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Metal Barns and Pole Barns in Louisiana

Barn Central brings you the best steel tubing structures that will outlive a pole barn. In fact, the term pole barn is more of a misnomer and people have been using pole barn to refer to all sort of metal buildings that are step down barns, classic barns, hay units, riding arenas, and even metal barns. While a pole barn has wooden poles buried inside in the soil, a metal barn is constructed on a flat/level foundation preferably concrete. The legs of a pole barn building are made of wood while the roof and the canopies are all metal sheeting.

A metal barn on the other hand is a tubular steel buildings with metal tube based legs every 4 or 5 feet apart. The legs are connected with a base rail and the roof is supported through a truss system that offers rigidity and support. A barn central building is known as a Metal Pole Barn – something that is super economical and can be installed on your level land for the price of materials of a traditional pole barn structure.

Why Use a Barn Central Metal Barn In Louisiana in Place of a Pole Barn?

While there are numerous advantages of using a Barn Central building, the basics of using steel for your construction over wood is one primary difference that cannot be overlooked. Wood has been used for centuries, but the last five to ten decades have completely been overtaken and overshadowed by steel. That is why countries import and export steel rather than wood, right?

Our steel buildings have steel tubing and framing, you do not have to worry about rot, deterioration, termites, mold, and mildew. While wood offers terrific aesthetics, nothing can beat the class of steel. Moreover, do you know that we prefer the 12 ga thicker metal as compared to the 14 ga for tubing purposes? This material is thick and can withstand severe weather condition and can have longevity even in case of less maintenance. While we know, you will love your barn, in case of a metal barn central building, you do not have to be worried or be taking care of the building every month. Regular cleanup to make it look shiny is all you need.

Many of our customers who were in the market for pole barns were surprised to know that we can build buildings that are more than 300 feet long and up to 80 feet wide without needing interior load bearing columns or walls. Isn’t that fabulous? All you farm owners or industrial users who need a huge clear span space can now erect pole barn like buildings with huge clear spans. Our customers are always amazed at the strength our Prefabricated steel buildings have. Look, these prefabricated metal barns are connected with high-strength bolts and screws that hold tight, keeping the building straight and strong for years. On the other side, a structure that has wooden beams, is connected with nails and staples that loosen and pull out over time as wood contracts and expands with its ever-changing moisture content. This causes the barn building to shift, warp, sag, and creep. This can also cause water leaks, damaging your precious belongings, machinery, equipment, or hay in the building.

Maintaining a Metal Barn In LA

Steel buildings are practically maintenance free; wood pole barns are maintenance intensive. The wooden poles are buried deep in the ground, which means they will shift and eventually decay. As the foundation poles shift, a pole barn may have to be straightened every five to seven years, a process which can cost several thousand dollars. Many of our farming customers who have seen and born the maintenance headaches of pole barn buildings immediately recognize the benefits of a metal barn vs. a pole barn. Very less maintenance in the longer run…and when we say longer run we are talking about 30-40 years. Yes, that is how long a steel barn in your area can last.

I care about surroundings and mother nature. Is a steel barn for me?

Absolutely. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. It can be recycled over and over without losing any of its inherent properties. Our metal barns are all steel and they are far more superior than chemically-treated wood which often cannot be recycled and can leach dangerous chemicals into the ground when dumped into landfills. Moreover, remember those nasty fires than are ferocious to gulp down entire farmlands? Steel is noncombustible and cannot add fuel to a fire. Wood framing is easily ignited and certainly adds fuel to a structural fire.

We Install a Metal Barn for the Price of Pole Barn Packages in Louisiana

Our customers love the fact that for similar pricing, installation crew from Barn Central will be putting up your building. Yes, delivery and installation are included! Our customers tell us that they had days of confusion trying to put up a pole barn because the pieces were not sorted or marked, causing confusion and delays. However, in case of our sturdy barn buildings, our installation crew will do it all for you. Just provide them all the electrical points, and a lift (for buildings above 13 feet height). They will make sure your building sis standing erect and you will see quality workmanship. You will not regret the decision to buy a metal barn rather than a pole barn building.

I need Permits for My County? Can Barn Central Help?

While you will have to pull your own permit from local authorities, we offer engineered drawings of our buildings at very affordable costs. This makes obtaining building permits quick and easy. Pole barns may come without professional plans or documentation and permitting is often difficult, and impossible in some locales.

Longevity and Value for Money

A pole barn is not considered a permanent structure. At best, they may last 15-20 years with expensive maintenance. On the other hand, our metal buildings last for more than two decades more than a wooden pole barn building. Our steel framing is guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes for the lifetime of the structure. A steel building increases the value of your property, and retains its structural integrity and value for decades. A pole barn is not usually even considered a property asset.

Metal Building Colors

We offer 15 colors for you to choose from for your barn building. Please look at our color planner tool or visit our pricing estimator. You can choose your roof color, trim color, wall color, and the wainscot color if you go for a two-tone building.

Pole barns in Louisiana

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