How Do Building Codes and Permits Work for Metal Buildings

Let’s start with building loads

In the case of modern construction in general, and metal buildings in particular, a load refers to a building’s ability to protect against weights and forces exerted on the building itself (including dead loads, live loads, collateral loads, and concentrated loads), as well as the building’s ability to protect against specific forces of nature like wind loads, snow loads, and seismic loads.
Generally speaking, the loads which are most frequently referenced for metal buildings are wind load and snow load:

⇔ Wind load

The best metal building kits are engineered to withstand the forces imposed by any incoming winds. Many areas of the United States have minimum wind load expectations in place for metal building codes. And some regions define more stringent wind codes than others. For example, since Florida has to contend with hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather more frequently, the minimum required wind resistance is higher there than in many other U.S. states.

⇔ Snow load

Snow load factors in the ability of steel buildings to support the vertical load added by the weight of accumulated snow on the roof, as well as any load exerted by snow that accumulates against the side of the building at ground level. Average expected snowfall can vary widely by geographic region, so this will naturally affect the minimum snow load requirements for any given location.

Modern metal buildings are built to a better standard

If you’re considering having steel building kits installed on your property, that’s a good call. Light-gauge steel tubing is a perfect construction material for any number of building applications. Light-gauge steel is the strongest commercially-available construction material by weight, and is engineered to handle pretty much whatever Mother Nature has to throw your way.

Depending on the intended use and installation location of your metal building, it may need to meet certain building codes, load requirements, and human occupancy ratings. And metal building sizes are another factor to consider when it comes to local permit requirements.

How do metal building permits work?

A building permit is basically an official approval from your local government authority to begin your construction project. The main purpose of a building permit is to ensure that your building conforms to any applicable construction, zoning, and land use policies that apply in your area. Building permits are also designed to help ensure the safety of any human occupants who may use your structure.

So, when do I need a building permit?

That’s a great question. While not all home, building, or remodeling projects require permits, many do. If you’re putting up a new building or making any structural changes to an existing structure, then you will likely need a building permit.

Here are some typical categories of projects which usually require a building permit:

⇒ New construction or new building additions
⇒ Major renovations
⇒ Structural changes like adding or removing walls (especially for walls that are load-bearing)
⇒ Electrical or plumbing changes

Will my metal building require a permit?

This is one of the most frequent questions we get at Metal Barn Central. If you’re planning to install a custom metal building, will you need to obtain a metal building permits beforehand?

Quite possibly, yes! It really just depends.

If you intend to use your metal building for finished residential purposes (like a barndominium or metal building home) or for commercial business purposes (like a storefront or commercial warehouse), then you’ll almost certainly need to obtain a building permit. But if all you need is a backyard storage building, then a permit may not be necessary.

The best way to learn the answer is to check with your local municipality or county to learn which building codes and regulations apply to your location. And if you partner with Metal Barn Central to provide your metal building, our building specialists are very familiar with most every building permit requirement across our 46-state service area. We’re happy to help walk you through the entire permitting process.

And if a permit is required, you’ll need to have that in hand before the scheduled building installation date. Otherwise, your building installation may very well need to be delayed until you have obtained proper permitting.

Will I also need site plans for my metal building?

Again, that depends. If a building permit is required, then metal building blueprints and site plans may also need to be submitted along with your building permit application.

Metal Barn Central has several generic site plans we’re happy to provide as a template to help get you started. But if site-specific plans are what you need, our engineering team is happy to provide those as well, for a fee. Just let us know what you need, or what questions you may have about site plans.

Does my new metal building need to be certified?

A certified metal building is simply a structure which has been specifically engineered to meet or exceed local building codes for minimum wind and snow load requirements.

Does your metal building need to be certified? That will depend on how you plan to use your building, along with whatever your local building codes and regulations dictate. Either way, we recommend building certification for all of our customers. A certified metal building offers greater peace of mind in terms of structural stability and longevity, regardless of what your local building code stipulates.

Metal Barn Central can provide exactly what you need in a metal building solution

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