Add an Overhang or Lean-to Extension on Your New Metal Barn

What Can You Do with Metal Barns?

Shopping around for the best barn buildings? There’s really not much you can’t do with a custom metal barn. Unlike traditional wooden barns, a steel-framed barn won’t rot or warp, requires less maintenance and upkeep, and is actually a stronger building. Steel-built farm buildings and agriculture buildings have become popular for everything from horse barns, to hay barns, to livestock shelters, loafing sheds, farm equipment garages, and much more. And if you’re looking for the best place to purchase a metal barn for sale, then look no further than Metal Barn Central. Custom steel structures are what we do, and metal barn buildings happen to be one of our specialties!

What is a Roof Overhang?

It’s essentially what it sounds like; a roof overhang is the lower edge of a roof that extends out and over the sides of a building. Many metal buildings come with standard roof overhangs of 6” or so, but you can choose to customize the dimensions of your roof overhang with our metal building designs. With proper bracing support, a roof overhang can be made to extend out 6’ or further.

What’s beneficial about having an extended roof overhang? For one thing, this will keep the precipitation shed by your roof away from the siding, doors, windows, and foundation. Extended roof overhangs can help keep you dry whenever entering or exiting your building as well, and they also add some desirable shade to help keep your building cooler on sunny days.

What is a Lean-to Extension?

Adding a lean-to is a great way to expand your building and add some needed open-air coverage. A lean-to is typically a monoslope roof structure that “leans” on the main building for support. You’ll commonly see lean-tos added to all sorts of steel tube-framed structures, including barns, garages, workshops, storage buildings, and more. Lean-tos can be left as open-air shelters, or they can also be enclosed to create a more secure covered space.

Many folks will add a lean-to to create some carport space for parking vehicles or covering equipment. Lean-to additions are also great for other multipurpose uses, including stacking wood, use as a picnic shelter, creating a covered play area for the kids, etc. In fact, many step-down barns and raised center barns make use of lean-to designs on the sides.

How Else Can You Customize a Metal Barn?

With modern steel tubing engineering and design, you have more metal building customization options available than you may realize. Here are just some of the ways you can customize your new metal barn building:

Building Dimensions

You can go with a smaller hay barn or can design an agricultural building that’s 70’ wide or wider. You can also choose whatever building length and height that makes the most sense for your needs.

Steel Gauge Options

14-gauge steel is a popular choice for metal building framing, but you can also opt for a thicker 12-gauge steel for an even stronger, more rugged structure. You can also choose the gauge thickness for your barn roof and side paneling.

Color Choices

If you prefer a more traditional look, you can go with a classic barn red. We’ve got plenty of other color options for your roof, sides, and trim too. Mix and match any way you like, and even create a two-tone wainscot look if that’s what you want.

Clear Panels

Want to add some skylights, or turn part or all of your barn building into a functional greenhouse? Metal Barn Central has sturdy clear paneling you can choose in place of metal panels, and we have plenty of experience with installing both skylights and greenhouse applications.

Doors, Windows, and Frame-Outs

Your barn won’t do you much good if you can’t get inside! We offer a wide range of access point options, including manual roll-up doors, automatic roll-up doors, walk-in doors, open frame-outs, and attractive 45-degree Dutch cut finishes. We also install both standard and premium window options.

Building Foundation Flexibility

Where would you like to install your barn, and on what? As long as your site is level, we can install it on a number of different types of foundations. We offer specialty anchors for securing your metal building to concrete, asphalt, or gravel, as well as to plain level ground.


Does your installation location call for building certification? Metal Barn Central can certify your barn to meet whatever minimum wind or snow load ratings may be required. And even if certification isn’t a legal requirement in your area, we encourage all of our metal building customers to consider certification for the greater peace of mind a certified building provides.

Vapor Barriers and Insulation

Structurally speaking, metal buildings don’t require insulation. But if you’re making plans for an enclosed barn, we recommend including at least a vapor barrier to help minimize any potential interior condensation issues. We install both single bubble and double bubble wraps. Looking to add some extra insulating value? A ProDex equivalent vapor barrier is very effective at dealing with moisture and will also boost the R-value of your building. And if you’re looking for the best condensation prevention system available, we also can pre-install DripStop condensation control on your metal panels.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Let Metal Barn Central Provide You with a Custom Barn Solution

Metal Barn Central delivers quality custom metal barns and other steel structures, and our prices are hard to beat, too. Plus, we provide the best customer service in the business, and our financing and rent-to-own solutions are the best you’ll find anywhere!

We’re happy to deliver and install your custom metal barn at NO extra charge inside our 46-state service area. But if you’re a DIYer who likes to do things with your own hands, we also make custom metal building kits available at a discount, that you can pick up and install yourself.

Our friendly & knowledgeable building experts are here to help! Connect with us online at Metal Barn Central, or for an even faster response, simply give us a call at (980) 365-8481 today.