive than most wooden or aluminum buildings.
  • Versatile solutions – You can personalize your garage to store anything from a car to an RV or even use it as a personal gym, art studio, or auto shop. The possibilities are endless.
  • Easily matches the look of modern homes – Vertical style garages provide a clean and minimalist look that will easily match the look of a modern home or structure on your property.

Get the Best Metal Garage at Metal Barn Central

Why should you choose Metal Barn Central for your vertical roof garage? It’s simple, we really are the best at what we do. Our metal buildings are better and so are our prices. And because of our great relationships with manufacturers all over the country, we can get your metal building with a shorter lead time too. So, if you’re ready to start designing your metal garage, we are ready to help. Give one of our building specialists a call at (980) 321-9898.