Are These Possible Reasons Impending the Completion of Your Construction Project?

What’s Worse Than a Building Project Delay? Nothing!

There are several reasons why prefab steel buildings are the ideal choice for most any need you have, but one of the best things about investing your hard-earned money into a metal structure is how fast the building project can be completed. It’s not uncommon for these prefab steel buildings to be delivered, installed and ready-to-go within a matter of just a few days to a week. But despite having such a quick and easy delivery and installation process, there are a few delays that may cause a bump in the road along the way.

What Are the Most Common Causes for Project Delays?

  • Permit Approval – Pulling a permit can often be just as painful and stressful as pulling teeth. More often than not, the required paperwork will ask for an approximate date of construction… but that can be difficult to give when your city or county hasn’t given you the green light for your project. Between trying to get a set date for delivery and assembly, having to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances and not getting approved for a permit, your prefab steel structure project may be delayed for some time.
  • Extreme Weather Conditions – While metal buildings are specifically created to stand strong during driving rain, blizzards, hailstorms, high winds and other harsh weather conditions, people aren’t. Working in poor weather conditions can increase the chance of serious injuries by a lot and as a respectable organization, it’s important to us that we keep our people safe. Rather than putting employees in harm’s way, your project may simply be delayed until the weather clears up. The wet and windy conditions may also make it difficult to complete all site preparation in time and have a foundation complete. While you may not be expecting these changes, it’s important that you’re ready to make any necessary adjustments.
  • Unavailable Equipment – Depending on the size of your metal structure, your project may require a few pieces of heavy equipment to have the building properly installed. However, before you start calling rental services and spending even more money, be sure to check with your dealer and manufacturer to see if they provide the equipment for you. If a crane, lift or other piece of machinery is needed, you may run into a few issues; the pieces of equipment are in use on another project or they’re out for maintenance and repairs.
  • Unreliable Dealers – There are a number of metal building dealers and manufacturers who tend to take on too many projects at once, leading to crews that are booked to the max. Although it may look great to clients and customers, overbooking your employees can lead to a major fall back on numerous jobs. While it’s great to be ambitious and have a drive for success, there are certain limits when it comes to the metal building industry. Your company may also have a few issues with paperwork, leading to more delays.
  • Unexpected Changes – Unexpected changes are unavoidable, no matter how hard you try to make sure everything goes smoothly. Sometimes there may be a few requirements that wasn’t planned for from the beginning, other times you may simply change your mind about the structure due to your budget or preferences. While you may not be able to see them from the start, being able to manage the unexpected is a key skill to have. You should also make sure all the changes made are being tracked and signed off on.

You Can Depend on Metal Barn Central for All Your Steel Building Projects!

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