Metal Storage Buildings for Winter

Winter Is Coming

As autumn leaves continue to fall, we’re all heavily reminded of the incoming chill of winter. And if you’re the type that likes to maintain vehicles or work outdoors, the winter months can be brutal. From frigid winds to heavy snow accumulation, keeping your things in working order can be cold, wet, and just plain insufferable.

Enter the metal storage building. A modern steel storage shed is much more than the outbuildings of the past. Sure, they’re still engineered to protect tools, equipment, valuables, and anything worth saving. But that’s only scratching the surface of these buildings’ potential.

Below, we’ll dive deeper into these structures, why they’re one of your best ways to keep your things safe, and what you need to know to get the most out of yours!

Why Metal Storage Buildings Are Great for the Winter Months

As we’ve mentioned, doing pretty much anything outdoors during the winter can be an exercise in misery. If you’ve cracked a knuckle on a bolt in December or January, you already know how much fun it can be to perform chores and tasks in the open air. And that’s just one of the reasons metal storage buildings are so popular! So let’s look at other fantastic ways your storage building can improve your life over the winter!

1. Metal Storage Buildings Keep Machinery and Tools Safe

Tools aren’t cheap. And neither is the equipment and machinery you’ve put hard work into obtaining. If left exposed to the elements for extended periods, these investments would rust, deteriorate, or just refuse to work. With a metal storage building, toolsets, lawn equipment, mowers, and garden supplies are safe, secure, and ready when needed.

2. Protection for RVs

Much like bears, most people tuck their recreational vehicles in for a long winter’s nap. And if left outside, rain, snow, and UV exposure from the sun can do incredible damage. But with a metal storage building custom-designed to handle large vehicles, you can keep them pristine year-round.

3. Car Storage

The colder months are particularly cruel on your daily vehicles. Day in and day out, your cars, trucks, and SUVs are exposed to freezing temperatures, snow accumulation, and harsh sunlight. These factors can ruin clear coats, fade paint, and wear out important plastic and rubber components. A metal building can not only provide your vehicle reprieve from these elemental hazards but also give you a space to work on and maintain them regardless of the seasonal weather.

4. Keep Your Animals Safe and Secure

Did you know that metal buildings can be custom designed for animal housing facilities? These flexible structures can be customized with doors, windows, washrooms, fencing, and more! So, whether you’re running a commercial boarding facility or simply providing your fur babies a warm place out of the cold, a steel building is a great solution.

5. Keep Your Supplies Safe and Dry

From cleaning chemicals to brooms and half-filled paint cans, everyone needs a place to store their supplies. And a metal storage building is perfect for keeping these critical items safe, secure, and, most importantly, dry.

6. Guest Houses

Thanks to the sheer customizability of steel construction, metal storage buildings can be transformed into fully-livable homes! With proper insulation, drywall, electricity, and plumbing, these structures make excellent guest houses, apartments, and mother-in-law suites!

7. Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Whether it’s expensive equipment or family heirlooms, your valuables are important. And equally important is keeping them safe from rain, mold, mildew, and potential intruders. When properly secured, steel buildings are tough to enter, ensuring that your things remain just that- your things.

Prepping Your Storage Building

It doesn’t matter whether you already own a metal building or are still in the planning phase for a new structure; there are some key maintenance tips you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure that your building is ready for winter. Below, we’ve put together a handy guide detailing what you need to know to prepare your steel structure for winter.

1. Start Early

Depending on where you call home, there are only so many hospitable fall days left before the deep chill sets in. So, take advantage of any warm days you may have to prep your building.

2. Prune

Summer is a beautiful time of year, but rampant vegetation growth over this season can leave quite a bit of pruning work to be done. Take the time to cut back any tree limbs, bushes, or flora you might find. If left unchecked, falling tree limbs and leaves can cause immense damage over the winter.

3. Remove Debris

As mentioned, leaves and debris on or around your structure can trap moisture and promote oxidation. And while steel buildings are designed to resist moisture damage and rust, prolonged exposure to moisture can generate rust.

4. Wash Your Structure

One of the best ways to keep your metal storage building in pristine condition is to give it a wash at the onset of every season. This will clear off any dust, dirt, or leaves accumulated over the summer.

5. Clean Gutters

If your building has a gutter system, you’ll want to clean it! Trapped leaves can retain moisture, leading to rust damage and mold.

6. Check Seals

Over time, rubber and plastic components on a structure can wear out and fail. As such, you’ll want to carefully check around doors and windows to ensure that seals are still in good condition. Not only will this prevent moisture penetration, but it will also maximize your building’s energy efficiency.

7. Paint If Necessary

While most paint jobs on certified metal buildings are designed to last for years, we’re going to bet that your facility will, at some point, outlast its paint job. Repainting your structure in the fall will be much easier than in winter!

Misconceptions About Metal Storage Buildings

Let’s face it when you hear the term ‘metal storage building,’ most people picture a small outbuilding in their backyard that’s sized to hold a lawnmower. But, in truth, metal buildings are so much more than that! Thanks to modern engineering techniques, these structures can do just about anything! So let’s look at a few misconceptions about metal storage buildings.

1. Steel Storage Buildings Are Expensive

While metal sheds are an investment, they’re one of the most cost-effective storage methods on the market. They’re far more affordable than wooden structures and provide years of service for a minimal investment. And with flexible financing options, owning one is possible, even on a budget!

2. Metal Buildings Are a One-Size-Fits-All Deal with Few Customization Options

Again, not true. Metal buildings come in a vast array of size and footprint options, and they’re highly customizable. From the color and paneling type to windows, doors, and beyond, you can change almost every aspect of your structure to fit your needs.

3. Metal Storage Buildings Are Hard to Maintain

Since galvanized steel does not rot or decay like wooden building materials, maintaining metal buildings is a breeze. Simply perform a maintenance check on them every season; they’ll last for years.

4. It’s Difficult to Manage the Climate in a Steel Building

With proper insulation, metal buildings can maintain an even ambient temperature. In other words, they stay cool during the summer and warmer in the winter. In fact, they’re some of the most energy-efficient building types around!

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