• 30x21x10 Metal Farm Building

30x21x10 Metal Farm Building



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This 30’ x 21’ Metal Farm Building features 10’ side height, both side closed, and a vertical roof

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This is really a great three-sided metal building, perfect for all sorts of agricultural – or even backyard – uses. In the old days, loafing sheds were pretty much all made of wood. Thank goodness we don’t live in those old days anymore! Take a gander at this custom metal loafing shed.

It’s 30’ wide, 20’ long, and has a side height of 10’. Like other traditional loafing sheds, this building is enclosed on three sides. So, what’s different about a loafing shed from Carport Central? Not only is it more cost-effective and faster to build and install, but it also provides a much more dependable level of performance than any stick build. Sun, moisture, wind loads, snow loads, and pests simply don’t threaten steel like they do wood. Cleaning and maintenance of your building is much easier, too. Mosey on over, and check this beauty out!

Additional information

Type Carport
Roof Style Vertical
Width 30
Length 21
Height 10
Gauge 14
Certification Built to Local Code
Sides Closed Yes
Ends Closed Yes
Gable Front Yes
Gable Back No
Garage Door No
Walk in Door No
Windows No
Warranty 30-day workmanship warranty, 10-year panel warranty (chipping and cracking only), and 20-year rust through warranty on both the 12-gauge and 14-gauge frames.
Delivery / Installation Delivery and Installation included at no extra cost. Lead times vary based upon installation location.