Some Helpful Advice About Metal Building Insulation

A Metal Building is a Smart Solution

Metal buildings are a great addition to any residential, commercial, or agricultural property. Continued advances of engineering make steel buildings an attractive option for practically any application, including barns, garages, workshops, office spaces, retail storefronts, barndominiums, industrial facilities, and more. Steel structures are more rugged, more durable, more weather-, pest-, and fire-resistant, and require less maintenance than comparable stick builds. They’re fully customizable, too! If you’re shopping for a metal building for sale, that’s really a smart choice.

Do You Need to Insulate a Metal Building?

If you plan to use your metal building for simple outdoor storage, is insulation really required? That’s a good question, and fortunately, Metal Barn Central is here to help you find the answers you need. Traditional insulation isn’t essential for maintaining the structural integrity of a steel building, but there are still some good reasons to consider installing insulation.

As you probably know, insulation serves to help stabilize and maintain a structure’s interior temperature. That’s especially relevant if you’re planning to finish your building for climate-controlled space. Since metal is a good conductor, an uninsulated metal building can leave you feeling warmer than you’d prefer in the summer, and cooler than you might like in the wintertime.

That being said, choosing to add insulation that provides sufficient R-value can help mitigate heat transfer, and keep your building’s interior much more comfortable for human occupancy.

Start by Installing a Good Vapor Barrier

While mitigating heat transfer can be a priority depending on how you plan to utilize your metal building, minimizing potential condensation issues is a more primary concern. If your metal structure incorporates an open-air design (like a carport or larger open-air shelter) the flow of ambient air through a roof-only structure should help to negate any interior condensation issues. But if you’re planning to enclose your metal building, then potential condensation is something you’ll want to avoid. Metal building condensation can be effectively mitigated by choosing to install a quality vapor barrier.

Vapor Barrier Solutions

Including a vapor barrier makes good sense for any enclosed metal building application. Here are some of the vapor barrier and insulation options we provide at Metal Barn Central:

• Single Bubble Vapor Barrier

Our single bubble insulation is the most economical option and is rated for an R-value of 4. Single bubble insulation is essentially a metal-wrapped vapor barrier designed to prevent moisture infiltration and interior sweating as a result of condensation.

• Double Bubble Vapor Barrier

Our double bubble insulation features two layers of wrapped air bubbles, and is rated for an R-value of 8. Double bubble is an effective vapor barrier, and adds a minimum amount of thermal insulation as well.

• DripStop Moisture Control

DripStop is a different vapor barrier approach, in that it’s applied to your metal paneling in the manufacturing facility prior to on-site building installation. One advantage to choosing this product is that it can save you on both time and labor required for building setup. The DripStop membrane is designed to trap any condensation that forms, and then release it back into the atmosphere as exterior temperatures rise. The result is no interior condensation and no moisture drips. DripStop is also recognized to be a more durable solution than many vapor barrier products on the market.

• Prodex-Equivalent Vapor Barrier

Metal Barn Central can also install a Prodex-equivalent product solution worth your consideration. Unlike traditional bubble wraps, this product is made with woven reflective material that’s very effective at mitigating moisture or condensation issues, while also preventing up to 97% of radiant heat transfer. When installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, a Prodex-equivalent product can add insulation value rated up to R-16. But if you’re planning to finish your building, you’d still be wise to install some traditional thermal insulation, too.

Insulation Solutions for Finishing a Metal Building

There are several metal building insulation options available for effective climate control. These include fiberglass insulation batts and blankets, foam board or rigid board panels, spray foam, and loose-fill insulation. If you want to achieve maximum thermal performance for your new metal building, you’d be wise to consider having one or more of these insulation options installed in the wall and attic cavity spaces.

A Metal Building Really Can Be More Energy-Efficient Than a Stick Build

Some folks assume that a wood-framed building will be more energy-efficient, but that isn’t necessarily true. A well-insulated metal building can actually be up to 40% more energy efficient than a comparable stick build. How? Because steel framing is more dense and compact than wood, there’s more available cavity space for filling with insulation. And more insulation means less demand on your HVAC system, and thus lower heating & air costs.

Metal Barn Central Serves All Your Metal Building Needs

Metal Barn Central is here to provide for all your metal buildings needs, and we’re also one of the few metal building providers who can offer DripStop installation on our metal building panels.

We deliver and install at no extra charge in 46 US states, and our team of friendly and knowledgeable building experts is standing by to help you get the custom metal structure you need. We also offer preferred traditional financing and RTO payment plans to help you be able to afford the new metal building you need.

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