Learn About the Types of Foundation for Your Metal Garage

While a concrete foundation is the best type of base you can have your steel garage building installed on, there are other types you can choose from. It’s crucial to choose the base that will not only stand the test of time but will add to the overall structural integrity of your unit. But before you can choose the ideal foundation for your metal garage, there are a few things you must take into consideration.

Foundation Considerations

To better understand what you really need and what type of installation base is best for your structure, our building experts take much needed time to ask you questions about your custom building and its assembly site. These questions include the following:

  • What type of soil will your foundation be placed on?
  • What are the typical weather conditions in your area?
  • What is the size of your installation site?
  • Have you completed all your site preparations?

Four Main Types of Metal Garage Foundations

There are four types of foundations you can choose from in the metal building industry. Each option has its own unique structure and set of benefits that set is apart from the others. However, there are certain areas that each option can be used in and certain anchors that can be used with them. You can read more about these four foundation types below.

  • Concrete Base – Concrete slabs are the most reliable and longest lasting foundation any building can be installed on. No matter what your plans for the structure are, we highly recommend opting for the concrete base. This is the most expensive type of base used in the industry; however, it is the most durable.
  • Asphalt Base – Asphalt is another excellent option for the base of your steel garage, and a much more affordable one. It is made of small sand and rock particles, so it is very important that the correct anchors are used during the assembly process.
  • Ground Base – Installing your structure on the ground can be beneficial to the structural integrity of your unit. It is crucial to make sure the soil in your area is solid and firm before installing a steel garage. It’s also important to take precaution for certain weather conditions, such as flooding and accumulating snow.
  • Gravel Base – If you plan to store your lawn equipment and other outdoor property in your prefab metal garage or other building, you should consider installing it on a gravel base. Gravel is a natural, reliable type of foundation. It is important to make sure the soil is firm for a gravel foundation as well.

To Learn More, Consult a Professional Today!

At Metal Barn Central, we care about making sure you get the best of the best, no matter what your needs or budget may be. Choosing the foundation of your structure is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the design process; it’s crucial to choose the one best suited to your structure. If you would like more information about our available base types or how to choose the right one, feel free to reach out to our sales department today at +1 980-321-9898. We would love to help you get the structure of your dreams.