Metal Farm Buildings for Rural Living

When you think of a metal building, your thoughts probably go straight to a garage or shed at your home, right? While our steel buildings provide the best protection for your belongings, they also offer superior strength and durability on the farm too.

If you don’t believe us, see for yourself. Pay attention to the buildings along the countryside the next time you take a drive. You’ll probably notice more and more metal farm buildings. That’s because farmers and ranchers are realizing just how great these buildings work to protect the livestock, shelter expensive equipment, and provide durable storage for hay and more. And the best part? These long-lasting farm buildings can be customized at Metal Barn Central to fit your exact needs.

Many Americans Love Country Living

People live in rural areas all across the United States. So, many farming operations are looking for different ways to meet their needs. Metal Barn Central has the solution!

Here are the latest numbers for rural living:

  • 1 million residents live in rural counties in the U.S.
  • 81% of those that live in rural areas own their home
  • The United States has one of the largest landmasses in the world. 14% of the entire U.S. population lives on 72% of the nation’s landmass.

American Farming

Families: The Backbone of American Farming

Today, farming is still predominately a family business. In fact, many working farms have been in the same family for generations. So, with a business that’s going to be around a decade after decade, you need farm buildings that are going to stand the test of time, like the durable buildings from Metal Barn Central.

According to the USDA, there are two million farms in the U.S., and 97% of them are owned by families. And the average farm averages 444 acres or more. That’s a lot of land! The reason behind the acreage growth is because farmers had to increase the size to accommodate large-scale equipment. At Metal Barn Central, we can customize our metal farm buildings or metal barn kits to meet the exact size and specifications that you need.


Top-Quality Metal Barn Kits and Farm Buildings

You have large and expensive farm equipment that requires protected storage space – and lots of it! That’s not a problem with Metal Barn Central. Our steel farm buildings can be designed to fit your needs AND your budget.

Pre-engineered barn buildings can span 200 feet or more without any interior columns or overhead rafters. So, you can customize the size of your barn to make it easy to maneuver huge tractors and other farm equipment. And you can design your space for multiple uses. For example, you can have a hay unit, or a storage room added right next to the horse stable. Or maybe you need a storage area for your tools that’s separate from the farm equipment. We can do it all! That’s the great thing about metal buildings, they are flexible and can have so many different uses.


The Convenience of Owning a Steel Farm Building

Your daily to-do-list is already so full of running a farm, so don’t add building maintenance to the things you have to take care of. With a metal farm building, you won’t have the upkeep that you do with a traditional wooden barn or storage building. That’s because steel buildings are extremely low maintenance. You won’t have to worry about replacing rotted wood, repainting, or treating for insects. All you have to do is take a hose or pressure washer to it every now and again to keep it looking clean.

Not only are these buildings low maintenance, but they just look good too! You can design your barn or buildings to match other structures on your farm. So, your metal farm buildings will provide stylish space for agricultural products, animals, equipment, storage, and more.

50x51 Continuous Roof Barn

Metal Farm Buildings Provide the Best Protection

You won’t find better protection for your farming needs than with a metal building. Our steel prefab barns and outbuildings stand up to the demanding needs that come with country living. So, they will stay sturdy and durable when it comes to wear and tear that comes with heavy equipment.

No matter what the weather is in your area, we will make sure your prefab barn is built to withstand the heaviest rains, howling winds, lightning strikes, and even earthquakes. We also offer certifications for wind and snow loads in your area to give you that extra peace of mind that your property is safe and sound.

And that’s not all! Our prefabricated steel structures also offer built-in resistance to molds and fire. So, your possessions are the safest when they are protected by a metal building that is built for strength and durability.

The Value of Going with a Metal Farm Building

Did you know that quality metal buildings increase the resale value of your property? It’s true! Adding a metal structure to your farm quickly bumps up the square footage and adds value. And a steel barn won’t decay overtime when it’s exposed to the weather elements, so it will look as good as the first day you had it installed. And if the day comes and you have to sell your farm, you’ll have a quality steel structure onsite. So, think about it, would you rather buy a farm or piece of property that has a dilapidated wood building on it that is in need of major repairs? Or would you lean more towards the property that has a sturdy metal building on it? Steel buildings will maintain their appeal and function year after year, making your property more appealing.

And there’s environmental value in owning a metal farm building too! Steel is at the top list for green building choices because it is the most recycled material in the world.

For Farm Buildings, Metal Barn Central Has You Covered!

What type of farm building do you need? Whatever it is, Metal Barn Central has it! Here are some of the many ways you can use our metal buildings for:

  • Barns
  • Covered or indoor riding arena
  • Hay barn
  • Storage for farm equipment
  • Storage for grains
  • Livestock shelters
  • Poultry houses
  • Horse barn
  • Horse stable
  • Feed storage
  • Dairy barn
  • Offices
  • Truck and trailer garages
  • Hangar

And that’s not all! The possibilities are endless when it comes to purchasing steel barn kits or other farm buildings from Metal Barn Central. Our knowledgeable building specialists will help you design the space, including any storage areas, extra parking space, or anything else that you may need.

Customizable Metal Barns Designed for Your Farming Lifestyle

Our metal farm buildings and barn building kits are the best in the industry, and so is our customer service. Our team has the highest qualified professionals to provide the best suggestions for buying a steel barn in your region. We have a wide selection of metal barns to choose from, you can even add windows, entryways, colors, trims, and anything else you want to customize to make it exactly what you’re looking for! Based on your needs, we will create a proposal for a custom metal structure that will serve all your farming needs for years to come. Give us a call at (980) 321-9898 today to get started!