Are Metal Building Homes Really Safe to Live In?

Is a Metal Building Home Really Safe to Live In?

Yes, it really is! When you stop to think about it, steel is widely used in the construction of skyscrapers, warehouses, large retail centers, and storm shelters – and you don’t ever hear about those collapsing. If steel framing can support those massive structures, it can certainly support a home structure, as well. In fact, steel tubing makes for a stronger, more rugged, and more reliable framing material than wood framing.

So yes, a metal building home is perfectly safe to live in, and it also offers several distinct advantages over a traditional stick build. Steel buildings are tougher and more weather-resistant than stick builds, and need much less maintenance. Steel structures are also quite flexible in building design, application, and interior floor plans, and go up much faster than a stick-built home. There’s more good news in terms of metal building cost, too. On average, a steel home is around 30% cheaper to build!

And Metal Barn Central has designed, delivered, and installed barndominiums and metal building homes for property owners across the country. So read on to learn more about why you should consider a steel-framed structure for your primary residence or vacation home!

Looking for Answers to Your Specific Questions? We’ve Got Them

You may have heard some myths about metal buildings that simply aren’t true; we’re here to give you the facts. Here are some of the most popular questions we receive about metal building homes, along with responses from our metal building experts:

Is rust a problem with metal buildings?

While some categories of metal buildings may be prone to rust, you won’t have that issue with a galvanized steel tube-framed structure. Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEMBs) like these aren’t really susceptible to moisture, and are built to last you a lifetime.

♦ How strong is a metal building home?

Structures engineered with steel tube framing and steel paneling are actually some of the strongest buildings you can find. Cold-formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any commercial construction material, up to 25 times stronger than wood.

♦ Are metal buildings safe from lightning?

While metal may be a natural conductor, a metal building doesn’t attract lightning any more than a wood-framed structure. And if lightning should strike your metal building, you’re actually better protected than you would be in a wood-framed home. Why? Metal buildings are positive conductors to the earth, meaning that a lightning strike can be channeled directly to the ground.

♦ How do metal buildings fare in high winds?

Much better than stick-built homes! Metal buildings can be certified to meet any required local wind loads. And a well-constructed metal building can withstand hurricane-force winds that might otherwise topple a comparable stick build.

♦ Can metal buildings handle heavy snow?

They sure can. Just as a metal building can be certified for any required wind load, they can also meet whatever snow load your local building code calls for. Our metal buildings at Metal Barn Central are engineered for withstanding the heaviest of snowfalls, and our metal roofs shed snow better than other traditional roofing materials, too.

♦ Can you really customize and finish metal buildings with living quarters?

Absolutely. A custom metal building doesn’t have to feel boxy or boring; in fact, you’ve got lots of customization options with Metal Barn Central. Since our buildings are fully supported by the exterior framing, no internal columns or support posts are required. That means you’ve got plenty of interior clear-span space you can divide up, finish, and use any way you like. You can even design your own perfect metal building home with our easy-to-use 3D Building Design Tool!

♦ Can a metal building really be energy-efficient?

Many folks falsely assume that a wood-framed home would be more energy-efficient, but that isn’t the case. A well-insulated metal home can actually be 40% more energy-efficient than a stick build, because there’s more available wall cavity space for filling with insulation. The more insulation you can put into your walls and ceiling, the less demand there will be on your HVAC system. And more insulation also means you’ll hear less external noise pollution.

What Does a Metal Building Home Cost?

The answer to that question will ultimately depend upon factors like your chosen building dimensions and customizations. But even though construction material costs have risen, a steel home from Metal Barn Central is still your most cost-effective option. And our commitment is to help you get the best metal building home at the best price!

Metal Building Kits

We’re happy to deliver and install your custom metal building anywhere within our 46-state service area at NO extra charge with purchase. But if you’d like to save even more by putting it up yourself, we offer custom metal building kits, too. Our kits are built to the same specifications of the buildings we install. The only difference is you pick up the building materials and install your metal building home yourself for an additional discount! Got questions? One of our friendly building specialists would be happy to help answer them!

Metal Barn Central Has You Covered!

Purchasing a custom barndominiums or other metal building home really is a smart investment, especially if you choose the right metal building provider. And nobody else has you covered like Metal Barn Central! We partner with the best local manufacturers to get you the best buildings, and we offer some of the lowest prices, too.

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Ready to get started? There’s no need to wait any longer, our friendly building experts are standing by to help you make it happen. Give us a call today at (980) 365-8481, and experience the Metal Barn Central difference!