Everything You Need to Consider Before Buying a New Metal Barn

When you live and work in the country, you know how harsh the elements can be. Whether it’s rough storms or sweltering sunlight, the weather can wreak havoc on your livestock, equipment, and barns. Traditional wooden structures just won’t cut it. You need a strong steel barn that will stand up to Mother Nature and all of her challenges. Steel is robust, so it will exceed all of your needs. Keep reading to find out how a metal barn from Metal Barn Central is the durable protection you’ve been searching for.

Know the Purpose

barn purpose

Before you order your new metal barn or one of our steel barn kits, it’s important to think about what exactly you’ll be using your new building for. Metal horse stables are different from barns that store animal feed or equipment. By knowing what you plan to use your new metal farm building for ahead of time will help determine what style of barn will work best for your needs. This will also make it easier when you talk to one of our building specialists who will help you create and completely customize the perfect steel barn or barn kit to include everything to make your life easier.

Planning for the Future

At Metal Barn Central, we understand that life doesn’t always turn out exactly the way we planned. Maybe you intended to be a dairy farmer, but now you find yourself growing corn, so you find yourself with different equipment and storage needs. And what if your operations outgrow your current steel farm buildings? Don’t worry, we know that your needs can change, and we can design a building to change with you. Steel is the modern solution to all your problems. Our metal barns are versatile and can be easily modified for any future growth or changes you need to make.

Choose Durability

One of the biggest benefits of choosing metal barns or metal barn building kits is the structure’s durability. Steel is an investment that will keep on giving for years to come. The last thing you need to worry about is the maintenance of your barn. Wood rots and molds, but not steel!  Steel won’t support fungus, mold, or mildew growth, so that’s less maintenance and repairs you have to worry about. And steel stands strong no matter how much water, snow, or wind is thrown its way. Whether you’re sheltering your livestock or equipment, steel structures will give you peace of mind that your stuff is safe.

Choosing the Right Location

One of the most obvious steps of getting a new metal farm building is deciding where it will go. You probably already have an idea of where you want your metal barn installed, but you may want to double-check the area. The main thing you need to make sure of, no matter what kind of building you choose, is that the land is level. Metal buildings of any kind are best suited for flat ground. This helps foundations to be secure, as well as keeps the barn’s walls straight and durable. If your foundation is uneven, your building won’t sit right, and its doors will not function properly.

Consider Water Access and Plumbing Needs

You may not realize this, but water access can play a big role where you should install your building. While you may not need water in a feed storage building, you definitely need access to water if you plan to use your steel farm building or metal barn kit as a horse stable or dairy barn. That’s because your animals need water. With this in mind, it’s important to consider your water access when you’re deciding on where to place your structure. Having your building installed near a water source will ultimately save you lots of time, money, and hassle when it comes to getting the plumbing sorted out.

Get Certified Before You Buy

A new metal barn could be a major part of your livelihood, so it’s important to have all your ducks in a row. Most states in the US require you to have certain permits before you install your new metal structure. It’s important to check with your local governmental organizations, such as your zoning and planning department, to see exactly what permits and certifications you need before you make your purchase. Remember to complete all the necessary paperwork before installation day. This will help ensure that there aren’t any problems and that the installation process goes off smoothly.

The Most Important Part: Preparing Your Site


Preparing your site is one of the most important steps you need to take before installation day arrives. The first thing you need to decide on is what kind of foundation you plan to have. If you want a concrete or asphalt foundation, please ensure that it will be completely dry before our installation crew arrives.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you throughout the process:

• Decide your foundation type

• Clear all vegetation and debris from your site

• Level your site

• Mark all water and electrical lines

• Have your foundation poured if using concrete or asphalt

Make sure to let our building specialists know about the type of foundation you are going to use for your metal barn so we can make sure you have the correct anchors included with your metal barn kit.

Times Have Changed, and So Have Barns

Gone are the days of cheap wood and horses and plows being a farmer’s main tools. Modern farmers now have large equipment and need large, rugged structures that can protect their high-dollar equipment. Whether you have tractors and every attachment imaginable, or the best racehorses around, you want a barn that is going to protect your stuff for a lifetime to come. Steel agricultural buildings are exactly what you need. These durable buildings will keep everything inside of them safe, so you can focus on your farming business instead of worrying about the condition of your barn.

Choose Reliability, Choose Metal Barn Central

Metal Barn Central is the best metal building provider out there if you need an agricultural building. Our farm buildings are durable, reliable, and built to last a lifetime. Not only that, but we provide the best customer service. Our prices are already the best in the industry, but if you want to show off your do-it-yourself skills, then we can even help you design one of our metal barn kits that you can install yourself and save even more. Our professional building experts are only a phone call away. We’re ready to help you with any and every part of the process. What are you waiting for? Call Metal Barn Central today at (980) 365-8481!