Metal Buildings Stand Up Tall to West Virginia Weather Threats

West Virginia Climate Facts

The “West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful” slogan was first placed on the state’s welcome signs in 1975, and most West Virginians would certainly agree that the slogan fits. West Virginia is known for its scenic mountain beauty (it’s the only state completely contained within the Appalachian Mountains), unmatched outdoor recreation opportunities, and some of the friendliest folks you’ll find anywhere. Around 80% of the state is still forested, and The Mountain State enjoys four distinct seasons each year.


It rarely gets above 90°F in the summer, and winters are relatively mild (in comparison with places like Wisconsin or Maine). Having said that, what constitutes a “mild” winter really depends upon your frame of reference. Compared to other Southeastern states, West Virginia can experience a pretty significant amount of winter precipitation. The southwestern part of the state averages around 20 inches of snow, while the eastern mountains average well above five FEET of snow each winter.


Common Weather Threats and Natural Disasters in West Virginia

Natural disasters that are common to West Virginia include floods, severe storms, winter storms, wildfires, and landslides. Here’s a quick look at some of the natural threats that West Virginians tend to face.


• Floods

Flooding is easily the greatest threat to the West Virginia landscape. 2 inches of rain is all it takes to create some real destruction. Excessive rain can lead to dam and levee failures, and the resulting floods can wash away roads, bridges, and other buildings.


• Severe Storms

Thunderstorms, hailstorms, and supercells all pose a potential threat to WV. These storms are most common in spring, summer, and fall, but can truly occur in any season.


• Winter Storms

Significant winter storms are not uncommon in West Virginia. While a truly major snowstorm doesn’t hit West Virginia every year, these storms are always a possibility. And in any case, measurable snow accumulations are a safe bet for pretty much every location in West Virginia.


• Wildfires

Extreme heat and drought are a possibility in WV, and drought has occurred with more regularity in recent years.

And with so much of West Virginia being forested, wildfires are a perennial threat. West Virginia currently averages around 1,100 wildfires each year, typically burning somewhere around 38,000 acres of land.


• Landslides

Because of its rugged, sloped landscape and ongoing potential for heavy rains and flash floods, West Virginia has some of the highest landslide damage per capita in the entire country. The soil type in WV also makes landslips much more possible most any time of year.


• Tropical Storms

West Virginia is a landlocked state, so direct hurricane landfalls aren’t a concern. However, the remnants of hurricanes and other tropical storms can bring lots of heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the area, which can contribute to flooding, landslides, and general power outages.


• Tornadoes

While West Virginia isn’t located in Tornado Alley, tornadoes do happen here. And while most tornadoes which occur in WV aren’t categorized as catastrophic, even EF0 and EF1 tornadoes can deliver significant damage to both people and property.


Choose a West Virginia Metal Building Solution for Reliable Performance

What makes metal buildings WV a smart choice? Buildings framed with steel tubing are known to be durable, reliable, and cost-effective to build. Light gauge steel can be used to fashion all sorts of building solutions for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications. You’re probably aware that carport and garage structures are commonly constructed with metal these days, but steel-framed buildings can now be engineered and installed to meet a variety of needs across West Virginia.


Why Steel Structures Make Good Sense in WV

Here are some reasons why a steel building makes good sense for applications in The Mountain State. Steel components won’t warp, rot, chip, or crack – unlike wood building components. A steel structure doesn’t require frequent repainting or restaining, either. Plus, steel buildings are engineered to be able to endure constant use, while also being more capable at handling whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way. Steel is naturally non-combustible too, which means a steel building will fare better in the face of a wildfire threat than any comparable wood construction. If protecting valuables and possessions from possible fire threats is a concern, then you’d definitely be better off to choose a steel structure. Steel buildings are also much more effective at resisting termites, pests, mold, and mildew.


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Need a reliable steel structure in West Virginia? Metal Barn Central has you covered! We serve the entire Mountain State, and we’ve been taking care of homeowners and businesses in WV for years. Obviously, we can do open-air covers like carports, but that only scratches the surface in terms of what we can provide you in a metal building solution. We can get you whatever you need, from carports to garages to barns, to fully-enclosed residential buildings, commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, and more.


What About WV Metal Building Certification?

While metal building certification isn’t required in every area, many local WV building codes do require it. But in any case, if you’re planning to invest in a metal building solution, why wouldn’t you want the toughest, most durable building design available? Choosing a WV metal building that’s certified to endure both wind and snow loads means your structure will provide greater peace of mind in the face of any stress or threat.


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