There is no better building than a premium metal building from Metal Barn Central. If you’re looking for a new garden shed, garage, workshop, commercial building, or even a custom metal building home, then steel is really the way to go. Our metal structures are strong, tough, durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. Light-gauge steel construction solutions from Metal Barn Central are much more cost-effective than you may realize, too!

And when we say these buildings are long-lasting, we really mean it. One of our steel structures can easily last you a lifetime, while requiring little to no maintenance. Hopefully that’s enough to get your attention right there, but there’s more. Metal Barn Central offers prefab metal buildings in all popular sizes, styles, and applications, and each is completely customizable, too. In fact, you can even design your own building plan from scratch if you like, and we’ll provide a custom steel building to suit!

How Long Do Metal Buildings Really Last?

How long your specific building lasts will depend somewhat upon the gauge of steel framing and paneling you choose, the prevailing weather conditions where you live, and how you choose to use your building. Even so, our metal buildings are engineered to last much longer than comparable buildings constructed from wood or other materials, and they’re much simpler to maintain. Keeping your building clean is a fairly simple process, too. In most cases, all that’s needed is for you to hose it off & hose it out, and you’re done!

24x41 Steel Utility Building

Wondering what makes a metal building from Metal Barn Central so long-lasting? It all starts with the high-quality galvanized steel that’s used to fabricate each individual building component. Steel is the strongest commercially-available building material – it’s strong-yet-flexible, never warps or rots, and is essentially impervious to threats from pests. Keep reading to learn more benefits of choosing a steel structure from Metal Barn Central!

Sure It’s Long-Lasting, But It Gets Even Better Than That

While knowing that your building is made to last a lifetime offers a certain peace of mind, there are lots of other advantages that come along with choosing one of our metal building solutions. Here’s just a short list of some benefits worth noting:

1. It’s Rugged and Durable

When we say our metal buildings are durable, we mean it. They are rugged and tough, and will stand strong against practically anything Mother Nature throws their way. You won’t get this kind of reliable performance out of any other material besides galvanized steel.

2. It’s Easy to Maintain

Maintaining your garage, RV cover, barn, or workshop doesn’t have to be difficult. You can even simplify maintenance of your primary residence by choosing to live in your own custom steel barndominium! All of our buildings are engineered for low maintenance and easy care. Plus, no more worries about chipping paint or missing roof shingles!

3. It’s Energy-Efficient

Want to save on your energy bills? Go with a custom steel building. While metal may be a natural conductor, that doesn’t mean your building can’t be well-insulated. Steel framing actually offers more cavity space for filling with insulation than wood framing allows. This means you can keep your building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while spending less on heating and air costs!

4. It’s Fire-Resistant

Fires are devastating to traditional construction, because traditional building materials are flammable. Not so with a metal building – steel won’t burn! Even a direct lightning strike can’t ignite steel. The fire-resistance of steel will help to keep you, your family, and your stuff safer. And as an added bonus, the fire-resistance of steel typically makes your building cheaper to insure, too!

5. It’s Stronger Than Mice & Mold

Another significant benefit of custom steel buildings is the fact that they’re both pest- and mold-resistant. Termites aren’t attracted to steel, mice can’t chew through it, and other creepy critters can’t penetrate it. Plus, steel doesn’t retain moisture like wood can, so you don’t really have to worry about mold or mildew growth, either.

6. It’s Coated and Protected

All of our metal buildings are galvanized to help prevent corrosion and rust. And the metal paneling is also coated to help prevent fading and discoloration. Not only will your building serve your needs well, it’ll look good while it does it!

7. Its Foundation Is Up to You

Planning a foundation for your custom building or metal building kit isn’t as restrictive as with a wooden building, either. With a Metal Barn Central metal building, you can basically use any type of foundation material you like – concrete, asphalt, gravel, even plain hard ground. We can anchor your building to practically any foundation service. Just note that Metal Barn Central doesn’t provide paving or groundwork services, and your site must be level before we can install your building.

8. It’s Good for the Earth

Since your building is made to last, it’s good for the Earth too. Why? Because you won’t have to use more of Earth’s resources to replace your building in a few short years! In addition, the steel used to make your building includes a percentage of recycled steel content, and is itself completely recyclable. When it comes to environmentally-conscious construction, it’s really hard to beat steel.


Reliable Performance, Easy Maintenance

So, what does the maintenance of a steel building from Metal Barn Central actually require? Keeping your building looking great for years to come is really pretty simple.

• Wash Off Your Building From Time to Time

Want to keep your metal building looking good? Wash it off and hose it out every once in a while. Leaving built-up dust, dirt, and grime on your building is unsightly, and can help accelerate the weathering process.

• Revitalize the Look of Your Building

While our steel panels are infused with a special metal paint coating that never chips or peels, the color can still eventually fade somewhat after several years of weather exposure. Your building shouldn’t ever require repainting in terms of its ability to provide you with reliable protection, but you may choose to freshen up the color at some point.

• Promptly Repair Any Damage That May Occur

Your metal building will be weather-resistant and long-lasting, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely damage-proof. Should you notice some damage after a severe storm or other natural events, you’ll want to go ahead and take care of that right away. Most surface scratches can simply be buffed out, but any holes will need to be patched.

42x46 Step Down Barn

Get a Building to Last a Lifetime with Metal Barn Central

Choosing to install a metal building is no small investment, so you want to make sure you’re getting something that’s really made to last. And you won’t find a better premium metal building or metal building kit partner than Metal Barn Central. Got questions? Ready to get started on your own brand-new, custom-designed steel building? Our friendly building experts are standing by to help. Don’t wait, give us a call at (980) 365-8481 today!