Secure Buildings Begin at the Foundations

To ensure the safety of your belongings, equipment, animals, and loved ones, it is important to consider the type of barn foundation that will be needed to effectively strengthen steel buildings in your climate.  Finances are also always a consideration, and many barn floor plans are inexpensive and easy to prepare for.  Thoughtfully choose the barn installation base that will best suit your needs while meeting the demands of your metal barn.

Soil Base

Soil foundations may be the most economical option, but they do have to be properly prepared.  It is advised that you remove all vegetation, including grass, from areas where metal barns are to be erected to keep the vegetation from weakening the ground where the anchors are to be installed.  Soil foundations can be covered by gravel for added traction and aesthetic appeal.

Asphalt Base

Asphalt is a mixture of small stones, sand, and gravel.  Asphalt provides a firmer foundation than soil with a nice finished appearance.  This foundation will likely be better than soil for heavy traffic from vehicles.

Concrete Base

Concrete gives all of the same advantages of asphalt, but it is even stronger.  A concrete foundation is the best choice if you are planning to store heavy equipment in your metal building.

Wooden Base

Should you need a metal storage shed installed on a fixed deck or dock, let our customer representatives know so that our installers can bring the tools necessary to properly install your steel storage building.

No matter which foundation you choose, it is important to level the ground to minimize the possibility of uneven weight distribution and undesired gaps when the steel building is installed, which could result in decreased wind resistance, instability, and increased critter invasions.   Contact us today to learn more!