Need a Big Warehouse? Choose a Metal Warehouse Building Solution

Why a Commercial Metal Building Solution Makes a Great Industrial Warehouse

Choosing the right design and building provider for an industrial warehouse isn’t always an easy prospect, but make making the right decision can make all the difference between having a smooth-running operation versus an ultimately chaotic situation. Even the seemingly smallest details can end up having a big impact on how your warehouse enterprise operates in the real world. If you’ll take the time to think through all of these details now, you’ll be in a better place to experience sustainable success with your warehouse project. It’s important to prioritize things like building performance, reliability, durability, and sustainability when choosing the right facility to meet your needs. And to that end, it’s hard to beat the many benefits offered by a commercial metal building from a trusted provider like Metal Barn Central!


Going with a Metal Warehouse is a Smart Choice

Commercial metal buildings have moved front-and-center as a popular building solution for all sorts of retail, wholesale, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications across the country. That really shouldn’t come as a surprise, since commercial steel structures present so many notable advantages. Modern prefab warehouses aren’t limited to the crude, boxy designs you may have associated with metal buildings in the past. Metal warehouses and metal warehouse kits can now be custom designed in any number of appealing styles and functionalities. And when it comes to steel tube framing, there really aren’t any size limits with a clear-span steel structure. You can choose whatever building dimensions you want or need! In addition, the assembly and installation process for prefab metal buildings is much faster and more cost-effective than what you can expect from other construction approaches. If getting your building up as fast as possible is important to you, then the best way to fast-track your project is by choosing a steel prefab warehouse construction.


Planning Tips for Getting the Industrial Warehouse You Need


1. What do you need in an industrial warehouse?

Getting a good idea of what type and size of metal building you need beforehand will make your project planning process go much more smoothly. Exactly how do you intend to use your warehouse? What equipment, items, or people will be included inside your facility? Will this primarily be used for manufacturing, production, storage, shipping & receiving, or all of the above? Does your building need to be fully enclosed? Will you also need to include any finished space? What about adding some open-air shelter for vehicle parking, or other uses? Once you arrive at some answers to important preliminary questions like these, then you’ll be ready to get started!


2. Settle on building specifics

You can opt for a garage design, a barn design, or go with another custom look for your commercial building. And make sure to factor in enough building space to take care of your needs, too. 40’ x 60’, 50’ x 80’, and 60’ x 100’ are common building sizes that Metal Barn Central provides, but we can really provide whatever commercial building size you may need. A common mistake that many metal building buyers make is not getting a building that’s big enough to grow with. It’s really more cost-effective to go ahead and opt for a bigger building now, rather than having to come back and pay for a second building expansion down the road. We give you plenty of options when it comes to paneling colors, doors, and windows too. Interested in designing your own commercial metal building plan from scratch? We make it easy with our 3D Building Estimator!


3. Obtain any necessary building permits

Most any commercial-sized building will need to be constructed in compliance with local building codes and regulations. This may require engineering plans to be submitted to your building authority for approval; this is something we can provide if needed. Your building should also be certified for minimum wind and snow load ratings; we can certify buildings to meet any local codes.


4. Prepare and level your site.

If your building site isn’t already level, it will need to be leveled before any scheduled installation can occur. If the site isn’t level when our installation team comes out, they may have to reschedule for a later date, requiring you to pay an additional return trip fee. You should also clear away any overhanging vegetation or debris from your site, so the installation crew will have clear access for getting your building put up promptly.


5. Now, let the building installation commence!

Seeing your commercial metal building get installed is the fun part! All you have to do is get out of the way, and let the installation team do their thing! And commercial metal building installation takes MUCH less time than having a stick build or other type of construction completed. How long, exactly? That will depend somewhat upon the size of your building, and upon whether any specialized installation equipment is needed. For example, a larger building will require a lift in order to place the trusses. But with prefabricated steel building components, installers can usually erect a smaller commercial building in just a day or two, and larger buildings can be completed in a manner of days. At that point, you’ll be ready to have your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors come in to do any finishing work!


6. Time for final building inspection

Every aspect of your commercial metal building project, including the foundation, the building, and any wiring or plumbing work must pass inspection upon completion. Your local inspector will make sure everything meets local building codes, and will identify any issues that may need correcting. But the key to a smooth commercial metal building project is to make sure you choose the right metal building partner in the first place. Metal Barn Central maintains its own staff of certified engineering professionals, and we’ve got the best team of building specialists in the business!


Commercial Metal Building Pricing

Curious about the cost of a metal warehouse? You may be aware that steel material prices have risen over the past couple of years – COVID-19, rising fuel costs, and inflation are all influencing drivers. For that matter, construction costs have risen in general for all categories. Still, steel tubing structures are some of the most cost-effective building solutions around, and can be much cheaper to build per square foot. Your specific commercial metal building price will depend upon key deciding factors like the building dimensions you choose and the particular customizations you want to include. But Metal Barn Central prices are incredibly competitive, and we’ve got the best financing solutions in the entire metal buildings industry!


Partner with Metal Barn Central for the Best Metal Warehouse Solutions

If you need a reliable warehouse building, you really can’t beat a steel tubing structure from Metal Barn Central. Our friendly, knowledgeable building specialists are here to help you get whatever you need! We’re happy to walk you through everything from design, to ordering, to fabrication, to building installation. Interested in getting a custom metal building kit that you can pick up and install yourself? We make those available at a discount, as well. And yes, we really do have the BEST financing plans around!


You can click the link above to connect with us online, but for a faster response just give us a call at (980) 365-8481. Let’s get started on the metal warehouse of your dreams today!