10 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Metal Building

Whether you are buying a steel building for personal or business use, it’s important to carefully consider all the options you have and make the decision that best meets your needs and fits your budget. Here are ten things to consider before making a purchase.

1. Use of the Building

Will you use the building for storage, recreation or work? How you use the building impacts the type of construction and accessories. Other factors include whether you need temperature control, insulation or other specifications. Let our experts assist you in choosing the right type of building.

2. Types of Building to Consider

You should review each type of metal building, including:

  • Pole Barn- This is considered an entry-level metal building that constructed around wood poles. They can be adapted to your needs and typically used for agricultural or residential storage (farm equipment, RVs, boats). They constructed with lots of overhead clearance.
  • All Metal Building- This is a sturdy, fairly customizable structure made of metal and constructed on a concrete foundation. They make great auto shops, workshops or second garage.
  • Galvanized Frame Metal Building- The galvanized frame building is built with high-quality metal. It can be customized, lasts a long time and can be fully assembled in a weekend.
  • Rigid Frame Building- This commercial grade model is pre-engineered and used widely in assembly and manufacturing industries.

3. Dimensions

If this is the first time you are building a metal building, try to estimate the dimensions you require. With pre-engineered buildings, the cost is determined by the length, width, and height of your specifications. Since so many customized configurations are available, knowing the approximate square footage is important.

4. Installation Location

Although metal buildings go up in a matter of days, once erected they aren’t easy to dismantle. So, decide where you would like to place the building, considering whether space is convenient. Do you need it close or far away from your home or driveway? Will the building fit in aesthetically with the overall property?

Location can also affect what material you can use, determined by zoning and building codes.

5. Know Your Budget

Any big project needs a budget. This helps you keep your decisions in line with budgetary limits. As a guideline, first-time
builders save a ton of money compared to building the traditional way. If you have saved enough money, you can add helpful
accessories to your building. If you are making customizations covered under zoning or building codes, remember to factor in
permits, taxes and the cost of the foundation. Remember, you would have these expenses with any building plan, but it’s
important to understand your total obligation.

6. Delivery Time and Urgency

When you are under the gun, time is money. Our workers construct your steel building as fast as possible while guaranteeing maximum accuracy. Once you set a completion date, get your permits and plan approvals, your fabrication begins. Instead of a cookie cutter building, you should have one that fits your specifications. Remember that quality takes time.

7. Installation Foundations

Talk to your project manager to select the type of foundation, such as floating, pier system or concrete. Before you pour concrete, you’ll need engineering drawings. Although a quick construction, your steel building will still face climate change, stress factors, seismic loads. So, don’t cut corners.

8. Reliable Carport Dealer

Make sure you choose a reliable carport dealer who uses quality steel and accessories. Choose a company with a great reputation, years of experience working together and glowing customer reviews. From concept to completion, our staff is knowledgeable, with unparalleled customer service standing by to ensure your questions are addressed right away.

9. Customization of Metal Building

Do you know exactly what you want? No problem. We can customize your metal garage, carport or other building to match the picture in your dreams. If you need our help to meet certification rules, let our reps walk you through that. Select a favorite color among your options for a maintenance-free structure. Personalize windows, bows and trusses, doors, trim, gables and other components to build a structure that is uniquely yours.

10. Standard Warranties

Take advantage of delivery and installation by our experienced metal building installers. We back our claims with a one-year warranty on every new steel carport or building we construct. Our prefabricated metal carports, as well as customized structures, include a 10-year warranty on panels to cover cracking and chipping. Finally, a 20-year warranty covers your new metal carport frames in case of rust.