Alabama Metal Buildings for Alabama Winter Weather

Winter Storm Prep? In Alabama?

After enjoying a long, warm summer and a generally mild fall in Alabama, the calendar now says it’s winter. But that doesn’t mean we have anything to worry about in AL, right? After all, this is the Heart of Dixie! One of the main reasons people from up North relocate here is because we DON’T get dreadful winter storms like the ones they’re used to experiencing in places like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.


But not so fast. While we don’t typically experience any below-zero temperatures or blizzards in the Deep South, we DO still get some winter weather. Huntsville and other parts of northern AL average a couple of inches of snow every year. So does Birmingham. Even Montgomery receives a measurable amount of snow with regularity. As we write this, a snowstorm passed through central Alabama less than two weeks ago, in fact!


Winter Weather Concerns in AL

While AL doesn’t typically get hammered with snow like the Great Lakes states, measurable snow can fall anywhere in Alabama when conditions are right, even in southern locations like Mobile and Dothan. But the greatest winter weather threat in Alabama isn’t snow – it’s wind. Because Alabama’s temperatures are generally more mild, whenever a strong cold front does push through it can generate a significant amount of wind convection. The same storm system that brought snow to Huntsville on January 2, 2022, also produced a tornado there the day before! While tornadoes are most common in spring and summer, they can really occur any time of year, especially in the Deep South. Alabama averages 44 tornadoes per year, ranking the state #11 in the nation in terms of tornado frequency.

30x41x13 Garage with Lean-To


Metal Storage Sheds and Storage Buildings for Alabama

So, are you prepared for winter storm threats like snowstorms, ice storms (more common in Alabama), and windstorms? For your outdoor storage needs, you really need a metal building that’s engineered to provide effective protection for people, property, and possessions – not just during the winter, but all throughout the year. Whether you’re interested in storage building kits you can install yourself, or would like to have a custom steel building installed on your property, you’ve come to the right place. Metal Barn Central knows AL weather, and we can provide an Alabama steel building to meet whatever minimum wind and snow ratings are required in your local area.


What’s Better About a Metal Building?

If you’re used to pole barns and wooden storage sheds, you’ll find there’s a lot more to like about having your own metal building. Steel tubing is incredibly rugged and durable. You probably know that steel tubing is used to make carports and garages, but a much wider range of building applications can be engineered and produced with this versatile material. Whether you need a barn, utility building, workshop, retail storefront, office building, warehouse, manufacturing facility, barndominium, or other custom residential buildings, there’s a Metal Barn Central metal building solution for that.


And there’s really a lot to like about steel in particular. Steel building components won’t warp, rot, crack, or chip. And unlike wood, steel components don’t require repainting or restaining, either. Steel buildings are engineered to be able to withstand constant use, and are much better at enduring all of Mother Nature’s many threats, including wind, rain, snow, ice, lightning, and even earthquakes.


What About AL Metal Building Certification?

Wondering whether your metal building needs to be certified? Certification essentially means that an engineer has designed your building to meet or exceed specific wind and snow loads, and it’s been fabricated and installed with additional reinforcements. While certification isn’t required in every area or circumstance, many local building codes do require it. It will come down to factors like where you’re installing, and exactly how you intend to use your building. But whether certification is required or not, we recommend certified metal buildings to all of our Alabama customers. If you’re planning to invest in a metal building solution, why wouldn’t you want the toughest, most durable building design available? Choosing a certified AL metal building means your structure will offer greater peace of mind in the face of whatever Mother Nature may decide to send your way.



Metal Barn Central Delivers the Best Alabama Metal Buildings!

If you’re located in Alabama and are ready to get the best prefab metal building solution for solving your residential, storage, agricultural, or commercial needs, the pros at Metal Barn Central are here to help!


Interested in having a custom building kit designed, which you install on your own? We provide those too. Every metal structure we provide is made-to-order to suit your specific AL metal building needs. Got some property in another state where you’d love to have a metal building installed. No problem – we serve 46 of 50 states!


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