How Florida International Trade Market Can Take Advantage of Our Clear Span Structures

Introduction to Florida Market

Larger than all but 16 countries on the globe, the Sunshine State’s massive, $1 trillion annual economy is a complex market. From the Disney resorts to the Miami real estate market to the orange groves, Florida’s industries are as diverse as its residents. Global markets use Florida as a conduit to the US and to Latin American countries. The opportunities are endless! How is it that any one product can claim to be useful to every sector?

Florida metal buildings from Metal Barn Central are durable, beautiful, and versatile! Whether you need affordable housing, flexible office space, or crop storage, a steel structure can be customized to suit your needs. A metal building can be constructed in half the time of a wooden structure and at half the cost! Engineered by Metal Barn Central’s building specialists to withstand high winds and floods, FL metal buildings are ready to face the future of climate change.


Facts About Florida

Florida’s incredible economy is bolstered by a diversified portfolio of industries; from tech to tomatoes, the Sunshine State produces a wealth of products! Check out some of the incredible economic facts here:

  • Aircraft including engines, parts: US$4.9 billion (10.7% of FL total exports)
  • Cell phones: $2.3 billion (4.9%)
  • Integrated circuits (processors/controllers): $1.1 billion (2.4%)
  • Small portable digital computers: $938 million (2%)
  • Modems, similar reception/transmission devices: $882 million (1.9%)
  • Mineral or chemical fertilizers: $628 million (1.4%)
  • Gold (unwrought): $617 million (1.3%)
  • Gas turbine parts: $552 million (1.2%)
  • Medical/surgical/dental/veterinarian instruments: $519 million (1.1%)
  • Ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate: $517 million (1.1%)

Technology exports increased from 2019 to 2020 by an incredible 19.3%! If you’re considering launching a new enterprise, Florida offers opportunities for every kind of entrepreneur.


Metal Buildings from Metal Barn Central Benefit YOU

Your business investment needs secure storage, safe office space, and durable workshop space. You need a strong steel structure from Metal Barn Central! Our custom buildings are engineered to support every kind of industrial, commercial, and residential need.


1. Industrial Buildings

Your industrial metal building must be safe and tough – so purchase your new FL building from Metal Barn Central! Our fire-resistant steel frames and non-corrosive metal siding are the perfect solutions to your industrial needs. You can order a prefabricated metal building or design one with dimensions that accommodate your equipment. Your employees will be grateful for the sturdy and airy design of our gorgeous, clear span buildings!

2. Clear Span Buildings

Flexible space will serve you and your business well! The best feature of our clear span Florida metal buildings is the incredible versatility offered by a structure that doesn’t require interior columns or walls. You can create a gym, an arena, a studio, or the free-flow workspace of your dreams in one of the clear span buildings from Metal Barn Central!

3. Large Metal Buildings: Pre-engineered & Custom-built

Have your building designed by state-of-the-art software and building specialists! At Metal Barn Central, a pre-engineered metal building is both beautiful and expert certified. We have plans for workshops, with and without porches, double bay garages, and commercial buildings. Call one of our experts to discuss your unique requirements and see if there’s a perfect plan already waiting for you!


We offer an endless variety of options, so you can create your building just the way you want it. Our experts are happy to coordinate these custom options with you and calculate their weights into the building schematic. You dream it, and the team at Metal Barn Central will make it happen!


4. Metal Warehouses

Tough, non-combustible, fire-resistant steel is your best material choice for a metal warehouse. Not only is metal the safe option, FL metal buildings are energy efficient and environmentally friendly! While timber and masonry construction consistently raise prices and produce waste, steel is the most recycled material in the industry. Talk to a building specialist at Metal Barn Central today about the best warehouse for you and your business!

5. Storage Buildings

Everyone needs storage. The self-storage industry was valued at $48 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow by $64 billion by 2026. But why should you pay someone else for their storage unit when you can easily and affordably build your own?


FL metal buildings from Metal Barn Central are durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather. You deserve the best, and so does your storage.



FL Custom Buildings: I Want It That Way

Get your metal building the way you want it! At Metal Barn Central, we are committed to total customer satisfaction! While we are certain you will find a building you love in our inventory, we also offer an incredible selection of custom options. We won’t be happy until you are happy, so call one of our friendly experts today and allow us to create a building exactly the way you want it!

Get the dimensions you need at a price you’ll love with the team at Metal Barn Central. No matter how tall or long, our steel frames can handle it! Do you have a picky HOA? Don’t worry! Our palette of colors is sure to please every style and aesthetic. We even offer two-tone wainscoting options! Your steel building doesn’t have to appear as a gray metal box. We offer gorgeous veneers and exterior panels that will suit your design. Do you want extra access points? We offer doors, windows, and frame-outs to fit every need. Are you looking for that polished elegance? Metal Barn Central offers J-trim and gables to elevate the appearance of your new custom building!

Metal Barn Central & Your Perfect FL Building

No one is more committed to their Florida customers than Metal Barn Central; from the first floorplan to the final panel, you will see the difference! Our experts are standing by to answer your questions, discuss your personalized needs, and assist you with achieving your goal of a custom metal building. We want to build more than a building; we want to build a relationship! We prove our commitment with extended warranties, free delivery, and simple financing. It’s easy to see why our customers are the happiest in the business! Call today at (980) 365-8481!