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A-Frame Roof Metal Carports

Do you need a reliable way to keep your vehicles out of the snow, rain, and sun? Then you will want to check out our selection of A-frame metal carports.

Our stylish A-frame carports offer the protection you need for one, two, or three vehicles. These carports can also be built to fit your needs and cover taller vehicles like RVs and tractors. That’s not all! Our A-frame roof carports are built to handle more than just cars. They can be designed for other useful applications like a play area, picnic area, and more.

What is an A-Frame Carport?

Our A-frame metal carports, also known as boxed-eave carports, are one of the strongest designs available. Most people get this type of metal carport because the style matches the look of their house better. That’s because the roof doesn’t have the curved look as a regular roof carport has. But, like a regular roof carport, the A-frame roof paneling also runs horizontally. This is a sturdy, cost-effective option for your storage and coverage needs.

How Can You Use Your Boxed-Eave Carport?

Obviously, boxed-eave metal carports are perfect for covering your vehicles, but that’s not all they can do. There are many other ways to utilize these versatile structures. Here are some creative ways to make use of an A-frame metal carport:

  • Use as a patio or deck – Put picnic tables or chairs under you’re A-frame carport and use it as an area to gather with friends and family outside. With A-frame metal carports, you can enjoy a good time outside without the sun’s harmful UV rays, rain, or snow getting in your way.
  • Use as an outdoor workshop – Turn your boxed-eave steel carport into a shaded area to work on home renovations or do maintenance on your car. The area will be large enough to protect your toolboxes, workbenches, and more.
  • Provide a shaded playground area – Sometimes it is too hot and sunny to take the kids to the playground. Add playground equipment under your prefab A-frame carport and protect the playground from the hot sun. Plus, the area will give your kids a place to play on a rainy day.
  • Use as an outdoor meeting place – Is your office space cramped? Use an A-frame steel carport at your place of business for a place to hold meetings, an area for employees to eat lunch, or a spot to take a break.
  • Use as a pick-up area – From bus stops to cab stands, a metal carport can be used as a covered area for people that are waiting for a ride. Use A-frame roof carports at airports, schools, and parks to serve as a shelter for bus stops and pick-up and drop-off areas.

Design Your Perfect A-Frame Metal Carport

At Metal Barn Central, you can customize your A-frame steel carport any way you want. You can choose the dimensions, add paneling, choose your trim options, customize your colors, and much more!

  • Size How many vehicles do you need to protect? Our A-frame steel carports can be designed to fit up to three vehicles. You let us know the width, length, and height that you want, and we will design a carport to fit your needs.
  • Roof Styles – Our A-frame roof carports have paneling that runs horizontally. But we offer more than just A-frame carports:
  • Regular Roof - Our regular roof carports have a popular rounded look, and like the A-frame horizontal roof carports, the panels run horizontally.
  • Vertical Roof - This is our premium option for prefab carports. It comes with an A-frame, includes additional reinforcements, and has panels running vertically.
  • Anchors We use different types of anchors to secure our A-frame roof carports. We can customize your anchors depending on if you plan on installing your steel carport on grass, gravel, asphalt, or concrete. We will also take into consideration the type of winds you experience in your area to choose the right anchors to secure your boxed-eave steel carport.
  • Gables Give your A-frame roof carport some extra style by covering up the truss. You can add decorative gables to the front, back, or both ends of your metal carport for a stylish look.
  • 12- & 14- Gauge Steel Framing 14-gauge is a typical standard for steel carports, but you may want to consider a thicker 12-gauge for an even sturdier metal building.
  • 26- & 29- Gauge Roofing Panels We offer 26-gauge and 29-gauge panels for your roof. You can choose what type of panel you want to add to your steel building and choose any additional siding as well.
  • Certifications Do you need to have your A-frame roof carport certified? If so, no problem at all. We offer certified metal buildings for sale. If you need to have your metal carport certified, we will work with you to make sure your building meets all of the requirements.
  • Colors Pick out the perfect color combinations to match your home, business, or other structures on your property. At Metal Barn Central, you can use our color planner tool to instantly choose colors to see what your A-frame carport will look like. You can play with different color combinations until you get the perfect match.

Everything You Need to Know About Site Preparation for a Smooth Metal Carport Installation

We will ensure providing you with a top-quality metal building, but you will have to provide us with the clear and leveled area to install your A-frame carport on. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly when installing your A-frame metal carport, you will have to make sure your site is ready to go 

  • Groundwork preparation - This is a must! You will have to clear the spot from debris and make sure the area is level.
  • Choose a proper foundation - Are you putting your metal carport on concrete, asphalt, ground, or gravel? Make sure you choose the type of foundation that makes the most sense for what you will be using your prefab carport for.
  • Remove all barriers and barricades - If the metal building installation crew arrives on the day of installation and there are barriers or barricades blocking their way, then they may have to charge you to remove everything. You’re also playing with the chance that they may have to reschedule and come back when everything is moved out of the way, which could leave you with a return fee. So just to be safe, make sure all barriers and barricades are out of the way to ensure a smooth installation of your A-frame roof steel carport.

A-Frame Roof Carport Prices & Financing Options

Have you found your ideal metal carport, but it seems to be out of reach for you financially? We understand that the cost for an A-frame metal carport may be overwhelming, that’s why we offer rent-to-own and financing options. The typical carport starts around the $1,295 range, but that all depends on any customizations and the location where your steel carport is going.

We offer a rent-to-own program. With this program, there’s no credit check, quick approval, monthly payments, and no payoff penalty.

We also partner with several financial networks to offer flexible financing programs. We provide quick, easy, and transparent options to make sure you can afford the metal building of your dreams.

Do it Yourself: Prefab Kits for Installing A-Frame Roof Carports

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer who wants to tackle the metal building project on your own, we can help you out. We, at Metal Barn Central, provide the most affordable and high-quality metal carport kits in the industry. Everything you need to assemble your metal carport is included in these steel carport kits. All you need are a few tools and some help, and you will be able to install your own A-frame steel carport.

Choose Metal Barn Central for the Best A-Frame Carport at the Best Price

We are the best of the best when it comes to metal buildings. Not only are our metal buildings better, but so are our prices. We will work with you to design the perfect metal carport to fit all of your needs. And with our various financing programs, we can help you get the prefab carport of your dreams at a price you can afford. Give one of our experienced building specialists a call today at (980) 321-9898.