Need a Good Boat Storage Solution? Metal Barn Central Can Provide It for You!

Owning a Boat is a Wonderful Thing

If you’re a boat owner, then you already know that the best place to have your boat is out on the open water. To be fair, the whole reason you bought a boat in the first place was so you could get out and use it! But the fact is that you can’t be out on your boat 24/7, so the problem you face is figuring out where to store your boat in the meantime. Having a reliable boat storage solution is important for protecting your boat and keeping it in tip-top condition until it’s time to hit the water again.


Boats are made for gliding effortlessly on the water, but they’re not engineered for standing full of rainwater in your backyard for extended periods of time. Sure, you could try to stretch on a fabric cover, but that honestly doesn’t offer as much protection as you might think. Your BEST solution is to go with a metal boat carport from Metal Barn Central! We can provide specialty metal covers to house pretty much any type of personal or recreational vehicle, including boats! Keep reading to learn more!


Metal Barn Central Delivers & Installs the Best Boat Carports and Boat Garages!

So, what happens to your boat if you don’t have a reliable metal cover under which to keep it parked whenever you’re not using it? Harmful UV rays, weather extremes, and pests can all take their toll over time. Worse still, your boat will be left vulnerable to heavy precipitation, hail, and falling debris; fabric covers provide no real protection from these types of threats! It’s really a better move to find better protection for your boat so that it will remain in great condition and be ready to go whenever you are! A steel boat carport will also help your boat investment to retain its value better, too.


And a metal boat cover from Metal Barn Central provides more than just reliable protection; it’s also completely customizable. Which type of steel structure style do you want to go with? That’s up to you. You choose the size and dimensions of your building, and you also get to decide the roof style, siding options, trim, colors, and much more. Need to have your boat carport or boat garage certified to meet local wind and snow load requirements? We can certify to meet any local standards in 46 U.S. states! In addition, we can install on almost any site foundation too, ranging from concrete to asphalt, to gravel, to plain level ground. No matter what you may need in a custom metal structure, Metal Barn Central can make it happen for you!

30x36 Vertical Roof Metal Boat Carport


What’s Better About Steel Construction?

A stick-built boat shed really isn’t rugged enough or reliable enough to deliver the best protection for your watercraft. So, what’s better about steel? Plenty!

• Reliable Protection from Weather & Storms

The main point of having a boat shelter is to prevent your boat from exposure to weather extremes. And nothing protects your boat better than a steel boat carport or boat garage!

• Keeps Your Boat Safe from More Than Just Weather

A steel boat cover is effective at shielding your boat from sun, rain, and wind, but that’s not all. It’s also naturally fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and doesn’t harbor mold or mildew.

• Built to Last

Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any commercially-available construction material, and it’s also more durable than wood. Why choose an inferior building material when there’s a better solution?

• Flexibility in Both Design & Application

Your steel cover can really be more than just a boat carport. The design flexibility and customizability of a steel structure open up a ton of multipurpose usage possibilities.

• Easy Maintenance

The last thing you want or need is a high-maintenance boat cover. Steel structures are simple to keep clean, don’t require frequent refinishing, and deliver decades of maintenance-free service.

12x31 Regular Boat Carport


Popular Metal Boat Cover Sizes

Like other steel tubing structures, a metal boat cover can be custom designed, fabricated, and installed in a wide range of shapes and sizes. What are the perfect dimensions for your boat shelter? Here are some popular boat carport and boat garage sizes:

• 12×26 Metal Boat Carport

A metal carport doesn’t have to be huge in order to provide reliable protection. If you’ve got a small boat/trailer combo, this compact steel carport can do the trick beautifully. And it offers a level of performance you won’t get from a wooden or aluminum structure. Want to add an extra layer of protection? Simply add metal paneling to the sides, and create your own 12’ x 26’ enclosed metal garage!

• 24×26 Metal Boat Cover

It’s just like a 12’ x 26’ metal boat cover, except it’s twice as wide. You could keep your boat/trailer combo on one side and then park your truck or other personal vehicles right beside it. Alternatively, you could also use the second bay to store fishing gear, recreational equipment, lawn & garden equipment, outdoor decorations, or any number of items.

• 18×41 Metal Boat Cover / RV Cover

Maybe you need a shelter that’s sized to accommodate a larger boat or RV. An 18’ x 41’ metal building could be a perfect solution! Plus, you can go as tall as necessary to provide enough clearance for a high-profile vehicle like a boat on a trailer, RV, motorhome, camper, bus, or whatever you’ve got. And with 41’ of building length, you may have room for extra storage, too.

• 24×41 Metal Boat Garage / RV Garage

It’s like the 18×41 cover described above but wide enough to create two parking bays. In addition to sheltering your boat or RV, you can also use it to cover a passenger vehicle, motorcycles, ATVs, or whatever else you want to protect from the elements.

• 30×36 Metal Boat Cover / Utility Building

How about a triple-wide boat cover? This steel structure can be built with three bays to accommodate a boat, a car or truck, and a third section to use however you like. It’s really a carport, a boat port, AND storage shed. Beyond that, you can also use this 30’ x 36’ metal building as a shelter for hosting a cookout, family gathering, or some other outdoor event. The only real limit to the application possibilities is your imagination!


Looking for the Best Boat Shelter? Metal Barn Central Can Provide It!

If you need a reliable boat carport or boat garage, you really can’t beat a steel tubing structure from Metal Barn Central. Our friendly, knowledgeable building specialists are here to help you get whatever you need! We’re happy to walk you through everything from design to ordering, to production, to building installation. Interested in getting a custom metal building kit that you can pick up and install yourself? We provide those at a discount, too! Oh, and did we mention? We’ve got THE BEST financing solutions in the business!


You can connect with us online, or for a faster response, simply give us a call at (980) 365-8481. Let’s get started on the boat shelter of your dreams today!