Get All You Need with the 40×40 Metal Building

What would you do with 1600 square feet of open, usable space? The answer? Just about anything! A 40×40 metal building is a fantastic option for owners hoping to extend their home’s footprint, open a new business, or start a farm. The possibilities with metal buildings are only as limited as your imagination!

What is it about these buildings that make them so versatile? Well, all that open square footage doesn’t hurt! A 40×40 metal building provides roughly 1600 square feet of open space, providing you with ample space for just about any activity. In fact, 1600 square feet is the average square footage for most homes in the United States. With an entire house worth of open square footage, the possibilities are endless.


How Can You Use Your 40×40 Metal Building?

We’ve already said it once, but it is so worth repeating: 40×40 metal buildings provide enough space for just about anything activity you can imagine.  For those that haven’t already designated a purpose for their new structure, we’ve compiled some of the most popular uses for our 1600 square foot metal buildings.

1. Residential Garage

If you have a car, you need a garage. Cars, trucks, and vehicles of all kinds are a significant investment, and you want them to last as long as possible. The best way to ensure this is to protect your vehicle with a strong steel garage. The 1600 square feet of open space provided by the 40×40 metal building gives you ample room to protect your vehicles, store your valuables, and more!

2. Commercial Garage

Protecting your vehicles is essential no matter what, but it is especially important when it’s not yours! Auto shop owners, car dealerships, and anyone who regularly works with cars knows just how important it is to keep their customers’ vehicles as safe as possible. Durable steel garages like the 40×40 metal building are the best way to ensure that all vehicles are safe.

3. Storage Building

Many families often struggle for a place to adequately store seasonal items, keepsakes, and antiques. A 40×40 metal building offers tons of available storage for these items, allowing you to declutter your home while keeping your valuables safe from the weather, thieves, and pests.

4. Agriculture Purpose

There is no shortage of agricultural uses for 40×40 metal buildings. In fact, metal buildings are one of the most popular agricultural building types! And 1600 square feet of usable space gives you room to store equipment or animal feed, house and shelter your livestock or horses, and store your crops. These structures are easy to maintain and clean, making them perfect for any agricultural purpose.

5. Warehouse

Metal buildings have become the go-to solution for factories, warehouses, and processing facilities. And it’s no surprise because, At 1600 square feet, 40×40 metal buildings offer ample room for equipment, shelving, and inventory.

6. Office

If you’re searching for additional space for your office, a high-quality metal building is a solution! These structures can be finished to provide a perfect office environment for your business. And with tons of customization options available, you can design the space to fit your every need.

7. Workshop

Like warehouse spaces, workshops need to be easy to maintain and clean while offering plenty of room to work and move around. That is precisely what you’ll receive with a 404×40 commercial metal garage. These structures are ideal for auto body workshops, wood shops, welding shops, sculpting workshops, and more.

8. Gym

Have you ever wanted a home gym? Are you an athletic business owner looking to fill a need in your community? If either of those is true for you, you need the 40×40 metal building. These structures provide plenty of space for equipment, weights, yoga mats, and more!

9. Training or Hobby Purpose

Much like workshops, hobbies often require a ton of space. Metal buildings are a fantastic option for workshops and training rooms due to their customizability and versatility. Whether you’re building an art studio or a martial arts dojo, a metal building will give you the space you need!



Here’s Why You Should Choose a Strong Metal Building

Now that you’ve seen some of the spectacular uses for metal buildings, let’s take a look at why they beat just about any other type of structure:

• Provides ample space

Commercial steel buildings are typically designed in the clear-span style, needing no interior support for structural integrity. Doing away with pillars and support beams opens up an enormous amount of square footage.

• Durable

Steel structures and metal buildings are among the strongest and most durable structures available. These buildings can withstand heavy rain, snow, wind, and whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

• Eco friendly

Steel is one of the most eco-friendly building materials on the market. It’s long-lasting, easily sourced, and doesn’t cause deforestation like wooden buildings. Additionally, steel is 100% recyclable! If you ever decide to replace your building, you can recycle it all!

• Fire and pest resistant

Steel buildings are the best method of protecting your valuables! They’re naturally fire-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200 degrees, and resistant to damage from pests like rodents and termites.

• Cost-effective

Steel’s durability is what makes it such cost-effective building material. It does not require the same costly repairs that wooden structures often do. Galvanized steel is naturally rust-resistant, and with an enamel-based paint, you’ll never have to worry about chipping or peeling.

• Can withstand different weather conditions

Steel is tough yet flexible enough to withstand just about any harsh weather. From heavy winds to snowstorms, steel buildings are designed to stand strong. In fact, our buildings are rated to withstand the weather in almost every state!

• Earthquake resistance

While nothing is truly earthquake-proof, steel is one of the most earthquake-resistant materials available. It stands strong during earthquakes because the material is durable enough to stand firm while flexible enough to bend instead of cracking when the earth shifts.


Making the 40×40 Metal Building Kit Your Own

Our 40×40 metal buildings and metal building kits are fully customizable! These buildings are versatile and can be transformed to fit any need. From the roof down to the foundation, our steel structures can be designed to suit you and your family. Here are some of our available customization options:

  • The gauge of your roof paneling
  • The gauge of your wall paneling
  • The types of doors and windows
  • The foundation anchors
  • The building’s color
  • The building’s certifications
  • The building’s dimensions

For those that would like to tackle the installation of your steel building yourself, Metal Barn Central offers prefabricated metal building kits! These kits are made of the same premium steel and designed to allow installation on your own time! They also arrive with all the necessary components to get started, and you’ll receive a discount for handling the installation. Whether you’re a contractor or just a skilled DIY’er, this may be an excellent option for you!


Get Connected with Metal Barn Central

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