• 28×70 Metal Building

28×70 Metal Building



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Enclosed Metal Structure

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Featuring 28×70 Metal Building – this big metal structure has more than 1900sq feet clear span space for your large vehicles and machinery. Vertical roof style steel buildings are the most durable building types and suitable for many applications including a large storage shop, workshop, independent retail store or simply storage space.

This perfectly finished steel structure is 28’ wide, 71’ long and 12’ tall (28x70x12’ – the frame is one foot shorter than the actual length due to roof overhang). All the sides are enclosed with two 12×12’ roll-up garage doors which are centered on the front and end wall of the structure. This metal building also has a walk-in door of 36×80” for regular activities.

You can get the exact building today with just a small deposit, delivered and installed in FREE. We also offer RTO and Financing. Color options available at no cost.

This Metal Building is also known as –

  • 70 Long steel Structure
  • 28×71 Metal Building
  • Enclosed Metal Building
  • Vertical Steel Building

Additional information

Type Triple Wide
Roof Style Vertical
Width 28
Length 71
Height 12
Gauge 14 Gauge
Certification Built to Local Code
Sides Closed Yes
Ends Closed Yes
Gable Front No
Gable Back No
Garage Door Two 12×12’ Roll-up garage doors on both the ends
Walk in Door 36×80” on one side
Windows No
Warranty 30-day workmanship warranty, ten year panel warranty (chipping and cracking only), and 20 year rust through warranty on both the 12 gauge and 14 gauge frames.
Delivery / Installation Delivery and Installation Included. Lead times vary based upon installation location.