How a 3-Car Garage Can Add Value to Your Property,  And to Your Way of Life!

3-Car Metal Garages

For many American families, a standard two-car garage may meet your vehicle parking needs. But if you now have a third driver in your family, have a teenager who will be driving soon, or have recently added a third vehicle to your personal fleet, then deciding to install a three-car garage is really a wise decision. In addition, choosing to invest in a larger garage now can help to raise the listing price of your home, should you decide to sell anytime in the foreseeable future.

Having a third open garage bay is also a useful feature if you just need some extra storage space. Many three-car garage owners use their buildings for a combination of purposes. For example, you can use the first two bays for parking personal vehicles and can use the third bay for keeping lawn and garden equipment, creating a personal workshop space, or for storing all of your seasonal yard decorations.


What is a Three-Car Garage, Exactly?

Three-car garages go by many names, including triple garages and triple-wide garages. Essentially, a three-car garage is an enclosed metal building that’s designed to be able to accommodate three passenger vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.). Another thing that’s great about going with a triple garage is its versatility. Thanks to its larger dimensions, a 3-car garage makes for a fantastic multipurpose usage facility for all sorts of applications.  What can you do with a triple wide garage from Metal Barn Central? Pretty much anything you want!

30x41x10 Side Entry Garage


How a 3 Car Garage Can Add Value to Your Property, And to Your Life

After your home investment itself, the vehicle or vehicles you own will probably be the second largest investment you ever make. And let’s face it – vehicles aren’t cheap these days. If you’re willing to sink that much money into a new ride or rides, shouldn’t you also want to provide your vehicles with the best protection possible whenever you’re not out driving them? That’s one specific way that a 3-car metal garage can add value for you. And here are a few more in particular:

• Add value to your property

If you’re looking to build up more equity in your home property, installing a 3-car metal garage is a great way to help you get there. In addition to the practical functionality of owning a larger metal garage, a structure of this size and caliber will certainly add to the value of your home whenever you’re ready to list it for sale.

• Parking garage for 3 vehicles, or more

A triple garage may be sufficient, but you can also design a building large enough to house four vehicles, or even more! Custom metal structures from Metal Barn Central are perfect for keeping ALL of your vehicles safe and protected.

• RV garage

Perhaps you own a high-profile vehicle you need to be able to keep under protective cover. Well, the good news about our triple garages is that the building height is completely customizable. That means we’re able to provide a garage that’s perfect for housing any RV, motorhome, camper, boat/trailer combo, tractor, or other large vehicle or piece of farm equipment!

• Extra storage

If you’re like many Americans, you probably have more stuff than room to store it. We get it, and we’ve got you covered! A triple garage offers plenty of square footage for storing everything from lawn equipment, to recreational items, to seasonal decorations, to tools, to yard sale items, and much more!

• Personal project workshop

Having a place to store stuff is certainly important, but maybe you’d also benefit from having some dedicated space for getting stuff done! A triple garage makes a great facility for taking care of your own auto maintenance, completing a carpentry project, working on a personal hobby, and more.

• Man cave, she shed, or detached apartment potential

Maybe you don’t even need a garage for parking vehicles at all. Perhaps what you’re really looking for is some personal space you can customize to be able to enjoy with your circle of friends. A triple metal garage works well for that. Or maybe you’d like to create a separate finished apartment or vacation cabin; our steel structures can be used to meet that need, as well!

• Get creative with it

Would you like to create your own personal gym, art studio, photography studio, or home office space? You can turn one of our metal buildings into whatever you need it to be!

24x46x10 Side Entry Garage


Triple Wide Garage Size & Dimensions

Standard 3-car garages usually come somewhere between 26′ and 30’ in width, but you can always choose to go wider, as your needs and preferences dictate. A 26’-wide unit will cover three compact cars, but it won’t leave much extra space. We recommend going with a width of 30’ (or greater) to give you more wiggle room, and to allow for any additional storage needs.

Metal Barn Central empowers you to decide the exact dimensions of your building, including width, length, and height. For example, if you decide to go a little longer with your building, you’ll be able to add some extra feet of space for shelving and supply storage. Each of our precision-fabricated steel structures is custom-built according to your specifications.


Advantages of Choosing a Prefab Steel Structure

Steel structures are superior to stick-builds or structures made with other construction materials for many reasons:

• Low-maintenance

Metal is easier to clean and requires less maintenance than stick-builds or other structures. And since the colors are infused into the metal paneling, you won’t have the same paint peeling or fading issues, either.

• Durable

Steel buildings don’t rot like wood and can withstand extreme weather better, including high winds, heavy rains, accumulating snow, lightning, and even earthquakes!

• Pest and fire resistance

Steel isn’t susceptible to termites or other pests, and doesn’t harbor mold or mildew. Steel is also naturally incombustible, so it’s more fire-resistant too.

• Customizable

The versatility of steel allows for more complex architectural designs and 100% usable, clear-span interior space. It’s also easier to expand or adapt a metal building as your needs change over time.

• Less expensive to insure

Thanks to the superior strength, durability, and fire resistance of steel, your insurance premiums will likely be lower with a steel building. That amounts to another cost-benefit you get by choosing to partner with Metal Barn Central!

• Metal garage kits

Would you like to be able to install your own custom metal building kit for a discount? We make that option available, too. Each custom metal building kit we furnish comes with all needed building materials for installation.


Let’s Get Started!

Our friendly, knowledgeable building specialists are here to get you what you need in a triple wide metal garage! We’re happy to walk you through the entire process, from design, to ordering, to production, to building installation. Check us out online at Metal Barn Central, or better yet, just give us a call at (980) 365-8481 today, and let’s get started on getting you the three-car garage of your dreams!