Have a Successful Hay Harvest with an 80x100 Metal Barn

There’s Nothing Better Than a Metal Barn

If you’re a farmer, or just someone who leads a rural or somewhat agricultural life, you need a metal barn from Metal Barn Central. Prefab metal barns are far superior to wooden barns, and they can also be customized to meet essentially any need. We’ve seen our barns used for everything from hay storage, to equipment storage, to horse stables, to riding arenas, to residential barndominiums.

A “one size fits all” barn really couldn’t accomplish all of this. Thankfully, our barns come in a wide variety of size options. They can essentially be built as wide and as tall as you’d like. One of the most popular sizes we offer is our 80’x100’ metal barn.


Hay Barns: A Haymaker’s Best Friend

Haymakers know that you need the right conditions to be able to produce the perfect hay. The weather has to be just right, the harvest time has to be right, and your barn really needs to be just right, too. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Check the Damage

Weather will obviously have a big impact on your hay production. If it’s too dry, the crop won’t grow. If it’s too wet, the hay can rot before you harvest it. The same problems happen with harvested hay. If the stored hay is exposed to storms or other various weather conditions, you could end up losing a significant portion of your harvest. Storing your hay in a secure barn is the best way to prevent rot and harvest loss.

2. What’s the Field Like?

The condition of the field itself is a factor, too. Excess rain will make the field soggy. Not only will the hay not grow well in overly wet conditions, but it’s also very hard to harvest hay when the field is basically a swamp. Ideally, haymakers need three good dry & sunny days in order to harvest their crop.

3. Not Too Soon; Not Too Late

Hay can be somewhat finicky. For optimal results, you need to harvest it at just the right time during its growth cycle. Your yield will be small if you harvest hay too soon, but if you wait to harvest it until after the seeds develop, your hay could actually lose many of its valuable nutrients. This means that any animals which feed on this hay won’t get all the nutrients they need. This can cause a negative ripple effect across your whole agricultural enterprise.

4. Wet Hay Catches Fire

It might sound odd, but you also need to keep your hay at the right moisture content so that it doesn’t spontaneously combust. When moisture contents are too low, your hair becomes brittle. However, moisture contents that are too high are actually more concerning where hay is concerned. When moisture contents exceed the ideal level, stacked and baled hale can actually catch fire!

5.Barns Increase Your Profits

We mentioned that storing your hay helps you to preserve more of your harvest. Storing your harvested hay in a secure, weather-resistant barn can actually reduce losses by 15%, or more. When you make your living by selling hay harvests, it’s important to keep your harvested hay in the best possible condition until sale.


Hey! Hay Is an Important Staple

While most people don’t give hay much of a second thought, hay is a critically important food source for livestock. Many animals, including horses and cows, get much of their fiber, protein, and daily caloric intake from hay. And that’s why being able to provide high-quality hay is so important!

Choose Success; Choose an 80×100 Metal Barn

Still on the fence about whether you should invest in a high-quality 80×100 metal barn? Well, let us enlighten you on the possibilities. Here are some of the many reasons why a metal barn could be a perfect solution for you:

1. Metal Makes Installation a Breeze

Metal barn structures are easier to install because all the steel components are pre-measured and prefabricated in a dedicated manufacturing facility ahead of time. Once your materials arrive on site, our installers can assemble your barn in practically no time. Interested in taking on a metal barn kit as your own DIY project? You can take that route as well, and also end up saving yourself some money on labor in the process.

2. Save Your Money Now & Later

Unlike wooden barns with chipping paint, leaks, and rotting wood, steel storage barn buildings don’t require the same costly repairs or maintenance. Think of all the money you could save over time by choosing steel over wood! Not only that, but the upfront cost of a steel structure is actually much more affordable than you may realize.

3. Steel Stands Strong

Steel is rugged and durable. You couldn’t ask for a better material in terms of building a strong metal barn or metal barn kit. Steel is a material that’s well-suited for facing any weather, any intended application, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Metal barns from Metal Barn Central are engineered to stand strong, no matter what.

4. A Barn as Unique as You

All of our barns here at Metal Barn Central are completely customizable, too. We have many popular barn templates you can customize in terms of size, color, and access point specifics. Want to try your hand at designing your own perfect custom barn? We can help you to make that happen, as well. Plus, we can install on practically any type of foundation, including everything from concrete to asphalt to gravel to plain level ground.

5. Open, Closed, & Everything In Between

Everyone’s needs are different, and we understand that. That’s why we offer both fully-open and fully-enclosed barn styles, along with options in between. If you need extra security, you may want to choose an enclosed barn with four sturdy walls. If you’re looking for ease of accessibility and greater maneuverability for your farm equipment, you might want to go with an open barn layout.

6. Nothing’s More Fireproof Than Steel

Unlike wood, steel doesn’t burn. Even if a fire should threaten your barn area, your metal barn is much more likely to endure. Even a direct lightning strike can be diffused by our galvanized steel structures!

7. Stronger Than Mold, Mildew, & Mice

Mold and mildew could ruin your entire harvest. Unfortunately, wooden barns tend to harbor moisture, so they also create ample opportunity for these harmful substances to grow. You simply won’t have the same problems with a non-absorbent steel barn. You won’t suffer the same threats from pests either; steel is simply too strong for any critters to be able to chew through.

8. Save Money with Energy Efficiency

Is a metal storage barn building more energy efficient? It certainly can be! The metal roofing naturally reflects away more of the sun’s radiation during the warm months, and with proper insulation, your barn can keep in more warm air during the colder winter months, too.


Your Dream Barn, Only a Click or a Phone Call Away!

If you’re looking for a new barn for hay storage, we can make it easy for you. Choose Metal Barn Central to get the highest quality steel barn from one of our amazing building specialists. Got a specific question? We’ve got answers. Don’t wait any longer and continue risking the loss of your precious hay to the elements. Keep it stored, dry, and protected in a secure metal barn? Or, just choose a metal barn kit which you can install yourself! Whatever your needs may be, Metal Barn Central can provide what you need. Give us a call today at (980) 365-8481, and let’s get started together!