Need a Farm Building or Agriculture Building in Texas? Here’s a Helpful Guide

In Texas, Agriculture Is a BIG Deal

Farming is a central aspect of many U.S. states, but none more so than Texas. The Lone Star State has somewhere around 248,000 farms, encompassing over 130 million acres of farmland. That’s more than any other state in the nation. Drive down pretty much any Texas highway, and you’re bound to run into a farm, ranch, or some type of agricultural enterprise.

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that certainly applies to farming and agriculture. You probably know that Texas is tops in oil production, but Texans are also leaders in beef cattle, calves, horses, sheep, and goats. Beyond this, other key Texas farm commodities include dairy, cotton, poultry, eggs, corn, wheat, rice, peanuts, sorghum, hay, and timber. So yeah, when it comes to agricultural endeavors, the Lone Star State makes it happen all day, every day.


Planning for an Agriculture Metal Building in Texas? Consider These Popular Sizes

Steel farm buildings are better for plenty of reasons. You don’t have the same moisture concerns that come with owning a wood building, and steel offers more reliable protection from weather extremes, pests, lightning, even earthquakes. Here are some popular metal farm building sizes for Texas:


• 30×21

30’x21’ buildings make great hay barns, loafing sheds, livestock shelters, and more. These buildings are easy to design, quick to install, and offer a much more dependable level of performance than any comparable stick build. If it’s a small metal farm building you’re after, the 30’x21’ design could suit your needs well.



• 20×60

One great thing about a 20’x60’ agriculture building is its adaptability. Need some open-air covered space? No problem. Need to build in some enclosed storage space? You can do that, too. Want to add some lean-to space with partially-enclose walls? That can be accommodated as well. If you can dream of it, it can probably be done with a 20’x60’ metal farm building.

30x51 Hemp Production Facility


• 42×30

42’x30’ is a great size for a sectional metal barn. By choosing a sturdy vertical roof and enclosed sides, you’ll be able to take advantage of reliable protection for your horses, livestock, vehicles, or whatever else you’d like to keep under cover. Plus, you can choose from roll-up doors, walk-in doors, or a combination of both for easy access.



• 24×30

Of course, metal buildings offer more than just traditional agricultural applications. Got a couple of personal vehicles you’d like to park and protect? A 24’x30’ metal building makes for a great double garage for cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. Got some other protected storage applications in mind? That’s not a problem for this enclosed steel structure.



• 36×70

What can you do with a 36’x70’ agriculture building? Essentially anything you want! Use it as a breeding facility, livestock shelter, chicken house, poultry processing center, dairy production facility, and more. Also perfect for accommodating larger farm vehicles and machinery, including tractors, combines, attachments, trailers, etc. If it’s something that will help your agricultural efforts, it can probably be housed within this building.

36x70 Prefab Workshop with Lean-to


• 44×51

A 44’x51’ metal building can be designed and engineered to be a great raised center or step down metal barn. The taller center section can house high-profile vehicles like tractors or combines, while the shorter side sections can be used to store hay, feed, tack, sectioned into horse or livestock stalls, and more. You can enclose the entire building, or you can opt to leave one or both sides open for other covered space uses.



Metal Barn Central is Here to Help You Get the Texas Agriculture Building You Need

In order to take full advantage of their farms, ranches, homes, and businesses, Texans know that investing in a sturdy steel building is a smart investment. Here are a few ways we’ve seen Texas customers and clients make use of a custom metal building from Metal Barn Central:


  • Protected shelters for farm equipment including combines, tractors, attachments, and all sorts of farm vehicles
  • Warehouse space or workshop space
  • Dry storage for feed, seed, crops, and various supplies
  • Horse barns, hay barns, and covered riding arenas
  • Livestock housing, breeding, production, and storage
  • Commercial facilities for gas and oil field operations
  • Office space
  • Temporary and permanent staff quarters
  • RV covers
  • Carports, garages, and ATV shelters
  • Barndominiums and metal building homes
  • And more!


Need a TX Metal Building? Connect with Metal Barn Central!

All of our metal buildings are manufactured in local American facilities, and we’re proud to be able to provide steel industry jobs for Americans. Here are a few reasons you should choose Metal Barn Central for your specific agriculture metal building, commercial metal building, and residential metal building needs:


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Metal Barn Central is about much more than just selling metal buildings. We’re here to help Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life. Connect with us online, or just call (980) 365-8481 and speak with one of our friendly building specialists. Experience the Metal Barn Central difference for yourself!