Business is Bigger in Texas:  Amazing Small Business Ideas Using our Most Popular Metal Building Sizes

Texas: The Business is Better Here

The Lonestar State is known for having one of the best environments for small businesses in the US. In fact, it was voted as one of the best cities to find a good job in 2013 and number two in 2021 by Forbes Magazine. Between Texas’ progressive business regulations, low taxes, and low cost of living, few places in America are as friendly for businesses, large and small.

And how about those relaxed Texas taxes? You’ll spend more time saying that tongue twister than you will be filing your personal income tax because there isn’t any! The state constitution actually forbids personal income taxes. Additionally, businesses with less than 1.3 million dollars are not subject to franchise taxes. Regulatory advantages like these make Texas a magnet for businesses.


What Type of Business Should I Open in Texas?

Did you know that over 80% of all new commercial construction projects are made from steel? These buildings are incredibly versatile and can be adapted to almost any application. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in starting a retail establishment or you want to open that new eatery; metal buildings are the most cost-efficient way to go!

If you’re a resident of Texas and you’ve thought about opening a business, there are countless options available to you. Several industries in Texas show profound growth opportunities in the coming years. So let’s take a look at a few of them:


1. Fitness Center

There will always be a need for physical fitness centers. With America facing a widespread obesity problem, that need has never been greater. Whether you’re operating a full-sized gym or you’re going into business as a physical trainer, fitness is lucrative.


2. Hardware Store

Operating a hardware store can be quite profitable, with low overhead and very few educational requirements outside of construction background. Additionally, opening an online store can greatly expand your profits.


3. Cleaning and Maintenance

The need for keeping homes, restaurants, and businesses clean and in working order won’t ever go away. Whether you operate a home cleaning business or handle waste removal, maintenance companies are highly profitable.


4. Day Care

Another industry that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you love caring for children, owning and operating a daycare business just might be for you.


5. Pet Store

Pets are big business! It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in running a pet store or you have experience with canine training; Pet care industries are only set to grow in the future!


6. Real Estate Business

Following the pandemic, the real estate market in the US has exploded.  In fact, there has never been a better time to jump into the game for those wanting to sell real estate.


7. Legal Consultancy Service

Many businesses use third-party legal consultants to help them navigate the ins and outs of state and federal business regulations. If you have a legal background, this business might be just right for you!


8. Coffee Shop

Caffeine makes the world go around! If brewing coffee is your passion, opening a coffee shop is a nice, relaxed way to make a living.


9. Auto Repair Shop

Vehicles are always going to break down! And if you’re mechanically inclined, opening an auto repair shop can be highly profitable.


10. Car Wash

Owning and operating a carwash is a fantastic way to make a nearly passive income. With relatively low overhead costs, car washes can be a massive hit!


Popular Sizes for Our Metal Buildings in Texas

When purchasing a commercial or residential metal building, it’s essential to know exactly the dimensions you’ll need. To give you a better idea of the different building sizes we offer, we’ve put together a list of some of our most popular metal building sizes:


1. 24×26

A 24×26 building offers enough space to comfortably store a few vehicles. This size option would work best for a single-bay auto repair shop or a small eatery.


2. 30×21

This building is wider but offers a relatively similar-sized blueprint compared to the 24×26 option. There is no end to possibilities with a structure of this size!


3. 30×40

Offering nearly double the open square footage, a 30×40 building offers plenty of space for a small restaurant or business office.


4. 40×60

At 2,400 square feet, this building provides plenty of room for almost any commercial activity. From sporting goods to greenhouses, your only limits are your budget and your imagination.

24x46x10 Side Entry Garage


Add a Splash of Color to Your Building!

Did we mention that our buildings are highly customizable? You can add colors to almost any aspect of your building to give it the charm and character it deserves. You can transform and design nearly everything about your structure, from panel and roofing colors to trim and wainscoting. Gone are the days of dreary old utility buildings!

And not only are our prefab metal buildings completely customizable, but we also offer metal building kits! These kits come with everything you’d find in our standard prefab buildings, except you can install them yourself! Perfect for those that don’t have the time to worry about orchestrating a complicated install!


Starting a Business in Texas? Metal Barn Central Can Help!

No matter where in the Lonestar State you call home, we are proud to offer a wide variety of metal buildings for any purpose. It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple backyard barn or you’ve got your eyes set on a new commercial enterprise, we have the skills, experience, and steel to get it done!

So, what are you waiting for? Give our talented team of building experts a call today at (980) 365-8481, and let us help you design, customize, and install the building of your dreams!