What You Need to Know About Metal Building Financing

Why metal buildings are a smart choice

You must at least be considering a metal building project, or you probably wouldn’t have ended up on this page. If you’re giving serious thought to having a metal building installed, you’re a wise person indeed. Light-gauge steel tubing is a perfect construction material for a wide range of building applications. You probably know that metal is popular for carports and garages, but steel buildings work equally well for barns, storage sheds, workshops, warehouses, commercial buildings, and even residential barndominiums. In fact, light-gauge steel is the strongest construction material by weight, and is engineered for being able to handle almost anything Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

What makes steel buildings worth it

Galvanized steel buildings are incredibly durable. They’re essentially weather-proof, pest-proof, incredibly fire-resistant, and the materials won’t warp or rot. And as far as ongoing maintenance goes, you really won’t have to do much. Just a little simple cleaning every now and then is all you really need.

If you make the mistake of settling for a pole barn or stick-built structure, you really have no guarantees about how long your building will last. Moisture damage could really shorten the life of a wooden building, but you won’t have those worries with a well-built steel structure.

Just how long will a steel building last? The metal roofing and paneling can last up to 80 years, and interior steel tube framing is rated to last even longer than that. If you just go by the numbers, you can be confident in knowing that a steel structure is built to last you for a lifetime!

And it’s not just about longevity; these buildings are incredibly versatile, and fully customizable. You decide your perfect building dimensions, and then you have the freedom to choose your colors, doors, windows, insulation options, building foundation options, building certification for wind and snow load ratings, and much more.

What about metal building prices?

That’s a good question. Many folks assume that since metal buildings are superior to stick builds in so many ways, they must also be more expensive to construct. But that’s not true at all! If anything, steel tube-framed construction is typically cheaper per square foot. And the larger your building floor plan, the more you can save by choosing steel. Steel construction offers another way to save money in the long run, too – metal buildings are generally cheaper to insure than wood-framed buildings.

But even so, having a new metal building installed is still a significant investment. What if you don’t have the full purchase price in hand up front? Is it possible to finance a metal building? Yes, it is!


Is metal building financing an option?

Some of the most frequent questions we get at Metal Barn Central revolve around metal building financing. You could always try to secure lending from your own financial institution, but most banks don’t have preferred financing programs for steel-built structures. Thankfully, Metal Barn Central does! In fact, we offer the best traditional financing and RTO programs in the entire metal building industry. If you’re looking to buy a metal building on an EMI plan, we’ve got lots of great options for you.

How does the metal building financing process work at Metal Barn Central?

Financing your new metal building purchase doesn’t have to be difficult. At Metal Barn Central, we’re committed to providing you with the absolute best quality of steel structures, and equally committed to making the financing process as simple and stress-free as possible. Here’s what makes financing with us different:

⇒ IT’S QUICK – Most decisions come back in minutes.

⇒ IT’S EASY – The application process is very simple, and includes buyers in all of our 46-state US service area.

⇒ IT’S TRANSPARENT – Once your application is processed and approved, you can choose from among the available offers that suit you best.

⇒ AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS TOO – No matter how big your building is or how you intend to use it, we have financing options available to you.

⇒ FINANCING FLEXIBILITY – We’ve got RTO options for buildings up to $25,000. We’ve also got traditional financing available for buildings up to $100,000, including rates as low as 7.99% for up to 15 years! Want to finance a metal barndominium? We’ve got exclusive metal building home mortgage plans, too.

⇒ WE’RE HERE TO HELP – Got questions? Our metal building financing experts have answers. Just give us a call at (980) 365-8481.

Metal Barn Central provides quality metal buildings, AND superior metal building financing solutions
Looking for a new metal building? Metal Barn Central can meet all of your residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial building needs. Looking for the best way to finance your new metal building? We’ve got you covered there, too!

Look no further than Metal Barn Central. We provide all sizes and styles of metal buildings, plus we deliver and install your new building for NO extra charge anywhere within our 46-state service area.

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