Metal Utility Buildings Are Perfect Multipurpose Storage Solutions for Your Backyard

Where can I put all of this stuff?

If you’re a homeowner, then you’ve got stuff. And if you’re like most Americans, then you likely have more stuff than you know what to do with. Looking for a good backyard storage solution? There are plenty of storage sheds and storage buildings available, but metal utility buildings are really better solutions.

In a metal utility storage building, of course!

If you’re searching for utility carports or utility garages, there’s no better place to get one than Metal Barn Central. But it might be helpful to first define what a utility building actually is. Back in the day, folks used the phrase utility building to describe pretty much any backyard storage shed. Utility sheds have been popular collecting places for lawn mowers, tools, and other random backyard items for generations.

But a modern metal utility building is much more than just some old shed. A well-designed, custom-engineered steel utility building is much stronger, much tougher, and offers lots more in terms of multipurpose application possibilities.

Benefits of investing in a metal storage utility building

What makes a steel utility building a better building? Plenty! Here are just a few points worth noting:

⇒ Durable

A utility building made with steel is essentially impervious to moisture and won’t rot like wood. Steel construction provides better all-around weather protection too, including sun, rain, snow, wind, and even lightning.

Pest-resistant and fire-resistant
Termites aren’t attracted to steel, and pests really can’t hurt it. Steel plays a poor host for mold and mildew, too. Concerned about potential fire threats? Steel doesn’t burn, either.

⇒ Completely customizable

Metal utility buildings offer more flexibility of design than other comparable structures and also deliver more in the way of usable interior space. Steel structures are also simpler to adapt or expand as your needs change over time.

⇒ Easier to clean and maintain

A wood storage building will require painting or staining every few years. But the infused colors of steel utility buildings don’t peel, and they won’t fade nearly as quickly. And cleaning a metal utility building is a cinch. Just hose it off and hose it out, and you’re good to go!

Things to consider when designing your custom metal utility building

When you choose to partner with Metal Barn Central, you can customize every aspect of your building. We’ll help you draw up a perfect utility building solution to meet your needs, including structural dimensions, specific gauges of metal framing and paneling, colors, trim, doors & windows, and more.

⇒ Building size & design

Choose whatever design you prefer for your utility storage building. Want to add an open-air, lean-to shelter? No problem. How big of a building do you want and need? You get to decide.

⇒ Steel gauge options

14-gauge is a common industry standard for framing, but you can also opt for a more sturdy 12-gauge if you like. You get to choose the gauges of your metal roofing and side paneling, as well.

⇒ Multiple options for building enclosure

How much side paneling would you like to have on your building, and where do you want it? It’s up to you. You can go with a fully-enclosed building, an open-air shelter, or a combination of the two. Whatever will serve your needs better, Metal Barn Central is here to provide!

⇒ Door, window, and building access options

If you decide to enclose all or part of your building, you’ll need to include some convenient points of access as well. Choose from our selection of roll-up doors, walk-in doors, windows, and frame-out options. It’s also up to you where these items are placed on your building, too.

⇒ Trim and color choices

Want to place decorative gables in the front and back? We can do that. Want to add some decorative J-trim to cover any exposed edges? We do that, too. What about your color options? Metal Barn Central offers a nice selection of colors for the roof, side paneling, and trim; you can even choose a tasteful two-tone wainscot look, if that’s what you like.

Possible backyard applications for your metal utility building

There are LOTS of ways you can use a metal utility building beyond simple storage. Here are just a few:

→ Perfect solution for storing all your lawn & garden equipment.

→ Larger utility buildings work well for personal vehicle parking.

→ You can even design a metal building large enough to house an RV, motorhome, boat, or other large vehicles.

→ Metal utility buildings are great places to get things done, too. They make wonderful workshops, hobby barns, man caves, she sheds, home offices, and more.

→ Utility buildings are ideal for many farms and commercial uses, as well.

Get your best utility building from Metal Barn Central

Purchasing a custom metal utility building is a smart investment, especially if you choose the right metal building provider. And nobody does it better than Metal Barn Central!

We’re happy to deliver and install your building at NO extra charge in 46 states. But if you prefer to work with your own hands, we make custom-designed garages you can pick up and install yourself for a discount, too. These metal building kits come with all the building materials you’ll need for installation, all the way down to fasteners and anchors.

Oh, and did we mention? We’ve got the best metal building financing and RTO solutions in the business, too!

Ready to get started? There’s no need to put it off – our friendly building experts are standing by to help! So, go ahead and give us a call today at (980) 365-8481, and experience the Metal Barn Central difference!