Why Steel Buildings Are a Better Investment?

Metal Buildings Make for Better Buildings

Metal buildings have been around for a long time, and cold-formed steel construction can be traced back almost 200 years. What makes steel buildings better? Plenty. Modern pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) are more durable, more versatile, more resistant to weather, fire, & pests, and completely customizable. And on top of all that, a metal building structure is more cost-effective to build, too. Today’s PEMBs are being used across America to provide for everything from residential, to agricultural, to commercial, to industrial applications. If you’re looking for the best building investment, a PEMB steel structure is the way to go!

Steel Buildings Are Clearly Superior to Stick Builds

There’s a lot to be said about why steel is superior to wood when it comes to construction materials. While wood can take on moisture and expand, as a result, steel is much more dimensionally stable. Steel doesn’t split, warp, or crack, and will better maintain its original dimensions over time. And while termites, mold, and mildew are all natural threats to wood, they pose no danger to structural steel. Steel is naturally incombustible too, so fire threats are greatly minimized with a steel structure.

Steel is Better Than Aluminum, Too

While aluminum is both cheap and lightweight, those are really its only good features when it comes to construction materials. Aluminum can be useful for framing something small like a window or a storm door, but it’s really not robust enough to be a reliable framing, roofing, or paneling material. A small aluminum shed might work for keeping a handful of garden tools in your backyard. But if you’re looking for a metal building large enough to be used as a carport, garage, barn, residential building, agricultural building, or commercial building, aluminum simply won’t work. Better to choose a steel tubular building that’s engineered for handling heavy winds and snow loads, requires less maintenance, and can be designed and fabricated to suit any building dimensions you have in mind.

Prefab Steel Structures vs. Red Iron Buildings

“Red iron” buildings framed with large, solid-steel I-beams have been used to construct large commercial structures for generations. The red iron approach does allow for clear-span construction at a large scale. But these buildings are bulky, heavy, and require special equipment for installation. The framing columns are also spaced so far apart that added stud framing is required for interior finishing. Oh, and speaking of installation – that’s something else you’ll have to figure out on your own with a red iron building. Most manufacturers only provide fabrication services; you’ll have to contract with someone else to do the installation if you go with red iron.

Prefab steel structures offer some distinct advantages over red iron buildings. The design is more flexible and customizable with a steel tube-framed approach, and these buildings can also be erected ready-to-finish. You won’t have to find a separate contractor to put up your building, either – Metal Barn Central is happy to include installation with your building purchase, at no extra charge! How fast do you need your building? With red iron, you’ll definitely have to wait much longer. During normal conditions, you can get a PEMB delivered and installed in a matter of just weeks. With a red iron building, your lead time will likely take months.

Clear Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

What’s better about a PEMB steel structure? Plenty. Here are just some of the specific benefits you’ll enjoy:

Quality Control

Each aspect of a PEMB is designed and fabricated by a single manufacturer, so there are fewer variables to contend with. Every building component is precision-engineered, crafted, measured, and tested for quality before ever leaving the manufacturing facility. Other types of construction can involve any number of subcontractors and varied material sources.

Lightweight Materials

Steel tube framing and sheeting are produced in a manner that conserves materials and produces almost zero waste. Steel buildings are 30% lighter than other types of conventional construction, while offering greater strength and durability.

Foundation Flexibility

Light-gauge steel buildings offer more options in terms of building foundation possibilities. A PEMB can be installed on a poured surface, or practically any type of level surface. Depending on how you plan to use your metal building, you can choose to install it on concrete, asphalt, gravel, or plain level ground.

Easy to Expand or Adapt

The fact of the matter is that your building needs can change over time. With conventional stick-built construction, building modification can require more time, labor, and expense than you’re willing to invest. With a pre-engineered metal building, you have more options for expanding or adapting your building in the future.

Speedy Installation

Need your building sooner? Then choose a pre-engineered steel building. From the time of your initial order, a PEMB can usually be custom-fabricated and installed on your site in a matter of weeks, versus the months it would take to complete a comparable conventional build.

Cheaper to Build, Too

Purchasing and installing any type of building can be a significant investment. If you want a building that’s engineered to be reliable, durable, fully-functional, and attractive, then a steel structure from Metal Barn Central will check each of those boxes. But what about the price? Cold-formed steel is THE most cost-effective material for a mid-rise structure, and the bigger your building footprint, the more you’ll save by choosing tubular steel.

Choose Metal Barn Central for Your Better Steel Building

At Metal Barn Central, we’re intentional about supporting the American steel industry by sourcing American steel as much as possible. So, whenever you do business with Metal Barn Central, you’re actually supporting American steel jobs. We take pride in what we do and only provide the best-engineered, best-manufactured custom steel building solutions for our customers.

In addition, nobody else comes close to matching the high standards we set for a positive customer experience and attentive customer service, either. We’ve got the very best metal building financing and preferred RTO payment plans, too!

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