Home Sweet (Metal) Home: Build Yourself a Barndominium

Home Ownership: Dreams & Challenges

Living the American Dream means different things to different people, but for most, that includes being able to own a home. Unfortunately, the goal of home ownership is proving to be one that’s getting harder and harder goal for many to reach. Material and labor costs have risen substantially in recent years, and the price tag of having a traditional stick-built house constructed is simply higher than some can afford.

If you’re tired of renting and are ready to own a home that can check all the boxes for you while still being affordable, you should consider metal buildings. As long as you own a good piece of land on which to build, metal building homes and barndominiums are very practical choices.

Wondering whether steel buildings can really work as residential homes? Yes, they can! You probably know that steel is a strong and durable construction material; steel structures have been popularly used as carports, garages, barns, and storage buildings for decades. But metal buildings can be customized and finished as residences too, and Metal Barn Central has been providing metal home shells for many years.

How Metal Home Kits Work

A metal barndominium or other type of metal home is essentially just a special design of metal building that can be customized and finished as a residential living space. In the case of barndos, they typically look more like a traditional barn on the outside, while the interior floorplan can be designed and finished however you like. And there’s really a lot to like about custom steel building home kits. Besides being more affordable than comparable wood construction, steel construction is also incredibly weather-resistant, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and long-lasting.

FAQs About Metal Building Homes

1. How are the metal building components produced?

The cold-formed steel components begin as sheets of galvanized steel that are roll-formed into all the various building components. This includes everything from metal tube studs, to joists, headers, trusses, roofing, side paneling, and trim. The result is a support system that’s much stronger and resilient than wood, while being much more lightweight than solid red iron.

2. Do I need to install the metal building shell myself?

Nope. Metal Barn Central includes delivery and installation of metal building shells at no additional cost, with a service area that covers 46 states. But if you want, you can also choose to install yourself as a DIY project, and receive a discount on the purchase price of your metal building kit.

3. What are the customization options for a metal building home?

You choose the design of your building, and get to decide its exact width, length, and height. There are different steel gauge options for the framing and paneling, depending on what you want or need in terms of meeting minimum wind loads, snow loads, and other local building code requirements. You can pretty much put doors and windows wherever you like, and there’s a full palette of color options for the metal roofing, side paneling, and trim. Got more questions about what’s available in your particular area? Just get in touch with a friendly building expert at Metal Barn Central.

4. How is barndominium pricing determined?

The cost for a metal building home shell is determined much as it would be for any custom metal structure. Key pricing factors include the building dimensions, the steel gauge of the materials, local certification requirements, and any particular customizations you choose to include. Of course, you’ll need to include the cost of having local subcontractors come out to finish your building, too. Even so, a metal building home is still significantly cheaper to construct per square foot than a traditional stick-build. If you’re ready to get some specific price quotes, just connect with one of our building experts!

5. Is there financing available for a metal building home?

There sure is! But if you’re looking for a good metal building mortgage solution, there aren’t many banks who can help you. Thankfully, Metal Barn Central can. We’ve partnered with a preferred lender to offer turnkey construction mortgage loans on approved credit, that include the land, the metal building shell, AND all finishing costs! You won’t find any better metal home financing solutions than those offered by Metal Barn Central. Get in touch with our financing department to learn more.

6.  How long will a metal building home last?

As long as you choose a quality metal building provider, you can expect your metal building home to last a LONG time. Hot-dip galvanized steel is rated to last up to 170 years, and it’s very weather-resistant, lightning-resistant, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and mold-resistant. Metal building homes require much less maintenance than comparable stick builds, too.

7. How long does it take a metal building home shell to go up?

Much less time than for wood construction. A stick build can take many months or longer to complete, but lead time for a metal building is typically just a matter of weeks. Each steel building component arrives at your site pre-welded, pre-measured, pre-cut, and ready to install. That means a metal building home kit can be put up MUCH faster, with less required labor.

8. What about metal home energy efficiency?

If you assume that a wood-framed building will be more energy-efficient, you’d be assuming wrong. A well-insulated metal home can be 40% more energy efficient than a comparable stick build. Why? Steel tube framing is incredibly dense and compact, meaning there’s more cavity space available to fill with insulation. More insulation means less demand on your HVAC system, resulting in greater heating & air cost savings. Plus, more insulation means less external noise pollution to have to deal with.

Find Your Perfect Metal Home Solution with Metal Barn Central

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We deliver and install at no extra charge in 46 US states, and our team of friendly and knowledgeable building experts is standing by to help you get the metal structure solution you need, including custom metal building homes with exclusive metal building mortgage financing.

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