• 44×41 Lean-to Garage

44×41 Lean-to Garage



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Garage with Lean-to

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Featuring a Lean-to Garage 44’ wide x 41’ long x 13’ tall where by the enclosed garage storage is of 24x41x13 with vertical roof and side lean-to/ open area is of 20×41.The enclosed garage building has a 12×12’ garage door and 1 walk-in door.

Additional information

Type Vertical Garage, Workshop with Lean-to
Roof Style Vertical
Width 44
Length 41
Height 13
Gauge 14 Gauge
Certification Built to Local Code
Sides Closed Yes
Ends Closed Yes
Gable Front No
Gable Back No
Garage Door 1 (12×12’) Garage-door
Walk in Door 1 (36×80”) Walk-In Door,
Windows No
Warranty 30-day workmanship warranty, 10 year panel war-ranty (chipping and cracking only), and 20 year rust through warranty on both the 12 gauge and 14 gauge frames.
Delivery / Installation Delivery and Installation Included. Lead times vary based upon installation location.