Why This Spring Is A Great Time To Invest In A Metal Storage Shed

Spring Has Sprung – Time to Get Organized!

The air is warmer, the birds are singing, the grass is growing, and the flowers are blooming! Spring is here, which means it’s time to get back outside and start tackling some projects around the house. But before you can get much done, you need to start by getting organized. Do you have a reliable place to keep all your outdoor tools and equipment safe and secure? Or what about a dry shelter where you can get some work done, even when the weather isn’t cooperating?

 Spring Is a Great Time to Order a Metal Storage Shed

One of the best investments you can make this Spring is in a rugged backyard shed from Metal Barn Central. What makes one of our custom steel sheds a wise purchase for your storage needs? Lots of things!

  • Your Own Personal Storage Facility

Your garage (if you have one) can only hold so much stuff. Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated storage building right in your own backyard? Our sheds are perfect for sheltering mowers, lawn & garden equipment, yard ornaments, seasonal decorations, and more!

  • Steel > Wood

What’s wrong with just settling for some little wooden shed or stick-build structure? Nothing, if you’re OK with having a much less sturdy building that’s more prone to leaks, pests, rot, mold, & mildew! Steel is a decidedly better building material than wood for a number of reasons. Steel is more durable, weather-resistant, pest-resistant, fire-resistant, customizable, and easier to maintain, for starters.

  • Steel Sheds Are More Cost-Effective, Too

Did you know that metal sheds and buildings are often cheaper to insure, thanks to the rugged durability of steel? And if you’re concerned about the cost of a steel shed vs. a wooden shed, consider this. Depending on the dimensions and customizations you choose, a steel structure can actually be cheaper to build per square foot than a wooden structure!

  • Put Your Tax Refund to Work for You

Got some tax money coming back to you from Uncle Sam this year? One of the best ways to invest your refund is in something that will actually build some equity. Installing a steel storage shed from Metal Barn Central is an instant way to increase your property value. Of course, you can start enjoying the benefits of using your own protected storage space right away! But if you’re thinking about selling your property at some point down the road, a custom shed will also really help your home to stand out for potential buyers.

  • No Tax Refund? No Problem!

But what if you’re not getting any refund money? Don’t have the cash right now to purchase a steel storage shed outright? That’s OK, because Metal Barn Central gives you plenty of great financing, layaway, and rent-to-own options to help you get the metal building you need now, and still meet your budget, too!

  • Get Your Building Faster By Ordering This Spring

How soon do you need your building? Lead times for our installation crews are pretty short right now, but they will NOT stay that way. As we get later into Spring, our orders will just continue to pile up and start backing up. By placing a deposit on your building now, you can make sure your order goes to the top of the production list! That way, you won’t get stuck waiting behind the other hundreds of orders that are sure to come in over the next few weeks.

Why You Should Choose Metal Barn Central for Your Perfect Storage Shed

If you’re like many of us, you probably have more “stuff” than you have room to store it all. Spring is a perfect time to order your perfect outdoor storage solution, and no one can take care of your metal shed needs than Metal Barn Central!

We can provide you with your ideal shed or other building design. None of our buildings comes out of a box or off of a shelf somewhere – each one is made-to-order according to your exact specifications and customizations. And you don’t have to just settle for a small shed, either. You can get your own multipurpose storage facility that’s large enough to house your personal vehicles, provide you with workshop space, make your own man cave or she shed, or whatever you want! PLUS, we deliver and install any building we sell, all at no extra charge!

You can reach out to us online at Metal Barn Central, or if you’d prefer to speak with an actual live human, our friendly building specialists are here to help! Give us a call at (980) 321-9898 and let’s get started on getting you the storage shed of your dreams!

P.S. By acting now, you can also take advantage of our Spring Rush Sale that runs through May 1! Savings of UP TO 20% OFF on ANY custom metal structure! When you call, ask your building specialist about all the details!