What Steel Horse Barn Sizes Are the Best Match for Your Needs?

For horse enthusiasts, farmers, and animal lovers, metal horse barns are a resoundingly affordable way of keeping your four-legged friends safe and sheltered. These prefab horse barns are incredibly strong, long-lasting, and adaptable to any need or application.

If you’ve been looking for a steel horse barn for your farm or agricultural project, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ll dive deeper into different steel horse barn sizes to help you figure out what works best for you.


Important Things to Consider When Buying a Steel Horse Barn

Purchasing any metal building is a significant investment. And like any investment, you don’t want your goals to come up short. So, by taking the time to perform the necessary research, you can design and customize a structure that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Some crucial things to keep in mind are:

1. What is required to prepare your installation site for a metal horse barn?

To get the most out of your structure, you’ll want to:

  • Ensure that your building site rests above any natural water runoff to prevent flooding
  • Prepare your installation site by grading and clearing away any vegetation or debris.
  • Choose your metal building foundation. If you decide to lay a concrete slab, it will need to be fully cured prior to your building’s installation.

2. Is your horse barn accessible?

Another essential fact is accessibility. You’ll be traveling to and from your new building quite often. And installation crews will need to be able to access the building site. Therefore, you’ll want to take the time to ensure you have easy access before installation.


3. Types of anchors you’ll use.

The anchor type your installation team will use will depend entirely on your chosen foundation. For dirt and gravel foundations, screw-like mobile home anchors are used. Asphalt anchors resemble spiked rods that lodge into place. And concrete pads will require specialized bolts that are drilled into your pad.


4. What will your horse barn’s floor be made from?

Much like humans, animals get tired from standing around all day. So, why not give them a little comfort and luxury? Horses enjoy dirt and gravel stalls far more than hardened concrete slabs.


5. Research different styles of barns

There are several styles of metal barns used on farms, including:

  • Metal Storage Sheds

These sheds are fantastic for storing tools and equipment, protecting them from sun and rain exposure.

  • Metal Carports

Metal carports are a fantastic choice for protecting livestock or large equipment from bright sunlight, rain, and extreme temperatures.

  • Metal Barns

Metal barns are a cost-effective option if you need to store hay or feed. These buildings are naturally resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and pests, making them especially useful for keeping food supplies and harvested crops fresh.

  • Metal Buildings with Lean-tos

Standard metal buildings can be augmented with lean-tos on the side, which are often used by farmers for storing away hay and tractors for quick access.

42x36 Metal Barn


Popular Metal Building Sizes for Your Horse’s Needs

There are many different building sizes out there. So many, in fact that it can be challenging to choose one in particular. But we’re here to help make sense of it all! Below, we’ve put together some popular metal building size options that might work for you and your needs.

1. 20×40

With 800 square feet of room, a 20×40 metal building is a perfect size for stabling a couple of horses. Building sizes like these are also great for loafing sheds and supply buildings!


2. 36×25

A 36×25 building is wider than long, making it an excellent choice for side-by-side horse stalls and tack facilities.


3. 30×40

Coming in at 1,200 square feet, this building provides you with enough space for caring for several animals. It’s also large enough to accommodate several big tractors or pieces of equipment.


4. 40×26

A 40×26 metal building is a good choice for housing travel trailers, RVs, and other oversized vehicles.


5. 36×50

With 1,800 square feet of interior space, this building size makes excellent hay storage, keeping your supplies fresh and safe to use, no matter the weather or climate.


Purchasing a Steel Horse Barn? What to Know Before Buying

As we’ve mentioned, purchasing a metal building is a significant investment. And it pays to perform your due diligence to find the proper structure for your needs. To help you cover all your bases, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your structure.

1. Understand Your Land

You’ll want to comprehensively grasp how much room you need and how much space you have available. Take the time to measure your lot and choose the right location for your foundation.


2. Get the Necessary Building Permits

Most localities will require permanent structures to be permitted. As such, you’ll want to check with your local building authority to secure the necessary permits for your upcoming structure. Failure to do so can result in major fines and penalties.


3. Choose the Right Foundation

There are several foundation options available to you. But you’ll need to choose the right one for your application. For example, are you storing large equipment? You’ll want concrete or asphalt! Housing animals? They’ll prefer softer ground!


4. Determine Your Budget

All major building projects require a well-balanced budget. Tally up what you can afford, and make sure to account for any additional expenses you may incur.


5. Customize It!

There are few building types as customizable as a metal structure. So take advantage of it! Change, adapt, and update your building to make it work for you!


Metal Barn Central is Your Home Base for Horse Barns

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